Top 10 Best Earphones Under Rs. 1000 in India 2017

My SoundMagic ES18 Black
My SoundMagic ES18 Black Earphones

If you are looking for the best earphones under 1000 Rupees, then you are at the right place. In this post, I am going to tell you about the top 10 best earphones under 1000 Rupees in India.

Recently I bought Moto G Plus 4th Gen for my daily use. One of the daily use for which I bought it was listening music. Don’t think I am an audiophile or something like that. I needed to listen music only during commuting to college. But I was dissatisfied with the quality of bundled headphones with Moto G in the box.

It was not any more better than this earphone although it is good as a budget earbud; the only difference was colour as mine were white in colour. The problem with these cheap earbuds(not to be confused with ‘in-ear monitors’ [IEMs]) is that they cause pain in ear, sound poorly detailed and, because of their small size and lack of seal within the ear canal, they are also often woefully lacking in bass response.

So that started the search for in-ear-headphones (also called in-ear monitors, IEMs, earphones, ear canal headphones) for me. IEMs are miniaturized headphones that fit into and ‘seal’ the ear canal, much like standard earplugs.

Many in-ears sound significantly better than traditional headphones or earbuds. Believe me, a pair of really good in ear headphones can assure your daily commute is kept lively and free of the incessant natterings of fellow passengers. I am talking with my experience in DTC buses and Delhi Metro.

If you need an earphone with mic under 1000, go to Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000.

These are the top 10 best earphones under 1000 Rs. in India 2017:

1) Sennheiser CX 180 In-Ear Headphones                                   

Sennheiser CX 180 In-Ear Headphone
Sennheiser CX 180 headphones are the best earphones under 1000.

The CX 180 ear-canal earphones feature an innovative finger-contoured housing design which enables for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort in the ears. 

With good attenuation of ambient noise and delivery of a powerful bass-driven sound, the CX 180 are perfect for the trail or the pavement.

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2) Sound Magic ES 18 In-Ear Headphones

Sound Magic ES 18 In-Ear Headphone
SoundMagic ES18 are the second best earphones under 1000.

They deliver excellent clarity and strong bass sound with a dynamic and refined audio signature.

They are engineered with precision. They deliver bombastic beats and clear vocal sounds.

They feature ergonomically designed sound tubes that sit perfectly in the ear canal.

They are lightweight and their cords do not get entangled.

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3) Sony MDR-EX150 In-Ear Headphones

Sony MDR-EX150 In-Ear Headphone
Sony MDR-EX150 In-Ear Headphones are the third best earphones under 1000.

The 9-mm, neodymium-magnet-sporting driver units help these earphones in producing crisp, rich sounds.

Their hybrid silicone earbuds make for a cozy and secure fit.

They fit in securely and comfortably with the help of the included multiple ear tips. They help cut out ambient noise and reduce sound leakage.

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4) Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones

Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphone
Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones are the fourth best earphones under 1000.

These earphones are crafted from high-grade anti-slip rubber, which means that once you slip them into your ears, they’ll stay there securely and comfortably – no matter how long or strenuous your workout.

Specially designed for long workout sessions, these earphones are tough and durable. Their Kevlar-coated cable is well protected against wear and tear, and can withstand extreme environments.

These earphones are ideal for those who like sweating it out in the gym. Crafted with premium water-resistant materials, you can wear them during your heavy-duty workout sessions.

These earphones come with their own clip and pouch for easy cable management and safe storage.

These earphones come with 6 months warranty.

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5) Skullcandy SCS2DUFZ-385 JIB In-Ear Headphone

Skullcandy S2DUFZ-385 JIB In-Ear Headphone
Skullcandy S2DUFZ-385 JIB In-Ear Headphones are the fifth best earphones under 1000.

Thes well-designed ear buds easily adapts to the anatomy of ear and head and gives a comfortable grip.

They incorporates 10 mm Speaker drive that produces high octane music for an unparalleled sound performance.

Equipped with a neodymium magnet, these earphones gives a powerful sound performance.

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6) Skullcandy S2DUDZ012 In-Ear Headphone

Skullcandy S2DUDZ012 In-Ear Headphone
Skullcandy S2DUDZ012 In-Ear Headphones are the sixth best earphones under 1000.

These earphones fit comfortably into the ears making them convenient to wear even for longer durations.

These earphones successfully isolate the audio input preventing it from being corrupted by external interference.

The ear cups are embedded with 10 mm drivers that are instrumental in augmenting the quality of bass.

These earphones com with 1 year warranty.

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7) Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 JIB In-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 JIB In-Ear Headphones
Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 JIB In-Ear Headphones are the seventh best earphones under 1000.

