Now Buy Google Play Gift Cards from Amazon with Free Shipping

Now Buy Google Play Gift Cards from Amazon with Free ShippingSince most of the Indian bank credit cards are not supported on Google Play store, Google launched its prepaid vouchers in India so that Android users can buy apps, games, e-books and rent or buy movies, on the device of their choice — be it a computer, Android phone or tablet. All of this entertainment is available across multiple devices — buy an e-book on the web, for example, and it’s instantly available on your phone or tablet through Google Play, and user can start reading right where you left off. 

From June, Google launched its Play prepaid vouchers worth ₹ 500, ₹ 1000 and ₹ 1500 at select stores of Vijay Sales and Spice Hotspot in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata & Jaipur.Then for increased availability of gift cards, Google made them available on Snapdeal too in denominations of ₹750, ₹1000 & ₹1500. But the problem with Snapdeal is that it charges extra ₹ 50 as delivery charges.

Now Amazon has started selling Google Play Gift Cards with free shipping. The denominations available are the same as available on Snapdeal i.e. ₹750, ₹1000 & ₹1500. Seller for the gift cards is Stellr India in both Amazon and Snapdeal. So I am unable to understand why Snapdeal is charging ₹ 50 extra in the name of delivery charges.
If you always wanted to buy ebooks, games, movies or any digital content from Play Store, go ahead and buy Google Play Gift Cards from Amazon.

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