5 Most Memorable Quotes from The Shawshank Redemption

If you are a movie fan,chances are that you know about IMDB Top 250 list which lists the top 250 movies on the basis of ratings given by users on a scale from 1 to 10.

Being the number 1 movie on IMDB Top 250 list,The Shawshank Redemption instantly draws attention as to why is it the topper when there are more popular movies than it.

At first,I had doubts whether the movie was actually good since it was a less-known movie in mainstream media and released before I was born.

Also the story of a prisoner finding redemption is not a movie you can set high hopes for.

At last,I watched the movie and boy,I was wrong about this movie which reinstated the fact : “Never judge a book by its cover”.

Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in the leading roles,this movie is the story of an innocent man sent to prison for murder of his wife and her lover.

After 19 years living in the prison,he manages to escape from the prison.

The story which occurs in the prison will make you give the hope.

Although this movie is full of great dialogues and quotes,I have listed 5 best quotes that made them memorable for me are listed below :

1) “Get busy living or get busy dying.” — Andy Dufresne

2) “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” — Andy Dufresne

3) “Salvation lies within.” — Warden Samuel Norton

4) “The funny thing is, on the outside I was an honest man. Straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook.” — Andy Dufresne

5) “These walls are funny. First you hate ‘em. Then you get used to ‘em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.They send you here for life, that’s exactly what they take. The part that counts anyways.” — Red

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