They come with stereo sound and improved well balanced bass for the perfect pitch.

The neodymium magnet is designed to push the driver which produces high quality sounds.

The ear tips on the ear buds are covered with silicon which ensures slip resistance while it also cuts out noise giving you a fuller music experience.

These earphones com with 1 year warranty.

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8) Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 In-Ear Headphone

Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 In-Ear Headphone
Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 In-Ear Headphones are the eighth best earphones under 1000.

They come with a large 10 millimeter speaker driver which creates a superior sound.

They come with a 1.2 m long cable which enables you to move freely while wearing it.

Three silicon ear gels are available with these earphones.

The cable contains a 3.5 m.m. plug which will fit almost all the phones, iPods and other music devices.

These earphones com with 1 year warranty.

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9) Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 In-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 In-Ear Headphones
Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 In-Ear Headphones are the ninth best earphones under 1000.

Perfectly equipped with neodymium magnet, it enhances the sound quality further which gives you incredible music experience.

The silicon cover over the ear tip enhances the grip and keeps it in place even when you are on the move.

The tangle free cord and well-shaped contours of the ear buds add to their utility as well as the trendy look.

These earphones com with 1 year warranty.

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10) Sony MDR-EX15LP In-Ear Headphones

Sony MDR-EX15LP In-Ear Headphones
Sony MDR-EX15LP In-Ear Headphones are the tenth best earphones under 1000.

These earphones have comfortable and secure-fitting silicone earbuds.

These earphones are lightweight for ultimate music mobility.

They have 9 mm neodymium drivers for powerful and balanced sound.

These earphones com with 1 year warranty.

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Bonus Additions in This List:
Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 In-Ear Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 In-Ear Headphones
Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK are the eleventh 
best earphones under 1000.

The sound of this earphone is crystal clear & clean, with a great sense of depth and detail. 

 Its ear-fit design provides outstanding sound isolation to guard against outside noise interference. 

The included travel-friendly collapsible cord wrap makes it easy to carry the earphones without tangling the cord.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

12) Skullcandy S2DUHZ-335 Jib 2.0 In-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy S2DUHZ-335 Jib 2.0 In-Ear Headphone
Skullcandy S2DUHZ-335 Jib 2.0 In-Ear Headphones are the twelfth best earphones under 1000.

It is extremely effective in belting out acoustics that incorporates a harmonious blend of sound waves inherent in the audio spectrum.

It comes with an additional pair of silicone ear bud sleeves ensuring a good fit. 

It is loaded with powerful 10-mm drivers that help in completely filtering out undesirable noise resulting in the reflection of punchy and crispy bass.

Buy Now from : Amazon | Flipkart

13) Audio Technica ATH-COR150 In-Ear Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-COR150 In-Ear Headphone

Audio Technica ATH-COR150 In-Ear Headphones are the thirteenth best earphone under 1000.

It gives full, textured bass with immersive sound and excellent detail resolution.

It provides easy-traveling audio performance with cord-wrap included.

It comes with two-year Audio-Technica manufacturer’s warranty.

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Hope you liked our list ! If you have any doubts, suggestions or simply need help or recommendation, you can comment below or contact me through email from Contact Me tab from the top. If you want help regarding any other product than earphones, then you can contact me too.

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  1. I am a techno lover as well as a rough user. I change earphones very often as u handle them roughly and as well as I am music crazy.. Please suggest me something powerful as well as durable. Please.

  2. Hii Tarun
    I am using One plus TWO handset and looking for earphone with mic under 1k please suggest me for the same.

    Also advise if I goes for with mic and volume controls it may be above 1k.

  3. Dude this was/is best post till date i have stumbled upon for headphones.
    Warm regards and thanks for helping us out.
    I have used CX180 for few days.
    Will cowon em1 be better in terms of clarity and bass?
    Moto G3 user.
    PS: i think i made lousy choice with JBL T100A.
    Anything better than CX180?
    Budget upto 1.5k.

    PSS: share your blog link if you write.

  4. Hi Tarun, I want to buy earphones with mic for my moto g3 under 1500. Firstly I was thinking of cowon em1 but it is out of stock for almost a week, so please suggest me other options.

  5. Have you used them personally. I have read that review but i also found many good reviews so i am confused. Also if they are sports headphones then they should be durable. I am looking for headphones under 500 , i maybe able to stretch to 700 but not above that. And can you tell me about the normal lifespan of headphones and how can we ensure it or is it possible to repair them. My headphones never last that long , i once purchased 1500 rupee sony headphones but they didn't last long either.

