Why You Should Never Buy Videocon d2h HD [Review]

Why You Should Never Buy Videocon d2h HD [Review]

In this post, I am going to tell you why you should never buy Videocon d2h HD. Basically, it is a review of Videocon d2h.

If you are thinking of buying Videocon d2h, drop the idea. Seriously save your money and time.

When I bought our first HD LED TV from Flipkart, I started researching the best HD DTH service in India. Actually not best but cheap and value for money. I found Videocon d2h HD to be the cheapest provider of HD channels and I bought it. This was my biggest mistake. Not only pricing, but their service also turned out to be cheap.

Pricing was the only advantage of Videocon d2h but nowadays even that is not an advantage because they have started charging Rs.150 extra for availing the HD channels.

Below I am listing some reasons as to why you should never go with Videocon d2h:

1. RF Remote: This is what Videocon says about their remote which they give along with HD set-top box(STB): “This unique feature is available at Videocon d2h, where the RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the STB. The RF remote can be pointing in any direction and will work even if there is an obstruction in front of the STB.”

This sounds great that you will get to use a remote which you don’t have to point to the TV. But what is the benefit of that remote if it only works for 2 months. Yes, you read it right. This remote’s lifespan is just 2 months. After 2 months, buttons will stop working. But whether some button or all buttons stop working depends upon your luck.

After 2 months, you will have to spend Rs.350 to get the new remote. This cycle continues. So basically you would have to shell Rs.2100 for remote every year. Also, be ready to pay Rs.200 for the technician visit.

Also, the buttons on the remote are hard to press and not smooth on the fingers. Having checked other DTH remotes in homes of relatives and friends, I would say Videocon d2h has the worst remote I ever used.

Tip: If you are buying a new remote from Videocon d2h, don’t give the old remote back. You are not entitled to give it back.

You have paid Rs.350 for the remote. Last time I did not give it back and their engineer asked me to give him the old remote for Rs.100. He said he would take that remote.

He would show the remote in the name of another customer who would have some problem in the set-top box. He would then tell the company that he changed the remote.

Even the engineers hired by Videocon d2h are busy in looting the customer as well as the company.

2. Laggy Software: The set-top box takes forever to process the commands given through remote. It takes about 5-10 seconds to change the channel.

The user interface is laggy and looks cheap. The set-top box sometimes turns off itself in the middle of TV viewing and restarts. Booting takes more than 1 minute.

3. Rude and Arrogant CS Executives: The customer care people hired at Videocon d2h are unprofessional and don’t know how to talk to the customers.

When I called their support number to ask why their remotes always stop working, the CS person said: “Sir, it’s simple. Remote has stopped working. Buy a new one. That’s it.”

I have taken the freedom to rephrase how he said it. He was speaking in Hindi. His tone showed rudeness and arrogance and he was talking like he was doing a favour to me.

4. Offers for Looting Customers: They run an offer called ‘Khushiyon Ka Weekend Offer’ in which they give an add-on channel or pack of channels for 30 days by paying Re.1 It seems awesome, no?

But it’s a trap to loot customers. Let me tell you how. Most people don’t read Terms & Conditions where they have mentioned the following(example of English Entertainment add-on) :

“Once subscribed @ Rs 1/-, ‘English Entertainment Add-on’ shall be available for 30 days & cannot be de-activated before that.

After the 30 day’s subscription period, the ‘English Entertainment Add-on’ will be auto-renewed at the normal price of Rs 62/- or such price prevailing at that stage.

If the subscriber wants to discontinue the service post the Subscription Period, the subscriber needs to call the customer care one day prior to offer completion date (i.e., in this case, he needs to call on the 29th day) to get it deactivated, else it will continue on the regular price of Rs 62/- or such price prevailing at that stage from the next month onwards, until requested for disconnection.”

So basically the customer cannot deactivate the add-on when he wants and he would have to wait for that one day before the offer completion. And if by any chance, the customer forgets to call the customer care, his account will be debited.

