Top 10 Best 1 TB External Hard Disks in India 2017

If you are looking for the best 1 TB external hard disk in India, then you are at the right place.

Today’s world is full of data. This data consists of photos, documents, music, movies, games, softwares, etc.

With the advancing technology, size of each and every type of data is increasing like: Size of movies is increasing with increasing quality, size of softwares is increasing with with every new version, size of new games is increasing due to graphics and photos and music are evergreen; they never stop increasing no matter how much you have gathered.

You can’t live without them because every type of data is precious and you also don’t want to delete data. But your desktop’s/laptop’s hard drives can’t let you store more than a certain limit.

Plus there is always a risk of loss of data if the internal hard drive fails or there is a format of hard drive for whatever reason.

So there comes the role of external hard disks/drives which are portable and easy to carry. These portable hard disks are especially useful for laptop users and for the people who need to transport a lot of information like professionals.

These external HDDs are also useful when you want to copy movies, music and other files from your friend’s computer.

Recently my laptop’s hard disk got full and from then started my search (or research) for a decent value-for-money external hard drive. There is a plethora of external hard drives in India to buy online.

So I did a detailed study of all the hard drives present in the market online because offline stores don’t suit me.

These are the top 10 best 1 TB external hard disks in India 2017:

1. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk
Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Before WD My Passport Ultra came to the external HDD market, there was fierce competition between Seagate Backup Plus and WD My Passport. But then WD upgraded WD My Passport with Ultra model and it became the best external hard disk in the market. Then Seagate replied to WD with Slim model of Seagate Backup Plus.

You can back up your digital content anytime, anywhere with the Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drive. Since the drive is powered solely by the USB cable, no bulky power supply is needed either. Share photos and videos directly to your social networks. Backup Plus Slim portable drive is the simple, one-click way to protect and share your entire digital life—without getting in the way of the rest of your life.
Pros of  Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk are :

Back Up from Your Mobile Devices
Use the Seagate Mobile Backup App to back up photos or videos directly from your iOS and Android devices via your home’s Wi-Fi, or through cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive on the road.

Do More with Social Networks
Don’t risk losing those great photos you’ve posted online. Backup Plus Slim portable drive finally bridges the gap between your online life and the rest of your life, letting you automatically back up your favorite memories from Facebook and Flickr. You can also share new videos directly to your YouTube account.

Back Up and Protect Photos, Videos, and More Automatically
Life is full of amazing moments you want to remember forever. Backup Plus Slim portable drive lets you back up your content on a Windows computer using two easy, automatic backup options in the Seagate Dashboard—scheduled or continuous backups.

Easily Share Files Between Windows and Mac Computers
Backup Plus Slim portable drive lets you seamlessly transfer files between Windows and Mac computers—no reformatting required.

It comes with 3-year warranty from Seagate.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

2. WD My Passport 1 TB External Hard Drive

WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
WD My Passport Ultra is the second best 1 TB external hard disk in India. I own this hard disk.

WD provides a one-stop storage solution with this generous 1 TB My Passport Ultra External Hard Disk that you can take with you wherever you go.

Some pros of WD My Passport are :

1) Built in an ultra-sleek and stylish design, the WD Passport sports a slim 15.4 mm thick body that makes it extremely convenient to carry it around. The device bears a sturdy body that is designed to last in order to keep your data safe.

2) The device comes with the WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software that helps protect your data and keep it all safe by creating instant backups. With the WD Security you can password protect your data and also add hardware encryption for your drive to help keep your data private.

3) Integrating both the USB 2.0 as well as the USB 3.0 connectivity options, the hard disk can be connected to all your USB 2.0 devices to transfer data. The USB 3.0 takes you to the next generation and lets you connect and transfer data at ultra high speeds.

4) Experience blazing speeds with the USB 3.0 interface that lets you transfer data at up to 5 Gbps while the USB 2.0 interface transfers data at a maximum of 480 Mbps.

5) This hard disk derives power from the USB connection without requiring an external power adapter, making it more portable.

6) It comes with 3-year warranty from Seagate.

PS : I am using old model of this hard disk bought in 2014 when it was available for Rs 3799. You can also read my review and benchmarks of WD My Passport Ultra External HDD.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

3. WD Elements 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive

WD Elements 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive
WD Elements is the third best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

With the power of USB 3.0 comes the portable capacity of 1TB and the hassel free portable design. This hard disk connects without an external power and helps optimize your PC. With a sleek black design this comes with a USB cable in the box and warranty manual. It connects instantly to your PC without any fuss.