  6. Nice post Tarun.
    I am thinking of buying philips shq 1200 .I don't want the best sound but i need the ones which will last the longest. So can you tell me about the durability of philips shq 1200 and suggest other durable headphones ?
    Thanks in advance

  7. I have bought ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5" with 3 GB. Which earphone suits it with well. Sound clarity should be fine.

  8. Hello Tarun,

    Sudhir again. Got a Lenovo Vibe P1M. Could you please help to let me know the best ear plugs for this (requirement: looking for Smooth earplugs so that my ears could hold them).

    Thanks in advance.


  9. hi,
    I am a country and soft rock lover what headphone should i go for?
    Sennheiser mx170, sennheiser cx180 or cowon em 1 and soundmagic es18s

  10. Hi Tarun… Your reviews are very interesting…
    Could you Please suggest me an earphone with mic.. I'm using Micromax a106.. And I will change it to lenovo a7000 or xiomi prime 2 or lumia 730.. So it should be suitable for the rest too..
    I was used sennhaiser cx180 for the last a 6 months and I losted it somewhere.. It was awesome..
    I want such a earphone with mic but under 1000 . please take care of. noise cancellation . I'm will use earphone for hours a day .. So it should be comfortable for ears…
    Expecting ur reply.. Soon..
    Thank u…..

  11. I have narrowed down to em1 without mic and sennheiser cx 213 and HOM smiley jamaica
    I just need them for songs mic is not imp.
    What is best for price to sound quality ?
    Em1 is of 750 while other two are availabl @1050 price
    I m so confused

  12. Hii tarun,
    Is there any audio quality difference between cowon em1 with and without mike?

    Also which one is better cx 180ii or cx 213 ?
    ( my phone is ZenFone laser 2 )

  13. Hii, Tarun

    Can you please tell me best earphones suited for one plus two under 1000Rs. i am more into bollywood and Hollywood artists like, Enrique, Westlife, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Flo rida etc.. so i am not into heavy metal…Its ok if they are not among the listed….i already own Panasonic Rp-HJE 125….Help Appreciated

  14. Hi Tarun,
    Actually I am confused which earphone to buy for good bass and durability.
    Can you please suggest. Jbl 200a, Cowan em1 or any other. Thanks

  15. Hey senheiser cx180 or Cowon EM1? I watch movies as often as i listen to songs. Based on that please suggest me one between those two!

  16. Hi,
    I'm Jaswanth.Please suggest me good headphones for my Lumia 730 under Rs.1000.I require good bass & Clarity Sound as well as durability.

  17. Hey Tarun,
    i want to choose between Skullcandy S2IKDZ-058 Ink'd 2 and. Sennheiser cx 180 for my XIAOMI REDMI 2 . Please help. 😀

  18. Hi tarun . I have used es 18 30 days n got in 500 but today i canot stop myself to order CX 180 in 600. So in this case i think price does not vary much. Now i 1 i have to refund. Suggest me for quality music for my ear n soul. I doesnot matter 4 desine n build quality. Only mattrr quality.

  19. Hi tarun . I have used es 18 30 days n got in 500 but today i canot stop myself to order CX 180 in 600. So in this case i think price does not vary much. Now i 1 i have to refund. Suggest me for quality music for my ear n soul. I doesnot matter 4 desine n build quality. Only mattrr quality.

  20. Mr.Tarun suggest me the best earphones for my Moto E(1st Gen) and my ACER E1-571 laptop. Actually i bought skullcandy ZXL X2WHFY-843, and it doesn't work one of its earphone within WARRANTY it fails. The crazy on SKULLCANDY brand fails….so please suggest me the best one…..i dont wanna waste my money anymore…..

  21. hey tarun..iam using xolo omega 5.5 and im a music freak im looking for a great earphone which can provide me better sound quality……

  22. ep630, cowon emi, sony ex110 or es 18 which is best for bass ?? and also it should not destroy other claritys plse tarun waiting for your answer

  23. Hi. Tarun, i am using Microsoft lumia 640..need a good earphone to listen bollywood music under 1k. Please suggest me a good sinnheiser cx180 compatible with lumia 640?
    Thanks in advance

  24. Good reviews and suggestions Tarun,
    I ordered Sennheiser cx180 from flipkart which is yet to deliver..
    Could you please rate this headset with my MotoE(1st gen) between 1-10..
    Any reply would be appreciated.

  25. Please help me out which one is better ,Sennheiser CX 180 or Sound Magic ES 18. And what is the difference between Sound Magic ES 18 & Sound Magic ES 18S.. Thanks n I am eagerly waiting for your answer

  26. Hey I'm Xperia ZR user and I'm confused between Soumdmagic ES18S and Skullcandy Ink'd. Which one should I buy ?

  27. Hi Tarun

    I bought moto E 1st gen in july2014. I also need a good bass, crisp sound quality and clarity headset for music and good quality microphone . also for call answering purpose.