This is the worst offer. Why cannot you simply give an offer which would automatically end after the offer or on a date specified by the customer?

5. Removing Add-On: When I wanted to watch La Liga, I applied a sports add-on to my account. After the series ended, I wanted to remove the add-on but I wasn’t able to because of their policy according to which you can’t remove the add-on before 3 months.

6. Unwanted Calls and SMS: Videocon d2h sends numerous promotional messages to my phone. They also call my mobile in which an automated voice promotes her offers down my throat.

Verdict: Videocon d2h is in the business of looting customers. If you care for your time and money, don’t go with Videocon d2h. Go with some other DTH providers.

I am going to buy HD DTH of some other provider. If you are using some other provider, please share your experience and recommend which one should I buy?

Also, share your experience and review of Videocon d2h if you are a customer or ever been?

I am soon going to do a list of top best HD DTH providers in India. Stay tuned!

40 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Buy Videocon d2h HD [Review]”

  1. Too bad service.recharge packs are also fraud.Never take 3 month or 6 months pack

  2. Videocon D2H is completely useless product, waste for time, money & energy.
    I am very frustrated with their service. They have major issues with their set top box, remotes, and overall technical product & service is pathetic.

  3. I have bad experience from Videocon service. I suggest to all of you please never buy videocon d2h.

  4. my d2h hd with rf remote loose it pairing on and off many times in last 2 months videocon d2h is not agreeing for replacement.

  5. Indeed the worst ever d2h if exists in India is none other than Videocon D2H… PATHETIC service… If you get any problem and if your service is not working then you just need to pray GOD to send a person to repair your D2H connection problem because Videocon D2H customer care will give you a single answer “Aapki call pratiksha me, kripaya line pe bane rahe ya kuchh der baad dubara dial kar, Dhanyavaad”. This tune starts immediately after you chose the option to talk to customer care.

    Never ever ever go for Videocon D2H or else you’ll have face similar frustration that I’ve been facing.

  6. Fraud business being done by videocon d2h by giving offers from parallel customer care centers and not obeying those. I received calls (June 2019) from 1) 0265 339 5401 2) 0265 614 2900 and 3) 0265 338 1701 . Lady executive(?) offered being special/valued custome, if you recharge with three months recharge amount, you will get one month free (extra). But I never got it, after followup. These numbers are fraud and I never got connected, whenever I tried. Seems they open up only when they have to cheat some customers again. So beware from these telephone numbers as well as VIDEOCON d2h.

  7. Unprofessional D2h with bad customer care:
    I am using D2h for last several years, by and large, D2h service is not up to the mark. Since last one month I have been repeatedly contacting customer care call centre and except the visit of their technicians and payment talk, they have been repeatedly making false promises to repair & restore the connection. Even though the dish is all right except some rust it supporting stand, It was also informed to us the cost of replacement of Dish to the tune of Rs 1000/ and even we are ready to pay. D2h customer case failed & neglected to repair & restore the connection. (Cust Id no 187866003 )

    Today also after the complaint was registered, and technician contacted & promised to visit our residence and replaced the Dish, however despite repeated call from us and the technician promises from him he failed and neglected to visit my residence and restore the connection. When we brought this to notice of customer care he was also rude and except registering fresh complaint he did nothing.

  8. Services of Videocon D2H are very poor, I am also suggesting all of you, that please do not prefer this Service Provider.

  9. Their customer care is horrible, I recharged my account on Friday 9/8/19 and they had option of create your own pack which i opted. those bunch of illiterate activated my both previous pack and new alcarta channels. so On the day of recharge itself i was out of balance. I had to call them more than 50 times to make them understand the problem. In process of calls their supervisor placed order for mirror (additional) setup box. Hence i ran out more on balance. Again the process of call started, Service engineer was assigned task who was suppose to visit my place and resolve the issue on 11/8/19 before 1.30p.m . Today is 13/8/19 no one have called or turn up. Again call they now have given solution date of 16th Aug 19.
    It is very painful process of explaining each and every representative your problem. I believe they don’t document the customer query or don’t have proper notes on call or customer account. This is very annoying. The representatives are not properly trained for the process, If the initial representative would have explained me the process that both Combo package and Alacarta channel would be activated i would not have done my choice.