Some pros of WD Elements External HDD are :

1)Easy Data Management with Fast Transfer – Efficient and reliable, the Western Digital external hard drive offers easy data management. It features USB v3.0 that facilitates super-speed file transfers at 5GBps— receiving and uploading data at faster rate than USB v 2.0.

2) Excellent Storage and Compatible Device – Take your documents, music, movies, photos and more anywhere you go with the WD portable hard disk.Owing to its small, slim and compact size, this WD elements disk is easy to carry anywhere in your backpack, laptop bags or purse. This WD external hard drive features formatted NTFS for Windows operating system, which can be reformatted for Mac computer systems. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

3) Data Protection and Backup Support – Protect your important data from loss during system crashes by storing it on this Western Digital external hard drive. This 1 TB portable external hard drive features the trial version of WD SmartWare Pro backup software that creates backup of your data and allows you to choose either the DropBox cloud storage or the hard drive itself as your backup storage. Retrieve your lost files easily with the WD SmartWare, which maintains the structure of files and folders as designed on your PC, making them easy to locate.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart 

4. Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 is the fourth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

It comes in two models : 25M3 and 25M3B. The extra ‘B’ stands for blue colour of hard disk. You can see 25M3 on left side and 25M3B on right side.

Some pros of Transcend StoreJet are:
Military-grade shock resistance

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 compliant and backwards compatible with USB 2.0*

Advanced 3-stage shock protection system

Durable anti-shock rubber outer case

Advanced internal hard drive suspension system

Quick Reconnect Button – re-enable safely removed USB hard drive without unplug and reinsert

One Touch Auto-Backup button 256-bit AES file & folder encryption

Exclusive Transcend Elite data management software

Buy Now 25M3(Black) from : Amazon | Flipkart
Buy Now 25M3B(Blue) fromAmazon | Flipkart

5. Toshiba Canvio Basics 1 TB External Hard Disk

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1 TB External Hard Disk

Toshiba Canvio Basics is the fifth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Following are the features which make Toshiba Canvio Basics number 5 on this list :

1) Portable Peace of Mind – Toshiba’s Canvio Basics 3.0 portable hard drives deliver one of the easiest ways to add storage to your computer. One of the simplest storage solutions in a box, they offer plug-and-play, drag-and-drop convenience.

2) Extra Hard Drive Protection – Offering a built-in internal shock sensor and ramp-loading technology, Canvio Basics 3.0 portable hard drives help safeguard your data against accidents, drops and unfortunate real-life scenarios.

3) Faster Transfer Speeds – Powered by new USB 3.0 technology, Canvio Basics 3.0 portable hard drives are far faster than–but still compatible with–USB 2.0 technology. So you’ll still be able to plug it into older PCs with USB 2.0 ports.

4) One-Year Limited Warranty – Canvio Basics 3.0 portable hard drives are packed with famous Toshiba innovation, tested thoroughly for reliability, and backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

6. Transcend StoreJet 25H3P 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk

Transcend StoreJet 25H3P 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk
Transcend Storejet 25H3P is the sixth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Featuring blazing fast transfer rates, huge storage capacities and a unique three-layer shock protection system, the StoreJet 25H3P USB 3.0 portable hard drive is an ideal storage device for everyday backup, storage, and file transport.

1) Incredible Ultra High Speeds – The StoreJet 25H3P USB 3.0 portable hard drive is equipped with the next-generation SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface that provides transfer speeds at least 3X faster than USB 2.0 models. Thanks to the improved bandwidth of USB 3.0, the StoreJet 25H3P makes file sharing easier and quicker than ever with real-world transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s.

2) Military- Grade Shock Resistance – Compact, durable and reliable, the StoreJet 25H3P rugged external hard drive is shielded by an advanced three-stage shock protection system to withstand even the toughest user environment. The brilliant purple outer shell is made of a slip-resistant silicone material, reinforced by a hard casing and an internal hard drive suspension damper – all designed to reduce forces of impact and provide maximum shock-absorption.

3) Storage to Meet Your Needs – Available in a wide range of capacities, the StoreJet 25H3P can carry your entire collection of movies, music, documents, eBooks, and photos – all in the palm of your hand. Each 1TB drive for example, can store a full 168 hours of 1080p High-Definition footage, over 16,000 hours of digital music, or 480,000+ high resolution digital images.

