How to Remove/Unlink Paytm from Uber

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This tutorial shows you how to remove or unlink the PayTM from Uber. PayTM wallet is necessary for booking a ride through Uber. Moreover, you should have Rs.200 in PayTM wallet to book a ride.

After taking your free ride worth Rs.300 using promo code 22i3d, you may feel unsafe with illegal deductions or you may want to use the same PayTM wallet for another Uber account. These two are only possible after you remove PayTM wallet from Uber. Following are the steps to remove PayTM wallet from Uber account :

1. Login to PayTM account and go to .

2. Click on “Merchants Authorized By You” tab.

3. Now you will be shown the third party websites you have allowed with PayTM wallet.

4. You will be shown Uber there. Now click on Remove.

How to Remove PayTM Wallet from Uber

5. You will be asked – “Are you sure you wish to revoke Uber’s access ?”

6. Click on ‘Revoke Access’.

How to Remove PayTM Wallet from Uber !

7. That’s it. You have successfully removed the PayTM wallet from Uber.

13 thoughts on “How to Remove/Unlink Paytm from Uber”

  1. Hi Tarun Singh I really appreciate your help.Thanks a lot bro.

  2. I couldntfind merchants

  3. Hi

    I did not find Uber under this link…but I see PayTM in Uber as a payment method

  4. The problem is still the same. It is still saying the authentication failed.
    I have removed it from the Merchant Authorized….. but it is still showing paytm wallet in my uber app and on clicking it is saying authentication failed.

  5. No such option available… Can you please help

  6. How do I remove FreeCharge wallet from any of the authorized merchant (for example, Meru)?

  7. Hi Divya, now it has changed to 'Merchants Authorized By You'.

  8. Thanks, it worked 🙂


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