    Kindly suggest me any headset for my moto e under Rs.1000

  28. In moto g2……. Skull candy earphone is compatible…if not tell me the best earphone with is good in bass…..I lv music…. So plss tell me ….

  29. Hi Tarun,
    Plz suggest me a better headphone for my MMX A190HD PLUS handset i am not worried about mic i need superb sound quality bass it. Please suggest me a better headphone below 1k.
    Thanks In Advanced.

  30. Dear Tarun,

    Thanks for posting this useful articles to find best earphones and helping.

    Request your help to find out best earphones compatible with my gionee Elife e3 for music ( with bass) and making calls. My budget is around 700/-.

    Also can you tell why the earphones provided with box stoped getting recognised by my phone after 2 years. What could be the reason for that.?

  31. Hi Tarun I have Gionee P4 mobile, which headset do u suggest among these (Sound magic es 18 vs sennheiser cx 180 vs creative ep 630) Please Replay, Thanks in advance.

  32. I am confused between JBL T200A and Sennheiser CX180. Bass lover but not boosted. Sound Clarity is must. Please Suggest for Moto G

  33. I Bought Lenovo A6000. I listen to songs for longer time. I Need crystal Clear sound with gud bass and gud noise calcellation feature. Which earphone will ideally suite this.

  34. Hi Tarun! Can you recommend me a good earphone with a mic for under Rs 2000? I currently have a Nokia WH-208 earphone. The sound quality should be better than my current ear phones.

  35. Hi Tarun, I am Raman having Moto X Please suggest the headphone compatible to Moto X with Mic and without Mic.

  36. hello tarun ,, thanks for helping us ,, now i have blackberry z3 ,, i don't know which earphone is compatible with my phone ,, can u plz confirm that .. i want best earphone with mic under rs1000 ..

  37. Yoh Tarum. I just want to know if all Skullcandy ink'd 2.0 come out with play/pause button? It is really confusing that in some online stores or pictures, I see buttons and some don't have. Or is it just that they just differ in button location?
    Kindly see and check this 2 products:
    With button –
    Without –

    And is it compatible with asus zenfone 5 and nokia c2-03?

    By the way, nice review.


  38. Hi Tarun, how do you check for compatibility of an earphone with a mobile phone? Also any suggestions for earphones that has mic and volume control and compatible with Moto G (2014)

  39. I own micromax YU yureka, I want best earphones for bass, clarity and loudness, main thing is bass, I want super bass effects. Below Rs.800. Please suggest me

  40. Hello Tarun,

    Is the SENNHEISER CX 275 compatible with the nexus 5? I need the mic to work fine too as I need to take conference call while travelling.


  41. I already own a Sony EX-110LP earphone
    It works fine with my Laptop(the loudness and the bass)
    But it doesn't produces a good sound with my Micromax Canvas nitro A310
    The loudness and the bass is very weak
    Please suggest me a earphone from the above which will produce awesome loud sound and bass with my Micromax canvas nitro and other devices

  42. Dear Tarun, I have a HTC Desire 816 and unfortunately lost my earphones and want to buy a new one like them, can you please consider me an earphone with mic, good bass, noice cancellation all over a good Sound under 1K…

  43. hi Tarun i currently own an Oneplus One,so please suggest me some good earphones under 1000 with and without mic…please reply asap

  44. I bought es18 from snapdeal and tgey eere very bad. Bassless. And i have tried senheiser cx 180 and jblt100a. Jbl were better. They should also be in the list.

  45. Hey Tarun,
    Can u please suggest me an earphone for my lumia 520 and my hp probook lappy to play games and listen to songs..
    Range below 2.5k

  46. Hi tarun,
    I am using Micromax Canvas 2 Colours – A120. Kindly advice me an best in quality In the ear headphone under 1k with mic which is compaitable with above mentioned phone. Thanks in advance. Please do help me out 🙂

  47. Tarun,

    Sorry, I didnt notice your reply on the site, I saw it on my mail.. I will check and get SONY MDR-EX110AP as per your suggestion.. So, is SONY MDR-EX110AP better than Mi Piston 2 ? checking as you know it better ..thanks 🙂

  48. Hi Tarun,
    I am having a moto g 2nd gen and in need of a good IEM with clarity and super bass along with mic..both for my music and calls. From your suggestions..I have summed up to two choices..Either the SoundMagic ES18 S orSony MDR-EX110AP In Ear Earphones with Mic..Among these which is the best??…value for money??..durable??..please reply..