4) Simple File Management – Using the StoreJet 25H3P on your computer couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the drive to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port and drag and drop desired files to and from the device. The StoreJet 25H3P supports Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

5) Transcend Elite Data Management Software Included – For added value, the StoreJet 25H3P includes the exclusive Transcend Elite data management tools that help you manage data and increase productivity. With this convenient software, you can easily perform incremental backups, compress files with 256-bit AES Encryption, and use the hard drive as a digital lock for your computer.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

7. Samsung M3 1TB portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Samsung M3 1TB portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Samsung M3 is the seventh best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Following are the features of Samsung M3 which helped Samsung M3 make it to this list :

1) Handy portable storage – Compact and sleek, this portable hard disk from Samsung is developed to give you a complete and satisfying solution to all your data storage concerns. With 1 TB of generous storage packed into a small pocket-fitting device, you can take all your videos, photos and data with you wherever you go.

2) Durable design – Built in an excellent sturdy design with a strong outer, the drive can withstand a relatively large amount of impact when dropped. Designed to last longer keeping your data protected, the Samsung M3 drive is a device you can rely upon when it comes to data storage.

3) Integrated with SafetyKey protection – To deliver a higher level of security for all your data Samsung integrates the SafetyKey technology that keeps your data extra safe during automatic backups. This feature sets a password on the backups with data compression.

4) USB 3.0 connectivity – Experience ultra-fast speeds of data transfer while you transfer hug chunky folders and files containing large videos and photos with the latest USB 3.0 interface. The USB 3.0 delivers speeds that are around three times the speed of the USB 2.0. This drive also supports the USB 2.0 incase your system supports only USB 2.0.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

Sony HD-E1 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive

Sony HD-E1 is the eighth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Back up, store and transport your important files, digital images, MP3s and videos safely and securely with the HDE1/B Sony external hard drive. In addition to 1TB of storage capacity, this drive comes equipped with preloaded software that delivers faster data transfer, password protection and automatic data backup-all wrapped up in a slim, sophisticated 2.5″ design. USB 3.0 compatible.  Some pros of  Sony HD-E1 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive are :

1) Storage and Portability – Clear excess data from your personal computer and laptop and store it on this Sony HD-E1/BC 2.5-inch 1 TB external hard disk. Your laptops and computers will run fast and smooth if it is less data clogged on their hard drive. This hard disk has ample space to easily store large and small size files, applications, games and software. You can carry this hard disk anywhere you go and access  your music, movies and files anytime. The Sony external hard disk drive 1 TB comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty.

2) Faster Transfers and Compatibility – Access your data with ease anytime with this Sony 1 TB external hard disk. This disk supports both USB v2.0 that transfers files at 480 Mbps and USB v3.0 that offers fast data transfers files at 5GBps. With Data Transfer Accelerator software, the data transfer rate of USB v3.0 is amplified to offer transfers at blazing speed. The Sony 1 TB external hard drive is supported by Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Mac OS supports only USB v2.0.

3) Security and Backup – The Sony 1 TB external hard drive offers superior data backup and security. You can easily protect your data by sealing the access rights with password protection that is facilitated by the Password Protection Manager software and prevent its unauthorized access. Take a backup of an entire disk drive, business files and folders on this Sony external hard disk drive 1 TB with ease, as it is preloaded with Back up Manager software. This software automatically makes a second copy of your data to prevent any kind of data loss and keeps your data super secure.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

9. Seagate Expansion 1 TB External Hard Disk

Seagate Expansion 1 TB External Hard Disk
Seagate Expansion is the ninth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Some pros of Seagate Expansion Falcun are :

a)  Easy to use storage option – This easy to use storage device is unbelievably simple to use. With a single chord design all you need to do is plug the drive into the USB port of your computer and within seconds you are all set to start transferring and storing your data into this hard disk.

b) Plug and play – The extremely simple plug and play option makes this device extremely user-friendly for both beginners and pro’s at the same time. Requiring no prior installations or formatting, you can drag and drop the files you want to transfer in seconds after plugging in.

c) USB 3.0 connectivity – Built with the latest and fastest USB 3.0 interface, you are out to experience unbelievably fast rates of data transfers. The USB 3.0 interface is designed to function over three times the speed of the USB 2.0 making transfers quicker and saving time. This device also supports the USB 2.0 but functions at a relatively much slower speed.

d) Easy Backup – Create backups of all your personal data, your photos and your favourite movies and keep them safe by transferring it all onto the hard disk preventing them from loss.

e) It comes with 3 Years Seagate Limited Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.


Buy Now from :  Amazon | Flipkart

10. Dell Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Dell Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0 Portable hard drive
Dell Backup Plus is the tenth best 1 TB external hard disk in India.