  10. I am a person who has used several types of dish TV subscriptions like airtel, SUN HD, Tata sky but the among the worst which I can surely say is videocon d2h. This company is run by totally irresponsible, careless and reckless bunch of egoistic staff. Their customer care is horrible, terrible, miserable and deplorable. Whenever you call their customer care they would say” we have lodged your complain and they would get back to us after 8 hours.. 24 hours and so on, and in spite of repeated calls, their engineers never come. If you somehow get an engineers number and call them, they are too lazy to come to your place even. And in spite of all this, it’s costly too. I am very much fed up with them and I will shortly stop my videocon TV connection. If you are taking videocon d2h, that’s the worst mistake you have ever committed in your life.

  11. Worst Service not at all reliable every few days will face some issue. Customer service dont respond. Everytime they charge 200/- for engineer visit which solves nothing.

  12. Videocon is very much amateur when it comes to servicing customer complaints. They just say that complaint will be solved within 24 hours. But the ground reality is you won’t even get a revert from the engineer within that 24 hours. My complaint for getting a new antenna was not processed for more than 1 week. Unfortunately I had recharged for 1 year and just incurred a loss of almost 40% of the subscription due to these bastards. And now they are not even refunding it. The customer care are fools who don’t even realize the purpose they have been appointed for that job!! It’s embarrassing to be their customer.

    So even if you think of getting their connection, please do give it another thought and stay away from these inefficient people.

  13. The Videocon d2h service is a nightmare. Often signals are lost which does not happen with other service providers. Service request do not resolve the issues timely ..they charge money without issuing a receipt…call centre is chargeable… the quality of the signal is not up to the mark…. the worst experience. While the world cup is going and a crucial match today…I can’t avail the service because of deficiency in service by the service provider…and my subscription amount is been deducted each day.

  14. My first SR was on May 30 and today it is June 16.

    I have raised several SR and complaints no proper response from Videocon d2h
    They have deducted 400rs for my amount for relocation service.
    Videocon technician already took 400 rs while uninstalling.

    I called and raised several requests for installation but no one has come even for 12 days. But took money twice in advance.

    I have paid to a private person and did the installation after losing confidence in Videocon after waiting 14 days

    Really worst service. These people need to be dragged to consumer court.

  15. I also face some difficulties for installation of my d2h at the time of shifting to new home. I wrote a mail to customer care and told them, I am relocating need your help for installation. The reply came after two months.. what a response even world war may finish in that time period. I agree with remote replace issue, simply taking back old remote and saying that they have to submit it to the company.

  16. Very Bad service, I won’t recommend anyone to subsribe videocon. They never take initiativeness to solve the problems.

    • Really worst service. They don’t know to handle customers. A complaint should be raised on this d2h.

  17. One of the worst service provider….never ever subscribe. Am literally following up for refund for last 4 months…..we can live without TV…..frustrating

  18. Worst service never go with Videocon. I wasted my 3 days waiting for the serviceman to come. Daily they tell he will come before 6 but nobody came. 4 day when we called customer care they are telling address is not there. Worst service. Please do go with videocon. Even they will charge 450 rupees for a 1-time visit. Worst service.

  19. Worst customer service. Never go for D2H.

  20. I am having Videocon D2h and when shifting the house their engineer came and removed it, but while re installation he never turned up and when i call to customer care every time they said engineer will come next 8 Hours. I have not seen any engineer after words

  21. Am trying from last two months for my password but no response .Its worst software application i have ever seen in my life.If i give correct user name and password it wont allow me to login.
    Totally Worst …………..Shame on Videocon people…Worst Woooooooooorst

    • Have you tried resetting the password?

