Why You Should Never Buy Videocon d2h HD [Review]

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Why You Should Never Buy Videocon d2h HD [Review]

In this post, I am going to tell you why you should never buy Videocon d2h HD. Basically, it is a review of Videocon d2h.

If you are thinking of buying Videocon d2h, drop the idea. Seriously save your money and time.

When I bought our first HD LED TV from Flipkart, I started researching the best HD DTH service in India. Actually not best but cheap and value for money. I found Videocon d2h HD to be the cheapest provider of HD channels and I bought it. This was my biggest mistake. Not only pricing, but their service also turned out to be cheap.

Pricing was the only advantage of Videocon d2h but nowadays even that is not an advantage because they have started charging Rs.150 extra for availing the HD channels.

Below I am listing some reasons as to why you should never go with Videocon d2h:

1. RF Remote: This is what Videocon says about their remote which they give along with HD set-top box(STB): “This unique feature is available at Videocon d2h, where the RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the STB. The RF remote can be pointing in any direction and will work even if there is an obstruction in front of the STB.”

This sounds great that you will get to use a remote which you don’t have to point to the TV. But what is the benefit of that remote if it only works for 2 months. Yes, you read it right. This remote’s lifespan is just 2 months. After 2 months, buttons will stop working. But whether some button or all buttons stop working depends upon your luck.

After 2 months, you will have to spend Rs.350 to get the new remote. This cycle continues. So basically you would have to shell Rs.2100 for remote every year. Also, be ready to pay Rs.200 for the technician visit.

Also, the buttons on the remote are hard to press and not smooth on the fingers. Having checked other DTH remotes in homes of relatives and friends, I would say Videocon d2h has the worst remote I ever used.

Tip: If you are buying a new remote from Videocon d2h, don’t give the old remote back. You are not entitled to give it back.

You have paid Rs.350 for the remote. Last time I did not give it back and their engineer asked me to give him the old remote for Rs.100. He said he would take that remote.

He would show the remote in the name of another customer who would have some problem in the set-top box. He would then tell the company that he changed the remote.

Even the engineers hired by Videocon d2h are busy in looting the customer as well as the company.

2. Laggy Software: The set-top box takes forever to process the commands given through remote. It takes about 5-10 seconds to change the channel.

The user interface is laggy and looks cheap. The set-top box sometimes turns off itself in the middle of TV viewing and restarts. Booting takes more than 1 minute.

3. Rude and Arrogant CS Executives: The customer care people hired at Videocon d2h are unprofessional and don’t know how to talk to the customers.

When I called their support number to ask why their remotes always stop working, the CS person said: “Sir, it’s simple. Remote has stopped working. Buy a new one. That’s it.”

I have taken the freedom to rephrase how he said it. He was speaking in Hindi. His tone showed rudeness and arrogance and he was talking like he was doing a favour to me.

4. Offers for Looting Customers: They run an offer called ‘Khushiyon Ka Weekend Offer’ in which they give an add-on channel or pack of channels for 30 days by paying Re.1 It seems awesome, no?

But it’s a trap to loot customers. Let me tell you how. Most people don’t read Terms & Conditions where they have mentioned the following(example of English Entertainment add-on) :

“Once subscribed @ Rs 1/-, ‘English Entertainment Add-on’ shall be available for 30 days & cannot be de-activated before that.

After the 30 day’s subscription period, the ‘English Entertainment Add-on’ will be auto-renewed at the normal price of Rs 62/- or such price prevailing at that stage.

If the subscriber wants to discontinue the service post the Subscription Period, the subscriber needs to call the customer care one day prior to offer completion date (i.e., in this case, he needs to call on the 29th day) to get it deactivated, else it will continue on the regular price of Rs 62/- or such price prevailing at that stage from the next month onwards, until requested for disconnection.”

So basically the customer cannot deactivate the add-on when he wants and he would have to wait for that one day before the offer completion. And if by any chance, the customer forgets to call the customer care, his account will be debited.

This is the worst offer. Why cannot you simply give an offer which would automatically end after the offer or on a date specified by the customer?

5. Removing Add-On: When I wanted to watch La Liga, I applied a sports add-on to my account. After the series ended, I wanted to remove the add-on but I wasn’t able to because of their policy according to which you can’t remove the add-on before 3 months.

6. Unwanted Calls and SMS: Videocon d2h sends numerous promotional messages to my phone. They also call my mobile in which an automated voice promotes her offers down my throat.

Verdict: Videocon d2h is in the business of looting customers. If you care for your time and money, don’t go with Videocon d2h. Go with some other DTH providers.

I am going to buy HD DTH of some other provider. If you are using some other provider, please share your experience and recommend which one should I buy?

Also, share your experience and review of Videocon d2h if you are a customer or ever been?

I am soon going to do a list of top best HD DTH providers in India. Stay tuned!


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