Some pros of Dell Backup Plus are :

a) Plug and play backups – Making technology simpler than ever, Dell introduces the Backup Plus external hard disk that is extremely easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Requiring just a basic step of plugging in, this drive demands no prior formatting or installations to begin using it. Drag and drop the files you want to keep safe and the job is done.

b) Easy download to the drive – The drive allows you to download videos and your personal data with ease due to the excellent speed of data transfer relying on the high-speed USB 3.0 interface.

c) Easy change of connectivity – Change between different interfaces as simple as plugging in an adapter with absolutely no hassle and find your data rates upgraded in minutes. Upgradable to Thunderbolt and Firewire 800, this drives gives you a whole new experience of an incredibly blazing speed.

d) Click to share – Share your photos and videos on Facebook, Flickr or youTube straight from your drive avoiding the tedious process of copying it onto your computer and then sharing. This Dell portable hard disk aims to make the digital age simpler than ever.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

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205 Replies to “Top 10 Best 1 TB External Hard Disks in India 2017”

  1. Tnx bro.. But today i ordered WD Elements as Amazon gave 10% cash back which brought its price of 4199 to 3799…Seems a good deal right.

  2. But , I don't have a any internal hard disk in my pc. Only with external hard disk can i use daily in usb port ?

  3. Suggest me a good hard disk for 4k. Recently all brand's increased their price. Do you think HP 1tb will be any good…?

  4. Hi Manish,

    1) It depends on your requirement. Assess your collection of movie, photos and videos and buy a hard disk based on that.

    2) Both are good. I have used WD My Passport Ultra.

    3) Obviously go with the newer model.

    4) WD MY Passport Ultra is compatible with all LED TVs. But it depends on your android phone whether it supports external HDD or not.

  5. HI TARUN,
    I've read almost all your suggestions .
    I'm desperately in need of buying an 1 TB hard disk since the storage on my HP-PAVILLION laptop is running out of space .I'm planning to probably buy from FLIPKART .SO please suggest me the BEST HARD DISK in the market right now . WD ULTRA vs SEAGATE BACKUP PLUS vs TRANSCEND 25M3.

    I need the hard disk mainly to backup movies and games and free up space on my laptop.


    Thankyou in Advance !!!

  6. which hdd is better transcend 25m3,seagate backup plus,transcend 25h3? every thing counts speed, durability etc.

  7. Dear Sir, i am planning to buy a hdd within one week. Please suggest me which one is the best 1tb external HDD either wd my passport ultra or Seagate backup plus slim or transcend storejet 25M3.

  8. Hello Sir, this is Manish here. Thanks 4 the valuable blog but still i'hv some queries….
    1) how many tb(either 1tb or 2tb) is sufficient 4 normal use like collection of movie, personal photos & videos. Bcoz i heard every HDD dies in 3-5 years.
    2) which one is better option either Seagate backup plus slim or wd my passport ultra.
    3) what is the difference between wd my passport ultra old model and new model and which one better between them.
    4) is wd my passport ultra new model compatible with led tv and Android phone.

  9. Can yu list sme of the best passwordprotected hard disks?
    Is seagate backup plus slim password protected?wot abt seagate expansion

  10. Hi Tarun
    Nice work.

    Two things I would like to know.

    I had Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 500gb and using it for more than 3yrs (no warranty now). I used it for keeping family videos and photos and used to view these on TV.
    It was working nicely.
    Once I connected it to my cellphone via OTG and waited for almost 10 minutes,
    blue light blinking continued but it not got detected by the phone.
    Then when I connected it again to my laptop and then tv, same thing happened, flickering of blue light of HDD but no detection by the system.

    It had never been fallen down neither any history of any rough handling any time.

    I contacted local retailer from which I bought it. After using his knowledge and means the service technician told that it's not a software problem and for further inspection of hardware it is better to go to seagate service center.
    There is no service center in my town. What should I do?
    Luckily I kept copy of some of the important photos and videos at other places but not the all.

    My second query is about buying a new 1TB external hard drive.

    Now my prime objective is neither speed nor looks or even price.
    For me a hard disk is a thing to keep memory of past preserved for always and to watch it occasionally.
    Which HDD should I buy?

    Thanks Tarun
    Ashit Singh

  11. Can yu list sme of the best passwordprotected hard disks?
    Is seagate backup plus slim password protected?wot abt seagate expansion

  12. Hi! Tarun,

    You've researched so much over external hard disks and put that on web for other's understanding is Great! Thank you.

    Please tell me, does Seagate Backup Plus Slim external HD also supports USB v 2.0?

