5 Black Things I Would Love to Own : My Black Wishlist

I never felt that I liked black so much.Everything I purchased for myself has been black and since I am a gadget freak,all the things were gadgets and their accessories- black laptop,black phone,black laptop cooling pad,black gaming pad,black external hard disk,black mobile headset,black television etc.It was during this WhatTheBlack activity that I realised unknowingly I … Read more

The Real Reason of Divorce between Hrithik and Suzanne !


As we all know that the news of 13th December said : Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne have parted their ways after a 13 year long marriage ! There were many speculations made for the reason behind divorce.

Some said that it was due to Barbara Mori who was rumored to have a affair with Hrithik during the shooting of ‘Kites’ movie. While the new rumor says that Arjun Rampal is the real reason behind the divorce. But the real reason is something else !

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