  49. Hi Tarun, I want a good pair of earphone with mic for my LG optimus G handset. Plz suggest a compatible earphone with good sound quality.

  50. Which will be better on sound quality and durability, Sennheiser cx 180 or Sony mdr ex110ap?? I have used many samsung stoch earphones, all of them had problem with 1 side earphone… i am expecting more durable and atleast same sound quality from the new buy!
    Please reply! URGENT

  51. Dear Tarun,

    I am looking for a good headest for my Xiaomi Mi3 with mic, noise isolation and good to above avg performing headset that could also be used for controlling volume,call handling etc.

    I have an option of buying Mi Piston 2 earphones, which look good. is there anything in a similar price range or close to Rs1000 that I can consider buying? ESM ES 18 ES is another option I saw, anything apart from this you can suggest?

    Thanks a lot. This is for Mi3,

  52. I want to know that is sennheiser CX 180 compatible with karbonn micromax and Samsung phones

    Doing a good job thanks in advance

  53. Hi Tarun
    I'm looking for a pair of earphones to gift someone who is using a Samsung S4. I want exceptional quality & I dont mind going a little above 1000. How is JBL tempo? Please help

  54. Please suggest which ear phones is best among 1. Philips SHS8100/98 Earhook Headphone  2. SoundMAGIC ES18S RB  3. SoundMagic ES18 Noise IsolationIn-Ear Headphone. I required very good ear phones for daily travel. Please tell me SoundMAGIC ES18S RB  and SoundMagic ES18 (RED) will give same sound except mic OR it is always better to go with SoundMagic ES18 . Philips SHS8100/98 is considering as it is having ear hook. Please let me know which is best among these three or any other best earphone for good music below or around 1000 rs/-. Thanks in advance.

  55. Did i tell you Tarun i am passianate about bass.I have checked these earphone and it is not for me.
    So could you suggest some BANG-DHOOM type earphone please

  56. Hi Tarun

    I bought moto g 2nd gen. I also need a good bass, crisp sound quality and clarity headset for music (with mic). also for call answering purpose.

    Kindly suggest me any headset for my moto g2.

  57. Hi tarun, i want to purchase soundmagic es 18 but confused about the warranty policy of soundmagic according to company website there is no service center of soundmagic in india and we should contact to our dealer for waranty claim if i purchase earphone from snapdeal or amazon,flipkart from any seller then i how to claim warranty because they mention 1year manufacturer warranty please clear my confusion thanks in advance

  58. Hi, I use ASUS ZENFONE 5 the headphones which came with phone is not good and i am really disappointed with sound output quality. i need a better headphone i am not worried about mic i need superb sound quality tats it. Please suggest me a headphone. i saw your replies u constantly suggest soundmagic es18, but i want to know will it suit well and provide the best sound quality in my asus zenfone 5. reply me as soon as possible…. plzz

  59. Hi Tarun,Appreciate the great work you're doing.. Keep going..
    I own a Nokia Lumia 820 (which I might upgrade to 930 later). I am in need of an IEM with audio controls which I can use with Windows Phones. Max budget is 1.5k
    If in cacse there are no IEMs with audio controls,which one would you recommend among ES18 and CX180 Street II if I use it to listen to Bollywood songs mostly. I need a durable one with good noise isolation and sound clarity,and also able to wear it while jogging. Thanks in advance 🙂

  60. Hi tarun, i need your help buddy between choosing SoundMagic ES18 & Sennheiser CX 180. i need to which has better sound quality with clarity. and i have seen video of unboxing of both IEM's. i found SoundMagic ES18 cable is very stiff and double housing cable, will that be a problem?, on the other hand Sennheiser CX 180 look is classy and cable is smooth in looking in videos. But now i'm confuse between these two in choosing. In your reply's i found that SoundMagic ES18 has got better response from you. you tell which one i should go with. reply buddy ASAP.

  61. Hi Vidit,
    I have used Sennheiser CX 180 and can personally confirm that they don't sound like cheap bundled earphones.They have good bass.
    I can't comment about Cowon EM1 since I have not used them but they are praised for their solid build quality and good bass.

  62. Does the sound quality of Sennheiser CX 180 so average that they sound like cheap Samsung bundled earphones? Do they have good bass?
    I have also read reviews saying Cowon EM1 have good build quality but they cannot deliver the full bass which they can,but cannot do so in less sound amplifying smartphones like Xperia E as in my case,is the bass really so mediocre? Have you got hands on sound experience on Cowon EM1,if yes,then how was the bass and overall music quality according to you?
    Sorry for asking too many will be again appreciated.