    And will it be compatible with the devices I use, which are as follows:

    -a desktop computer, which is around 10 years old, so it must be having USB v 2.0 (will it be compatible, without any fuss?),

    -an Android phone Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, (will the hard drive work as a USB OTG with this?), and

    -apple iPhone 5C.

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Hiii tarun. I am Rahul. I need a small clarification about my product. I have ordered and received transcend storejet 25M3. I have opened seal yesterday and connected to my port. Blue light switched on but,drive didn't get detected. Waited for sometime and removed. Again I connected but no blue light. Connected to other 4 laptops. I didn't get detected. So,I packed things to return it back for refund. Today morning I opened and tried again it got detected, I didn't do anything. I just connected to port. Then to TV,it worked well. Why this happened? Do you want me to keep it with me or return it brother?

  14. bro please suggest me b/w 1.Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB
    2.WD My Passport Ultra (WDBGPU0010BBY) 1 TB
    and if you have any other suggestion pls tell me

  15. hey bro can u plz check the product SanDisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50-016G-I35 16 GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive suggeest mme whether to take it or not.

  16. Greetings!
    I am confused between which hard disk to buy. My laptop has both USB 2.0 and 3.0
    Transcend StoreJet 25H3B
    WD Passport Ultra 2.5
    Seagate Backup Plus Slim

  17. I have the old one but I will advise you to go with new one obviously. Offline retailers sell product at higher rates. If the price is same, go with offline. Ultimately, it's your decision.

  18. Thanks…but dude..which one d'ya have old model or the new one…I'm a lil bit confused and not gonna trust on these online sites.. gonna buy it from the retailers….

  19. According to meh you should go for WD elements…Samsung are not pretty good on making hdd these days…they even get muff their market of hdd…and WD is a genuine and famous for their HDD..

  20. Hi Tarun, I feel glad that I've found your blog on Amazon but seriously saying I'm so much confused about all the positive and negative reviews on the net..but after reading your all comments and reviews I am pretty much sure about the HDD but help me to choose the best HDD of this time…I'm confused among these three HDDs
    WD Elements
    WD My Passport Ultra
    Seagate Backup plus
    Tell me the best one…
    My requirements are
    Nice look and light weight
    Auto backup and data security
    Good speed at all….
    Hope you will help me….thanks for all …

  21. Hi tarun
    I HV choose
    1-samsung m3 1tb portable hard disk
    2-Wd element 2.5 inch 1tb hard disk
    Tell me which one is good
    Plz reply fast

  22. Hi tarun please suggest one best external hard disk
    I have gone through your complete posting and really it's wonderful information. The only ask is…
    1 can I go as per your rating, is this still same.
    2 I am a bit confused with the one thing in wd elements, you mentioned that back upversion software is a trail version. Could not understand what it is.
    3 please suggest one best for me, my requirement is to keep the personal memories safe as it is even for years, except for that purpose I don't use the hard risk. I really scare on loosing that data as we all know we cannot get some good memories back.
    Please suggest one good hard disk for me.

  23. Hello,
    I wanted to know whether WD My Passport Ultra supports windows XP or not?
    Coz they have mentioned compatible OS as windows vista, 7, 8. Nothing is mentioned about XP.

  24. Hey … mate .. do you know who give best after sale service. .. and had less waiting period if drive got crashed… trancend got my friend 7 month to replace. WD OR TOSHIBA OR SEGREGATE

  25. Hello tarun,
    I want to buy 1 tb hdd only for backup purpose..I've gone through your comments..little confused between WD my passport ultra and Seagate backup plus slim as you have suggested both…please suggest me the best hdd in current scenario….}

  26. Hi tarun . is it worth to buy 2tb HDD considering durability n future use..or to go for 1 tb only.. Also what are best choices in 2tb..

  27. Hi Sid, in India, we don't have that much Internet bandwidth to upload 200 GB data and then download it when needed. Moreover, it is only for 2 years so it is completely useless in India unless you have got very fast Internet connection. So yes, you have chosen the right hard disk.

  28. You are right bro… we need to maintain these drives… but do you know there is 200gb data Free Access to OneDrive for 2 years if we buy segate backup plus slim…. but if you are so confident and i believe in you.. so i'll go with WD my passport ultra 1tb..!!! Thanks For the tip … I'll give you a feedback as soon as I get it =D

  29. Hello Tarun,
    Please Suggest Me The Best External Hard Disk Till Now …
    I am going to buy it in a few 2-3 days
    According to my research Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB was found the best because i have even heard many issues of WD's errors on drive taking place….
    But you say WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB is the best… can you explain me WHY in detail ????
    I had followed your suggestion for best earphones and i took the Sennheiser CX 180 … and i am quite happy with it….
    please suggest me the best hard drive too…!!!

