Best Hand Mixer in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best hand mixer in India, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to tell you about what are hand mixers, the working of a hand mixer, how to choose the best hand mixer and which is the best hand mixer in India.

Hand mixers are useful kitchen appliances. Hand mixers are perfect for light-duty tasks such as whipping cream, whisking eggs or mixing batter.

It’s far easier to whip up two egg whites with a hand mixer, rather than using heavy equipment. If you only bake occasionally, they’re the ideal gadget for small, quick baking jobs.

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Best Hand Mixers in India 2024:

Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer

Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer

The Inalsa Easy Mix Hand Mixer is the best hand mixer in India. It has a very powerful and efficient motor with 25 watts power. This does all kind of works starting from kneading, whisking, whipping, and grinding. If you want something very sturdy for your kitchen, then it is a great choice.


1. It has a powerful 250 Watts motor.

2. This comes with a 7-speed control.

3. It has 1.0 metres long cord.

4. It has two pins cord plug.

5. This comes with one year of the warranty.


1. The product comes with easy to mix powerful motor. What I like is that it allows you to provide powerful processing, and at the same time, it will save energy. A product that saves your time and money is great. This product performs all kind of whisking, blending, and kneading. It does everything efficiently and quickly.

2. The cord plug is of 2 pins, and the length is around 1.0m. I feel it is quite decent for a product to have as you can place it anywhere in the kitchen and work. Another factor is that you will get 7-speed control settings with this.

3. Again, it can very well mix ingredients for a variety of recipes and slowly stirring in the chunky ingredients such as choco chips or nuts at speed one. And on the other hand, at speed seven, you can whip egg whites or heavy cream.

4. The product comes very handy and is convenient to use. The inbuilt eject knob feature is great and allows you to remove the attachments without any hassle easily. What looks more interesting is the compact design and slim-grip that makes it more comfortable to have a grip. It will be easier for you to hold and manoeuvre in a large cup or mixing bowl.

5. The product comes with stainless steel dough hooks and beaters. It is made up of high-quality chrome plates and is food safe as well as rust-free. This is long-lasting and is durable enough to work with. You can clean them easily as these are detachable from the motor body.


1. Quality could be improved.

2. Speed could be a little faster.

Working of Hand Mixer

A hand mixer has its motor in a lightweight housing on which removable beaters are mounted. The mixer is held over a bowl and can be moved around to ensure its contents are evenly mixed.

How to Choose the Best Hand Mixer

Following are the features you should look for in a hand mixer:

1. Comfort: It should be well balanced and comfortable to hold. Make sure that the hand mixer is lightweight.

2. Speed: Low speed is good for folding and combining ingredients to avoid splattering, and high speed is good for whisking egg whites and cream. Five-speed settings are probably the most you’ll need.

3. Power/Wattage: Wattage is an indicator of how powerful the motor of the product will be. It gives a good indication of how extensively and intensively it can be used. It’s recommended to go with a hand mixer with at least power of 200 Watts.

4. Attachments: These need to be a good length, as shorter beaters will restrict the size of the bowl you can use. Beater attachments are all you’ll need – whisks and dough hooks don’t necessarily provide better performance.

5. Controls: Controls should be easy to access, and speed settings should be smooth to change.

6. Cleaning: It’s recommended to buy a hand mixer with removable blades as this will make it much easier to clean.

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