  63. I've bought Moto E. I want to buy earphones. I'll use them only for leisure at home and on long journeys. I don't want to use them on roads to avoid the risk. Which earphones will be good for me? The stock earphones of Motorola cause itching in my ears. Are IEM earphones better or over the head headphones.????

  64. Hey Tarun,great review there!
    I have a few queries rather concerns I must say,I am planning to buy an IEM under 1K
    but at the moment I am very very confused about which one to buy,your help will be really appreciated.The IEMs which I have shortlisted are
    Sennheiser CX 180
    Cowon Em1
    Creative-EP 630
    Sound Magic ES18
    Initially i was inclined towards SM ES18 reading the reviews about its audiophilic sound but when i read they come with a cheap build quality,my mind was changed.
    I moved to sennheiser cx180,that had good reviews about its build quality and also offering a 2 yr manufacturer warranty but when I read about the sound reviews,some said they were simply rubbish and they sounded quite similar to cheap samsung earphones bundled with mobiles,that changed my mind again and I moved to creative ep630,that had a good review about sound,a little less than sound magic es18 but their build quality and durability was a question of doubt after reading some of the reviews.My final IEM was Cowon EM1,never heard of them just like sound magic ES18 but had little but praising reviews about its build quality as well as in terms of sound,they had good reviews.
    So my final question to you is,I like Sennheiser CX180 due to its durability and but is it's sound quality real good or do they really sound like cheap Samsung earphones?
    I was very determined to buy the sound magic but I heard they were of very less durability,so less that even after taking care they break in one year.
    CowonEM1 has good reviews about duarbility as well as sound quality but I have never heard of them and I think I would face problems availing my warranty and are they good noise isolating IEM?
    Dont have much idea but Creative-EP630,good sound I have heard but heard duarbility and the build quality sucks,what do you think?
    Please tarun help me,I am looking for a good sound quality(not like cheap IEMs bundled with handsets) IEM,great durability and okay okay sound isolation and which are compatible with my Sony Xperia E.Which among the four would best suit me according to my requirement and concerns?
    Help will be really appreciated tarun,sorry for writing such a big comment and thanx for reading it entirely.

  65. hi tarun i have a doubt that are you getting any kind of benifits from soundmagic as you are refering this most . why i am saying this means i am using this for past 5 days bought it frm flipkart for 630 bucks for black version but didnt felt great it kinda normal one without much bass or much treble . adding another shock flipkart discontinued this product as they would not do this for fast moving or good one ?

  66. I don't know whether cx180 work for gionee elite e3 because I had used e7 mini earphones for e3 they are not working properly so help me out plss @ tarun singh

  67. Hey Tarun,

    Would the Magic of ES18 be there with the new android one devices?
    I have the Micromax Canvas A1. I hope there isn't any compatibility issues.


  68. Thanks a lot Tarun! I really liked your post and it's undoubtedly beneficial for someone like me. Thank you for helping me out. I would try the burn-in process, And Last question, can you tell me how often do I have to burn every day?

  69. Hi Tarun,

    This is Priyank.Actually main problem i have faced everytime is either one earbud stopped working or got less sound in comparision of another one that cause sound imbalance when we use them OR we got wire damage as we had to shake it for proper voice.

    So i am in need to ask if there is any earpiece who is more reliable as well as good sound quality.
    thank you

  70. Which one is better for Moto X
    Sound Magic ES18s or Skullcandy S2SBFY-058?

    I am looking for good quality with mic and comparability with moto x. Budget upto 2k

  71. Thanks a lot Tarun. But I have heard a lot about Tekfusion Twinwoofer. Is there any competition between the two, the soundmagic and the Tekfusion?

  72. Hey Tarun! I currently own Moto X and I wanted something which one should feel expectional. I had Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 Which I recently lost somewhere. Kindly suggest me so that I finalize a.s.a.p.

  73. Hi Tarun,
    Can you plz guide which are best earphones for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Grand under Rs1000/-?
    No Mic needed. Need solely for Music and movies perspective.(No gaming)


  74. Is Philips DJ SHL3000WT/00 Over-Ear Headphone are good headphones? if not then can you suggest any better option under 1000 rs with bass and better comfort

  75. hi tarun
    for my moto g ,i need a in ear headphones with best durablity and excellent audio quality without mic for rough use(4-6hrs/day).i am confused a lot .kindly help me with some good options

  76. Want a in earphone with mic, from comments narrowed down to soundwire ES18S. However got to see a low volume feedback in flipkart. your feedback would be helpful.