  30. hi tarun,
    1. i have a sony blu ray home theatre and the sony HDD is compatible with it(the case of HDD says it).
    2. i just wanted to know tht is segate of WD also compatible with it.
    3. the only reason i want to buy sony HDD is that i own a TV n home theatre of sony n i thought that sony hard disk will b more compatible.
    4. please suggest a HDD for me.

  31. Hello Tarun,

    Please suggest Best HDD out of these

    1.Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black)
    amazon Rs 4222

    2.Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
    amazon Rs 4094

    3.WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black)
    amazon Rs 4130

    About Requirment:

    1.Elegant security option
    2.High speed transfer
    3.Automatic backup
    4.Good material and should be light weight

    Apart from these any other HDD better than this please suggest
    budget Rs 4500

  32. Hi Tarun, You are doing an excellent job…

    I want to buy one 1 TB HD mainly for backup. I followed all you comment .. however bit confused as got Seagate backup plus and WD ultra as both recommendations over last one year.
    < june 14 -> WD ultra
    > jun 14 < 15 nov 14 -> Seagate Backup
    > 30 Nov -> again WD Ultra.

    Any specific observation with Seagate ? It has mobile app thorugh which we can backup.. is it really a differentiating factor ?

    Thanks, Ashish

  33. Hi, need to know if WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB Portable External HDD is compatible for Andriod Mobiles back up, just like Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk

  34. @admin: Thank You for this page.

    i have one query about compatibility, does the EHDD supports in TV's, DVD Player's or In brief will EHDD can read/write datas other than Windows/MAC.

  35. money is not matter for me.
    which is the best for one time invest and every function in it.
    tell me i will buy on this monday tell me bro….

  36. Yes bro i have gone through it, again i am in confused situation both are good , i have ordered redmi 1 s @ 5399 @10% off do u suggest me to cancel it and go for huawei honor holly. pls intimate me as soon as possible.

  37. hi bro according to u
    which hdd I can buy
    1.WD My Passport Ultra 2.5inch 1 TB External Hard Drive
    2.Sony HD-E1 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive
    3.Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External Hard Disk

  38. hi bro recently i saw redmi 1s phone then i understood why u suggested it now i cancelled moto E and going to buy redmi 1s on oct 21 sale
    so acc to u it is the best know if not intimate me as soon as possible

  39. Hi Kiran,
    you should go with WD My Passport Ultra.
    It has good quality with high transfer rate and durability.I am using it.
    WD has good After Sales Service.
    Yes,this HDD would work with your laptop.
    If your phone supports On-The-Go (OTG) function,then you can connect any HDD to it and it will work fine.

  40. Hi tarun,
    First of allmi would like to thank u for guiding people according to their requirements.

    Tarun, I want to buy a 1tb external hard drive, My requirements are…
    1) good quality with high transfer rate, and durability ( 500 idhar udhar chalegaa. .)
    2) After sales service ( I herd that transcend don't have service centers in india )
    3) I have an old lappy bought in 2005 or 2006 with 1gb ram and 50gb hard disk. ( Is it compatible with any? )
    4 ) I use Samsung galaxy tab 2, any hard drive compatible with this? ( truly speaking i have very less knowledge abt hard drives )
    5 ) plz ll u compare
    Transcend StoreJet 25M3.I
    Seagate Backup plus slim
    WD My Passport Ultra 1TB

    Tarun, plz suggest me an external hard drive,

    [email protected]

  41. Thank you bro,
    The reason why i initially did not mentioned Xiaomi Redmi 1S is very few service centers and i read the various reviews of it that gave list of cons
    1. Heats up like hell
    2. Calling screen disappears in background. Sometimes it remains in background(looks like hang) and has to be restarted to disconnect the call.
    3. Sometimes back functionality doesn't work.
    It shows some unnecessary messages: Process isn't responding, Process system isn't responding, System UI has stopped.
    4. Automatically restarts
    5. Hangs while playing videos/audios and then restarts.
    6. hangs on getting a call.
    7. PC connectivity doesn't work sometimes.
    if these are the problems if i face obviously i should approach a service center its no where near to me
    if u say no need of considering above problems for a moderate user then i will cancel moto e and buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S

  42. Hi bro,
    you have one more choice as Redmi 1S in this range.So basically you have to choose between Moto E vs Redmi 1S vs Android One.