    • Exact same problem with me too! They have just put some default pack and I cant login and pick my desired pack, so im paying more. Hence they are delaying the solution to this issue I believe. For some days now, no channels at all, TV stuck on d2h logo and wont respond at all. Have been calling CC to send someone, about 10 calls and 10 emails but no luck. I have been paying without using their services! I wish there was a way we could hit them where it hurts! Bloody cheats!!

  22. customer service has no clue about technology. I wrote 8 mails asking for password reset since i was not getting OTP and everytime i got a reaponse how to signup as a new user and finally last mail.mentioning “password reset”. Never got a link, nor a password.

    I was even told by customer care that my default password will be my registered mobile.number

  23. Very poor customer service. Customer care people have no information regarding the queries nor they could solve any problem. They don’t pick up the phone ever on time.

  24. Worst service.
    D2h is always down with all the possible issues like server, customer care services and providing services.
    They keep asking call again but never try to solve the issues.
    We are bond to the rules laid by TRAI. But m not able to see anything of my choice. I am at their mercy.
    There must be some porting facilities as we have in mobiles to solve the issues.

  25. The worst issue I have with Videocon d2h is their customer service. In fact, you cannot call it a service! First, you call their toll free number and wait for 5 to 6 minutes to get someone on line. Then, there is so much background sound that it is difficult to hear anything. If you can manage to hear the person, they will go on saying: ‘You are not audible. There is no response ‘… And they disconnect! Whatever is the customer supposed to do?
    And most of their ‘executives’ (barring a few decent ones) seemed to have been picked up from the streets and made to sit in their call centre, with no idea of how to talk, no understanding of the customer’s problem, and even if they manage to understand, there is usually some mix up in the execution.
    I’m just waiting for my recharge period to get over. After that, I will go with any other provider. I would also like to tell people: Don’t buy Videocon d2h. They cannot treat customers like dirt and get away with it.

  26. My Videocon D2H stopped working about 15 days back. I raised a complaint. A service engineer was supposed to visit to fix the issue. Nobody called or came after over 13 days of raising the complaint. What incompetent imbecile run this company. Money sucking fools are sitting on top I think with no genuine interest of minimum level of service for the money they rob.

  27. Really very disappointing services from videocon d2h.
    I reebot setup box and it stoped working.
    There was written on screen Sattelitte Management and it was asking for some secret code.
    I called customer care and they were unable to solve issue and simply said service engineer will visit and will charge Rs. 200 for its rectification.

    Now the thing is issue is from their end then why customer should pay service charge of engineer visit.
    They are simply making customer fool.
    Please do not buy videocon d2h.

  28. Hello we started vediocon d2h after a long period…They are charging extra technician fee for software update.after how much time this software update is needed or they r just looting and minting money.

  29. it’s service is too worst, i was complain date 26-01-17 but no technician visit home, customer care is not supporting too. please don’t buy videocon d2h set box

    • Videocon DTH की सर्विस सबसे घटिया है चैनल हैंग होते रहते हैं चाहे मौसम साफ हो कई बार कंप्लेंट भी की लेकिन इसका कोई फायदा नहीं होता सबसे घटिया कस्टमर केयर सर्विस है videocon की

  30. Videocon d2h is worse service ever …plz dont buy . If you have any issue with set up box then you will be suffer as its service is worse service ever. So my advice is plz dont go for videocon d2h….worse worse worse

  31. Hi Manish, I would suggest Tata Sky.

  32. Dear tarun can u suggest me the best d2h in Bihar-jharkhand region…. either tata sky or airtel or dish tv…

  33. Hi Kiran, doesn't it result in more cost since you have to pay again for set top box and installation charges?

  34. I am using D2h for 4 years now.. my trick is that i buy new connection every year so that i receive new box and new remote..For me remote is not a problem but I agree channel lag is when you try to change.. My tip is buy through ebay with some coupons and annual package so that they will give you HD channels free..


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