10 Best Running Shoes Under 1000 in India 2024

So you are looking for the best sports shoes for men under Rs.1000. You have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you about the best sports shoes for men you can buy at a budget of Rs.1000.

This category is the most popular category of sports shoes in India. The shoes in the list are ranked in terms of ratings and reviews.

This means shoes having better reviews and having more 5 star ratings are ranked higher. So after extensive research, I have made a list of top 10 best sports shoes for men under Rs.1000 in India to buy online.

It would be better to go for shoes which are ranked higher on this list. This list contains the shoes with a price range between Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

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Best Running Shoes Under 1000 in India 2024:

1. Bourge Men’s Vega-3 Running Shoes

Bourge Men’s Vega-3 Running ShoesIf you are looking for lightweight premium quality running shoes, Bourge sports shoes are perfect. They are manufactured for running and all-day usage without getting your feet sweaty and feeling uncomfortable.

The unique mesh weaving property of the shoes enables the feet to breathe. These shoes are best suited for purposes like fitness training and casual wear.

The EVA Bounce Back sole provides support and comfort during walking, jogging or even during sports practice. Bourge also provides for durability and gives it a sporty look.

While running, a firm grip is essential. These shoes act as a performance enhancer because the Flex grooves on soles offer strong grip, traction as well as stability.

There is also a soft foam on the sole for better cushioning of feet. Bourge Men’s Vega-3 Running shoes are designed for providing hundred per cent comfort to their customers.

These are also incredibly stylish and thus favoured by a huge section of customers.

2. Bourge Men’s Vega-1 Running Shoes

Bourge Men’s Vega-1 Running ShoesLooking for the perfect running shoes? Check out the Bourge Men’s Vega-1.

You can run all day with these trendy but comfortable shoes without any irritability or feet sweating. The material (mesh) is soft and flexible for both sports practice or walking.

These shoes are mainly suited to the purpose of fitness training; therefore, it has a sporty appearance. For running and vigorous sports practice, the Flex grooves on the sole offer secure grip to the feet along with traction and firm stability.

For sheer comfort of feet, the soft foam acts as cushioning material. Comfort is also offered against impact by the insoles of bounce back property. All these excellent qualities make it one of the best lifestyle sports products.

3. Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Sparx Men’s Running ShoesThe wide range of running shoes offered by Sparx offers both comfort and style to the feet. It suits all of your requirements, whether you are a runner with flat feet or high arched feet. The designs are both firm and stylish.

Sparx provides stability, and the inner sponge quality makes it even more comfortable with the cushioning effect. These shoes are manufactured in a way to offer perfect support during jogging, trekking sports training or even walking.

Your performance is sure to improve with these high-quality, trendy products offered by Sparx. The soles provide proper grip, and they are lightweight. Sparx is one of the most trusted youth lifestyle brands in the market recently.

4. Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running Shoes

Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running ShoesOffering stability and comfort, Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running shoes act as a performance enhancer. Its high-quality mesh provides support to the feet and is suited for prolonged use.

It is incredibly trendy and has been specially manufactured for running and fitness training. One can also wear these shoes for walking casually.

The flexible nature of the shoes offers a good grip for high performance. It is lightweight and neatly finished, ensuring its superior quality. The inside cushioning provides comfort for the feet and prevents them from sweating.

Apart from the high-quality features, the Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running shoes are well-designed to give a sporty as well as trendy look to the feet so that they can be worn for training as well as parties.

5. Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes

Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running ShoesLotto is one of the most entrusted lifestyle sports footwear brands in the market. The designs are innovative and trendy, which can be used for sports training and casual wear. Lotto manufactures high-performance sports shoes with fine technology and Italian style.

Extreme comfort is provided by the mesh fabric, which allows the feet to rest comfortably. Due to its trendy design, it can be worn to offices and parties also.

The products are lightweight and offer good grip on smooth surfaces. Designed with modern technology, especially for fitness freaks, the sturdy outsole provides extreme comfort, and these shoes can be worn all day without any difficulty.

Have a delightful footwear experience with Lotto men’s Vertigo running shoes.

6. ASIAN Shoes Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh Shoes

ASIAN Shoes Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh ShoesFor regular sportswear as well as casual use, the ASIAN Shoes Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh Shoes are perfect. The high-quality mesh weaving material is solely for comfort and provides air ventilation for the feet to prevent bad odour. The sole also offers effective grip for better performance.

The sole is extremely comfortable for walking as well as running and vigorous sports training. Inside the shoe, there is sufficient padding for resting the feet.

Besides, the design is innovative, and with the appealing colour combination along with its lightweight nature, these shoes can be worn any time anywhere.

The material is high-quality and does not even get damaged in the rain. It is quite durable and assures proper fitting for any feet size. The colour and texture will retain even after prolonged usage and washing.

7. Power Men’s Byron Running Shoes

Power Men’s Byron Running Shoes

For casual and regular use, Power Men’s Byron running shoes deserve special mention. These are lightweight shoes offering comfort and stability to the feet. The high-quality canvas material makes it easy to wear all day without any irritation or discomfort.

The sole provides an excellent and sturdy grip, and often people use it for jogging or running purposes. These are durable and long-lasting items even after daily use. The fit is perfect and comfortable for any feet size, and as a result of this, there is enough room for air ventilation.

The sole is comfortable and provides cushioning, which offers not only comfort but flexibility and allows freedom of movement. Relax your feet with the lightweight, stylish and trendy “Power” shoes.

8. Lancer Men’s Running Shoes

Lancer Men’s Running ShoesOffering varieties of fantastic products, Lancer is a highly trusted brand for sports and casual wear. Its fine quality mesh provides comfort and flexibility. The superior quality design and material make it a long-lasting and reliable product.

These products are suitable for casual walking, running as well as sports training. The shoes are lightweight, offering more comfort for regular use. The stylish appearance makes it ideal for wearing anywhere. The EVA sole provides excellent grip, traction and flexibility.

It fits perfectly for every foot size and enough facility is provided for air ventilation so that the shoes do not produce a bad odour. The sturdy and sporty look is suitable for all types of runners.

9. ASIAN Cosco Sports Running Shoes for Men

ASIAN Cosco Sports Running Shoes for MenFor an excellent running experience, ASIAN Cosco Sports Running Shoes for men provide the best deal. The outer surface high-quality mesh gives it a stylish look. The texture retains even after prolonged use. Consumers have put their trust in this brand due to its fantastic quality products.

The shoes are lightweight and offer plenty of comfort to the users. It is perfect for running, jogging, walking and also vigorous sports training. There is an ideal fit for every size and the sole offers comfort with the cushioning material.

The shoes also offer endurance and provide excellent grip to the feet for better performance. The products are available in various colours and styles, choose from a wide range of items for the quality running experience.

10. Lotto Men’s Vertigo 3.0 Running Shoes

Lotto Men’s Vertigo 3.0 Running ShoesLotto Men’s Vertigo 3.0 running shoes are ideal for sports and fitness training. The upper mesh material is of superior quality and offers excellent comfort to the feet. It is also easy to maintain and keep away from dirt and pollution. These are excellent lightweight products and perfect for prolonged use.

The shoes are durable, and the texture remains the same, even after using for a long time continuously. The EVA sole provides extra comfort, traction and proper grip, thus making way for a robust as well as improved performance.

The trendy and sporty appearance make it easy to wear during sports training and casual occasions also. Extra cushioning is provided for the feet to relax, and the facility is provided for ventilation so that the shoes deodorize continuously.

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