    In design,Moto E is the best with the rounded corners, wraparound back panel and a noticeable bulge on back make it the most comfortable to hold in the palm among the three smartphones

    In camera,Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the best with 8MP primary and 1.6MP secondary camera.

    In SAR value or radiation,Android One is the best with lowest SAR value while Moto E is the worst with highest SAR value but still within prescribed limits so no need to worry.

    In display,Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the best with 720p resolution.

    In software,Android One takes the plunge with guaranteed 2 years upgrade to latest Android updates.

    At price Rs 5499,Moto E is worth buying.However be aware that Moto E does not have front camera and flash.
    So if camera is main concern,go for Xiaomi Redmi 1S and then Android One phones.

  43. Bro, i ordered Moto E on flipkart sale for rs 5499 cash on delivery basis
    so i have 5 more days to get decided whether to take it or not
    good design,camera, quality, low radiation are my main requirements next comes resolution , software etc…
    if both r not satisfactory and u ask me to wait for few more more months for better model i can wait
    that's why i am confused . so based on this pls give me suggesion

  44. Hi Tarun,
    Thanks for this informative blog. However I have a query I would like you to help me with.
    I need a 1TB HD and I will be using it on both Mac and Windows OS. I see you have specified that Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk is easy to share files between the two OS. Is that not the case with WD My Passport?

  45. Bro, i bought transcend 5 months back and enjoying its features without facing any problem . Thank you bro for that.
    now i want to buy a mobile, so pls suggest me which mobile is the best
    1) Moto E
    2) Micromax Canvas A1 with Android One
    if not these 2 suggest me any other which u prefer

  46. Hi Tarun its noce blog , i would really appreciating all your useful comments.After gone through this completely i understood that seagate hard disk are made of cheaper plastic But still you are suggesting everyone to but seagate backup plus slim hard disk. Is it seagate backup slim har disk made of any other quality other then plastic?
    Transfer speed is matter i accept that. But in terms of quality product along with speed and servicing which one would you suggest here? or we will not get all 3 in one product ?

  47. Hi Tarun,
    I am confused between
    1.Seagate expansion falcon 1 tb
    2. Seagate backup plus slim 1 tb
    3. WD my passport ultra 1 tb
    Currently, all the three are costing almost same. Which one of these would be the best deal?
    Thanks and regards

  48. Hey dude…
    I have a macbook air.. I want an external hard drive.. Please suggest something which is fast and cheap!
    Thanks in advance!

  49. Hi bro,

    My main purpose is to store my photos/music/movies to connect it to my Home theatre. On seeing ur reviews I am attracted towards Seagate Backup Plus because of its looks and design rather than towards Backup Plus Slim. Can I consider seagate wifi for the purpose. Is it Ok…?


  50. Hello,

    Please suggest me which is better- Seagate Backup Plus Slim or WD My Passport Ultra
    in terms of transfer speed?

    and for privacy…like WD has got an option to protect your data through a password…does Seagate offer this feature?

  51. but Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive is rs 4515/- on flipkart and wd my passport ultra 1TB is 3899/-
    is there any other better options than wd my passport ultra within rs 4000?

  52. Sorry i was talking about Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External Hard Disk.
    Seagate backup plus slim and wd ultra 2.5 which one would u suggest.

  53. Hi Tarun,

    Great blog. Please suggest an external hard drive at around 4k, 100-200 rs here and there is fine, which is fast and durable as well. Will go with whatever you suggest 🙂



  54. Hello bhai
    What about Dell Backup Plus. I am from a very small city. Yesterday I was went to a computer shop and ask to him about Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk . But they dont know these brand he suggest to me dell or toshiba harddrive to purchase.
    The price he told me dell 1 tb = 5300rs
    Toshiba 500gb =3200

  55. I read some comments on flipkart about seagate back up plus slim external hardisks. Some reveiws said that after 12 months hard
    disk lost all data. I m reallyconfused whether to go for it or not. .

  56. Sir, I am planning to buy a 1tb external hd from
    Should i buy seagate backup plus slim or wd my passport ultra???
    Which company has good after sales service??
    Is packaging of amazon safe, will i get a defective item???

  57. Hello Narendra,these hard disks are more or less equal in features and speed.But what distinguishes them is their value for money ratio.As you can see,the price of Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk is Rs 5899 at the moment while
    Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive is selling at Rs 3809.Moreover,
    Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive is faster in data transfer than Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk and it was not available earlier .Hope I have clarified your doubts.

  58. hello sir you used to refer Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk in previous posts but in recent posts you are referring Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive.please explain which one to buy?

