How Can Children Catch Up on Lost Growth

From my childhood, I have been skinny. But I was not bothered much by bullies because my height was good. The reason for my inadequate growth was fussy eating. I used to eat improperly and not finish my lunch. I used to spend more time in playground and studies. I ate enough only to sustain and not enough to gain weight. Well this is how I lost my growth. You can’t blame my parents for my lost growth because I was stubborn.

You may be thinking why I am telling my story. It’s because recently when I visited my uncle’s house, I noticed that my cousin was very skinny and short for his age. He looked like a 5 year-old when he is 7 year old in reality. This made me remember my own situation. I asked my aunt the reason and she told me that he is more inclined towards junk food and doesn’t eat nutritious food. I asked her whether he drank milk and she told that he hated the taste of milk.

Since I had recently attended the launch of Horlicks Growth+, I suggested her to buy the same and give him with milk. I told her to get the Horlicks Growth+ Chocolate because he likes chocolate and would not hate the milk. She told me that she had already tried products like these without any favorable result.

That’s when I started telling her about the Horlicks Growth+. It is a nutritious healthy drink clinically proven to nourish children who have fallen behind with their weight and height. It contains whey protein, and also contains essential amino acids Arginine, Glutamic acid, Leucine and Lysine11. Horlicks Growth+ also contains Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc important to help children catch up on height and weight in only 6 months. It also provides immunonutrients like Vitamins A, C and D, which are all known to support a healthy immune function.

The recommended amount of Horlicks Growth+ to use in a day is 96g (divided in 2-3 serves, as tolerated), in milk or water. The recommended age range for Horlicks Growth+ is between ages 3 to 9. It is suitable for vegetarians as well. Horlicks Growth+ can be given to the child at any time of the day, and it is best enjoyed in between meals.

Children (per kg) need 1.2 times the protein adults need to make sure they grow properly. 80% of the protein children consume is used by the body for growth and development. This is why adequate protein is also important for children who have fallen behind on growth, Horlicks Growth+ is specially formulated with high quality whey protein, which is easily digested and quickly absorbed.

I told her my story and told her how this can affect my cousin later on in his life and it would be hard to catch up on his lost height and weight. She understood and ordered the product online. Last I heard from her that my cousin has started to like the milk and chocolate flavour of Horlicks Growth+. He has also started to gain weight and height significantly.

You can calculate whether your child is growing well on Horlicks Growth+ Calculator. If you are a parent of child between 3 to 9 years and feel that your child’s growth is not enough for his/her age, then I would suggest you to buy the Horlicks Growth+.

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