My Dad is #MyRoleModel !

A role model is somebody whom we look upon, respect and aspire to be like. Their good qualities would make you want to be like them. My role model is my father. My dad inspired me to write this. He has taken such a big role in my life. Whatever I needed even if it was on the other side of the world my dad would go get it. I love him with all my heart. He always makes sure I do my best in whatever I do. Even though it might be hard or tiring my dad makes me do it, I know it’s the best for me. My dad is the PERFECT role model because he is everything a role model should be, loving, funny, serious, nice to be around, and smart.

From childhood, he always tried to give me what I needed. He never questions me for all the things that I do. He always tells me to do what my heart says and follow it completely by patience. He always tells me to be brave and courageous enough to prevent the bad things you see happening around you in daily life. He never demanded anything from me. He helps me in solving out my life problems. When I am feeling down, he helps me and talks things through with me. Sometimes he tells me quotes and I can’t tell how valuable and motivational they are.

I look upon him and wish to be like him. A very strong man with lots of morals and values and with lots of positive energy that would make one feel energized for the entire day. Having a dad like him is a blessing and I wish I too could be like him one day and pass it onto my children the understanding of how valuable one could be in life.

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  1. It is important to have such a stellar presence in life 🙂

    Good luck with the contest!



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