Benefits of Online Shopping : Coupons, Cashback and Bargain!

Being a shopaholic, I don’t always need a reason to buy online.As soon as I got to know about online shopping,I became completely addicted to it and now offline shopping seems a waste of time, energy and money.

My first shopping online was for a data card which I bought from Flipkart. Till now, I have bought worth more than Rs 1 lakh from them and this does not include shopping done for friends who were buying through me due to their first transaction online.

My record is that I usually buy at least one thing every week from Flipkart. Last week,I bought an external hard drive.Let’s see what is coming in next week !

In offline shopping, you can’t apply coupons, get cashback and bargain for more. Even if you bargain, there is no guarantee that you are getting the best price.

In online shopping, you can compare which website is giving the best price .You can read reviews about the website and product. Coupons save a lot of money. But unfortunately Flipkart stopped their coupon service. Now they provide deals on products simply.

The thing I regret I didn’t know when I started shopping online is cashback. Cashback is the money you get for shopping, isn’t it nice? Even if I got only 5% for shopping on Flipkart, I would have got Rs 5000. That’s a lot.

I recently got to know about has a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience of Indian consumers and help them shop smart. It provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel, lifestyle, apparels, electronics & the list goes on…

They rightly say…

And they work on this principle…

Next time, you buy anything from any shopping site, use GoPaisa and get awesome cashback, coupons and bargain. Because in the end, it’s all about shopping.

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