5 Best Websites to Get Free Flipkart eGift Vouchers

In recent years, Flipkart has emerged as the biggest reputable and trusted online shopping site in India. It has gained trust of Indian people. Its Cash-on-Delivery(COD) is the best feature.

They have many payment options and one of them is by Flipkart eGift Vouchers.Getting them is very easy. Easy in the sense that you don’t have to spend money to get them. Following is the list of top websites to get Flipkart eGift Vouchers for free:

1) Swagbucks : It is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for Flipkart eGift vouchers.You can get Rs 500 voucher just by earning 950 Swag bucks. Swag bucks can be earned by searching the web,voting in poll,finding coupon codes in blog,fb and twitter,surveys etc.Till now,I have got six Rs.500 vouchers and one Rs.1000 voucher that means a total of Rs.4000 Flipkart vouchers.It’s not bad as these vouchers are just for free.

For you dear blog readers, I have an exclusive sign up code : GIVEME70BUCKS . Enter this code while signing up. While signing up, you would see : I have a sign up code (optional) . Click on it and then enter the code : GIVEME70BUCKS which would give you free 70 Swagbucks. Besides this, you would get 30 Swagbucks for filling out your profile. That makes a total of 100 Swagbucks which would make your target redemption easy.

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2) Star Panel :  It is a survey site by Star India Pvt Ltd and pays via Flipkart gift vouchers when you reach 105 points for a Rs 100 voucher.You can also get paid by Big Cinema vouchers.Surveys are usually about star group of channels,shows and movies.Till now, I have got 2 Rs 500 Flipkart vouchers till now.
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3) AIP Surveys : It is a survey site. You have to just accumulate 100 points for a Rs 100 Flipkart voucher.I have got 2 Rs 100 Flipkart vouchers till now from them.
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4) TolunaIt is also a survey site.Their frequency of sending surveys is very high but they give Rs 200 Flipkart voucher for 20000 points.I have already earned a Rs 200 Flipkart voucher from them.
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5) The Panel Station : Recently I checked The Panel Station and it proved to be a genuine site and I have received 2 Rs 200 Flipkart vouchers from them and that took me very lees time.It’s better than Toluna.
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These 5 sites are the genuine sites which pay Flipkart eGift vouchers.There are also other sites which claim to give Flipkart vouchers but in reality,they are fake. If you know other genuine sites which pay Flipkart vouchers like the above mentioned 5 sites, please tell us in the comments. 


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