5 Best Sports Shoes Under Rs.500 in India 2024

Sports shoes under Rs.500 are great budget shoes that do not break the bank and get the job done. If you are looking for the best shoes under 500, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will tell you about the 10 best sports shoes you can buy under Rs.500 in India.

The shoes in the list are ranked in terms of ratings and reviews. This means shoes having better reviews and having more 5 star ratings are ranked higher.

So after extensive research, I have made a list of the top 10 best sports shoes for men under Rs.500 in India to buy online. It would be better to go for shoes that are ranked higher in this list.

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Best Sports Shoes Under 500 in India 2024:

1. Asian Men’s Wonder 13 Men’s Shoes

Asian Men’s Wonder 13 Men’s ShoesThe Asian Wonder 13 is a pair of men’s shoes with a lace-up closure and a mesh upper, making it breathable and a good choice for outdoor activities in summer. The shoes keep your feet well ventilated throughout the day so you can enjoy superior comfort, whether you choose to wear them to work or for a game with your friends.

This is a pair of sports shoes available in six different colours. Popular among these, however, is the grey firozi. A natural grey with light accents in blue will go well with most outfits, sports or otherwise. 

These shoes have a medium width and are specially designed for the feet of Indian men. The shoe’s well-moderated ankles give your feet complete protection when you are on the run, whether to catch the ball or to catch the bus. The lace-up closure, on the other hand, let you enjoy a firm fit.

2. Ethics Men’s Running Shoes

Ethics Men’s Running ShoesIf you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear while running, mornings at the gym, a day out with friends, or even on a Friday to the office, here is a pair from Ethics, available in a stylish navy blue shade to go with jeans and other casual shades. You also have a black pair that you can pick. 

The best part about this shoe? It’s comforting. These shoes are built to be lightweight and, at the same time, has a design that keeps your feet sturdy and well-protected all through the day. The shoes come with EVA soles that are usually used to keep your feet stable with the right support. 

Again, the medium width and the lace-up design let you enjoy a snug fit, so you don’t just look stylish through the day but are comfortable too.

3. BADLAV Men’s Sports Shoes

BADLAV Men’s Sports ShoesNow, here is a shoe for all those walkers who like to start their mornings or spend their evenings covering kilometres on their feet. These sneakers from Badlav let you walk in style while at the same time, keep your feet well-protected and comfortable throughout your walk. 

The shoes come in black with very light orange accents found at the heel, giving it a subtle splash of colour to create a statement, whether with jeans or a sem-formal you plan to wear at work. 

Again, the best part about the shoe is the kind of comfort it gives you. The shoes come with polyvinyl chloride soles uniquely designed with grooves for all the traction you need while walking. 

So, you don’t just walk in style, but comfort too, as the soles provide your feet with all the cushioning needed to prevent heel strain. The medium width and the lace-up closure let you enjoy the kind of snug fit you want for your feet. 

And finally, let’s not forget that these shoes are lightweight so you can walk in them for hours. They are durable too, so don’t worry, walk on.

4. T-Rock Men’s Running Shoes

T-Rock Men’s Running ShoesHere is another pair that you can consider if you are looking for sports shoes. This one is from T-Rock. This is a running shoe but can also be worn to enjoy other sports and outdoor activities. 

The shoes are stylish and comfortable and available in different designs. There’s a pair in black, a pair in white that you can choose from.

Like the other shoes on the list, these shoes come with a lace-up closure and medium width that lets you stay comfortable through the day. 

With polyvinyl chloride, these shoes let you enjoy all the traction you need while running or walking. Added to that is the lightweight of these shoes that add to the feeling of comfort so you can run for long hours. 

5. bentli Men’s Sports Shoes

bentli Men’s Sports ShoesLast on our list is this pair from bentli. If all you are looking for is a simple pair of stylish shoes to go with your jeans and work and hangouts with friends, this could be the one. These shoes are comfortable, and like the other shoes mentioned in the list, they come with a medium width and lace-up closer to let you enjoy a good fit. 

However, unlike most of the soles in this list, these shoes come with rubber soles, which are fairly good at keeping your feet steady as you walk. The soles are made of pure rubber and hence will keep your feet from slipping. 

Finally, these shoes also come with quality and are hence highly durable. Wear them on your long walks outdoors without any worry of them getting worn out a few weeks down the line.

Final Words

So, there you are! If you want a pair of shoes to wear on long walks, Badlav it is. If you want shoes that keep your feet from sweating in the heat of summer, Asian has a pair for you. And if you want a pair that makes you look stylish at work, Bentli has a pair for you, while if you want a shoe that keeps your feet well on the track and the office floor, Ethics has just the kind of shoe you want. 

And finally, if you are a runner, you won’t be disappointed with the pair from T-Rock. So, you see, no matter what your requirement is. If you are looking for a pair that comes at a budget price, above are five brands for you with shoes you have to check out. 

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