  59. Hello Tarun,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1) In many forums for Seagate I found cheap quality plastic are being used. But best service / immedidate replacement.
    2) For Western Digital, I heard that for service / Disk replacement they will take a month.
    3) I dont have idea about Transcend service. And saw two models – 25H3P, 25M3 (both at same price) – In that which one is good ?

    For Transcend I saw some videoes for rough usage. Any Cons here ?

    Asssist me on buying the good one

  60. I will suggest Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB External Hard Drive only if you frequently need wireless connectivity because in Rs 9999,you can buy a decent 2 TB hard disk with still left with money.Moreover since this hard disk is wireless,it needs external power to operate.

  61. Offline stores will never tell you reality.They sell products for very high profit and consider online stores as their competitors.And about support,you will get it from the manufacturer no matter from where you buy the product and online stores even provide you 30-day replacement guarantee.However if something happens to the product on the next day after buying from offline stores,they will simply tell you to go to service centre instead of replacing it for free in 30 days.Online stores provide you the best prices due to competition.But in the end,it's your money and you can read experiences of so many people who buy online.Even I bought WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive from Flipkart.

  62. Bro is segate wireless hard disk is suggestable….pls tell me.i want to buy it…whether it is is good or not…..!

  63. Hi tarun nice explanation still confused which one to buy Wd my passport 1 tb , adata dash drivehd710 as I don't know whether. Wd is thunderbolt upgradeable or not

  64. HI , Today i have checked in bangalore, SP road electronic shop about buying from online. but they are telling that if we buy from online, will not get proper customer support from particular brand. alsoI have checked about 1 TB Hard drive , it costs around 4300. compare than online its more cost, i asked about online purchase. but everyone saying that its not fresh product and will not get proper support if demage happens, etc…really i am confused.. if any one had experience about online purpose and after customer support. plz reply me on this…. Thanks for urs help.

  65. Which one is Best to buy ? WD My passport Ultra or Seagate Backup Plus Slim.

    And in WD the rates vary depends on color whether any changes in configuration ?

  66. man i wan to buy a hard disk of 1TB which one to select WD MY passport ultra or Transcend StoreJet 25M3.

  67. Superb post bro..
    I am currently using my 3 year old goflex desk 1 tb planning to seel and buy new one .. My budget is 3500-3700 ..plzz suggest
    Seagate has a cheaper plastic
    How's transcend and WD in warranty purpose
    …I heard we have yo courior

  68. In transcend storejet: there are two cables which leads to laptop port. So, just curious to know about the role of 2nd cable.

  69. NICE BLOG!!
    plz help me out bro!! i can only afford upto 4k…so cant go 4 WD passport(as itz presently priced 5.3k in amazon)
    im confuzed between transcend,seagate plus and WD elements!!
    i require the one with higher transfer speeds out of the lot and if possible less heating and better customer support!!
    plz reply soon!!
    thanks!! 🙂

  70. Hey
    Nice blog !
    In your opinion, should I go for WD Ultra my passport or Transcend 25m3…?
    PC is USB 3.0 compatible

  71. Bro, which is better to buy?

    1. WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive
    2. Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk

    And, what is the use of adjoin cable for laptop? Is this a kind of power cable?

  72. what is the difference between 6th number and 1st number HDDs. they both are WD my passport category. but i cannot find difference in terms of features.

  73. How about Hitachi global storage technology HGST touro mobile mx3 1tb hard disk?? I read that some huge server stations employ devices from hgst

  74. Greetings
    Please help me out. I am confused between
    Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk
    and Seagate Expansion Falcun 1 TB External Hard Disk,
    so which 1 should I buy??
    My lappy has got both USB 2.0 and 3.0 and for the HDD my primary requirement is fast transfer rate and durability, design and others doesn't matter, so which 1 should I buy?

  75. Transfer speed depends on the USB port of your computer whether it is 2.0 or 3.0.Tell which one does your PC/Laptop have ? Both the hard disks work without external power source since they are powered with USB.

  76. Bro , whats ur opinion about Seagate Expansion Falcun 1 TB External Hard Disk i am asking because segate has more no of service centers than transcend , as i am trying to buy on online flipkart later on if i face any problem obviously i have to approach service center, as i am student money matters for me i opted low price product before , if Seagate Expansion have any cons i will surely go for transcend . so finally once check this

  77. Bro, thanq finally pls suggest me one out of these 3 so that i can buy that
    1) Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk
    2)Dell Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0 Portable hard drive
    3)WD Elements 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive

  78. pls once check this product and guide me wheather to buy or not "Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk"

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