  77. Hi Tarun,

    Can you confirm about the durability and warranty of SoundMagic ES18 because Flipkart says 6 months manufacturer warranty while amazon, snapdeal, homeshop18 says 1 year manufacturer warranty. Also I saw the black color ES18 on Flipkart from WS retail but couldn't find black color on any other website. I liked the black color and would like to buy it but I am confused if it is a genuine product or not.

    Therefore should I buy the black color ES18 with 6 months manufacturer warranty from flipkart or should look for some other color on some other shopping site with more warranty. I really liked the black color and wanted to buy. Please help me with this.

  78. Hi Tarun,
    The earphone i need for my Samsung S4 Mini should be ear canal-earphones. The Sennheiser MX 170 Earphones you have suggested is not a ear canal-earphone.
    Kindly suggest me ear canal-earphones…

  79. Hi Sanchit,
    don't go with Sennheiser and Skullcandy at this range.These are good-looking but bad in sound effects.
    SoundMagic may be unpopular,being a company from China but its products at low budget are awesome.

  80. hi tarun, but can u tell me what's the difference between sennheiser CX 180 Street II, skullcandy jib earbuds and sound magic es18 please

  81. and SoundMagic ES18 is compatible with Nokia XL dual sim phone or not?
    and please suggest me two more options.
    last thing, can you tell me about best water resistant or splash or rain resistant earphones under 1k budget for my phone as i work in water park, good and durable too!
    you are doing a fine job here bro!

  82. I have sony mdr220 lp and i'm totally satisfied with base n all…so if tried these, tell me which is better among creative ep630 (most popular and bassy they say), sennheiser cx 180 (overall perfect) and SM es18 (everyone is giving 5 star)..
    Bass is my first choice but it shouldn't ruin the quality of rest of sound effects..
    Please suggest with some explanation…thanks in advance

  83. hey Tarun… I want to buy in-ear headphone for "Samsung S4 Mini" which is very durable,strong built and has excellent sound performance. My budget is around Rs 600/-. Plz do suggest…

  84. best earphones and headset for nokia XL (dual sim) and compatible too!
    and should be of best sound quality as i work near a construction site(lot of noise here),
    budget- 1k and should work good for more than a year and so on…
    reply soon

  85. Hi Tarun
    ,Have seen some reviews that Soundmagic es18s is not as good as es18, pls suggest IEM with mic with good sound as well as durability(im a rough user)…Also how is Panasonic ergofit RP-TMC125E?..

  86. Hi Tarun,

    Please help. I have HTC One M8 Harman Kardon edition and I lost my bundled earphones on transit. Which headphone would you recommend for HTC One M8. My budget is under Rs.1000.


  87. hi bro,i have xolo q2500 and i want a in ear earphone with:
    1.mic control(if possible in 1k,if not specify the least price of one with it)
    3.good bass in crowded areas
    thanks for the info.

  88. Hi Tarun,
    Foremost, kudos for the job u r doing 🙂
    Now, coming to my requirement; m looking for an all in 1 earphone for my lumia 720 wid mic, volume controls, music controls (play, pause, bk, fwd) under 2k..probably asking for too much for too low 😉

  89. Hi Tarun, great review. I had a SoundMagic ES 18 for my iPhone 4, but they were stolen. I'm thinking of buying them again.
    However, can you suggest me a good music headset with iphone volume controls in this budget?

  90. Hey alan,there is no difference between ES18 Red and ES18 Green .Avtually I think the problem is with the seller.ES18 Red is sold by WS Retail which is the seller name of Flipkart while ES18 Green is sold by some other seller who might be selling duplicate model of ES18 Green.That's why I always buy from WS Retail on Flipkart and recommend you to do the same.

  91. Give some reviews on Tekfusion. Does it support in Lumia 620? If yes then which model? Does it have a volume controller? What's the quality?

  92. Hey Tarun, I wanted to know whether or not Soundmagic ES 18 earphones are compatible with Nexus 7 and Micromax Canvas A116?

  93. Hey Tarun, Suggest me a earphone for Xperia sp, I have bought a es18 for my other phone Moto E they are very comfortable and offers a little bit noise cancelling but they are not as much durable and offers a low sound.
    Please suggest a earphone with good noise cancelling and high sound quality.
    Thank You

  94. Please suggest a good earphone for Sony xperia sp with high quality sound, good noise canceliing and with mic.
    Recently bought a Soundmagic es18 for moto e not giving a decent output on my Sony phone.
    Thank you.

  95. Hi Tarun….I am using nokia Lumia 525… And I need headphones with good sound quality and powerful bass …. My budget is Rs 1000

  96. Hi Tarun,
    I just wanted to know if sennheiser cx120 street ii is compatible with moto x and does it have a mic?
    Secondly, which is the best headphone with mic under 1500 bucks best compatible with moto x?
    Looking forward for your speedy response.

  97. Hey tarun. I am damn confused bw es18 and cx180. Pls suggest which one is better on durability. Coz cx180s got a 2yr warranty while es18 has 6 months. Also tell me where can I find soundmagic service centre near delhi.

  98. Thanx for the suggestion tarun, I buyed es18, they are awesome. Now pls tell me a headphone for Lumia 620, which have a sound adjuster and prev and next option also, under 1k

  99. Hey tarun. I read in a cutomer review in amazon that soundmagic es 18 dont work properly for galaxy s4. I am using a galaxy s4. Can you confirm this? Which other eraphones are best for galaxy s4 below 1000.

  100. I am already using sennheiser cx380 which I buyed for Rs 1500 a year ago. It performs well but not good enough, I think it doesn't supports well on Lumia 620. It gives more better sound in my laptop

  101. pls tell me the best in-ear headphone below 1000rs for lumia 620. If there is a MIC then its better for me, but first priority is sound quality with good bass and loudness.

  102. Hi Tarun,

    I am looking for an in-ear headphone with mic and music controls ( like prev & next ) …. please suggest me one …. it should give a great music experience …

    Thanks and regards,


  103. Hi Tarun,

    Thanks for the information. I am using Nexus 5 and i want compatible IEM for it. I am looking for options like Sennheiser CX 180 and SoundMagic ES18. Can you please suggest me which one is better for my phone. I hope these two IEM's are without mic. If you can suggest IEM with mic under 1k.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Kanthi Kiran

  104. I have a samsung s3 and i just ordered skullcandy 2xl spoke x2spcz-810 ..
    so what do u think whether i should cancel this or buy this??

  105. Hi….
    I own a Nokia 620 and I'm looking for In-The-Ear headset which are compatible with it. Initially i was using Skullcandy S2SBFY -058 Smokin' Buds ( too specific? ) which worked very good but also had very short life. So I guess I don't want Skullcandy again. Read the reviews about Skullcandy… Bose…Beats saying they are overrated. Long story short, I want earphones under 1000 with good bass and noise cancellation and i'm absolutely lost……. A little help ?

  106. is Sennheiser CX 180 Headphone compatible with Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG and if not then suggest me one with good bass,treble and noise cancellation under 1k…

  107. Hi tarun_ great post… (Y) finally my search has ended …just wanted a quick info which earphones would you recommend for moto X …I loved 'Sound Magic ES 18 Headphone' however m looking of a one with mic which is compatible to moto x as moto x is not compatible with every 3.5 mm jack earphones .. Thanks in advance

  108. hi tarun thanks for helping all of us with the info.i just wanted to ask if the sennheiser cx180 has a mic which i could use for calling .or any other earphones that look really good and have a mic in it so i could use them for calling as well as listening music.
    thanks in advance!!!

  109. I know my sister will love (Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory) this cute little kitty cat plug for her phone. It Arrived very quickly too

  110. hey
    i want to buy headphones under 1000 rs.(if with mic and volume ctrl)
    i am using titanium s5 but late may iphone 5s will be ther. and also useful in dell inspiron 1545
    sound quality should be awesome + bass

  111. HI THR

  112. Hey
    im searching for a earphone with a mic and if possible volume controls for my xiaomi mi3(indian) please suggest me a couple of models to choose from..continue ur gud work..thank you.

  113. Hi Tarun, Nice info..could u please suggest me best earphone from above for lumia 620..with best noise isolation and sound quality as i travel a lot

  114. Hi Tarun,

    Thanks a lot for the info !
    Please see my requirement below.

    I would be purchasing Moto E and Moto G. Please let me know the best earplugs with Mic. Mainly, the earplugs supplied by Moto is really pathetic for me as my ears cant hold those type of earplugs.


  115. hey
    i am confused between cowon em1 and SM es18 …have you used both ..i use xperia U phone and 6 hrs earphone user …which will be better for ling use…i live in hostel ?

  116. hey tarun…am using MOTO G…any recomendations for a headfone with good that i can make and recieve calls too…thanks

  117. Hai tarun sing, am having xolo q1100 smartphone and am looking earphone which is having good bass effect. Please recommend me and my budget is 1000 rupees. Thank you

  118. Finally which ear phone did u buy for ur Moto G?. Even I have purchased Moto g, and dissatisfied with the bundled earphones. Which one among the five above is best suited for Moto G?. Some earphones are not compatible with certain handset models.. Please let me know if Sound Magic ES 18 is compatible with Moto G and have u checked it personally? I dont want to regret after investing extra for headphones..

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