Close Encounter of the Smelly Kind at a Cinema Hall

I was in 12th class when some of my friends made a plan to visit Haridwar, Uttarakhand. During the trip, when we got one day left to come back, there was nothing to do for us. We had visited all the places we planned. Sleeping was not an option as we already had taken more than enough sleep. But then somebody said that the movie “Double Dhamaal” was going on. So all of us got ready and went to the cinema hall.

The cinema hall was only around half a kilometre away from the place we stayed. It was one of those mediocre halls which I didn’t like. Anyways since I already bought the ticked, I could not go back. I got a seat with one of my friends in the corner where there were very few people. The movie started but then happened the  most disastrous(read smelly encounter) instance of my life.

Then one person came and sat in the seat in front of me. But I was totally engrossed in the movie and did not give much attention to him. Suddenly I felt like some weird smell hit me and I was unable to breath. I told my friend and he felt the same. I looked here and there but there was nothing to blame of. Then I realised that it was that person who was the culprit. I analysed him and quickly got the impression that his body required bath from many months. I was surprised how could someone stay unbathed for a month in that summer season. Actually we bathed 3 times a day while we were in Haridwar since the river was just behind the place we stayed. Moreover that person seemed the native of Haridwar.

I had made my mind to ask that smelly person “What’s that smell,Boss ? But then my friend stopped me and said that we are not in Delhi, dude. But it was very suffocating to sit there and we were in premium seats which were full so we instead went to local seats. So in total, we paid more but it was better to sit in local seats instead of feeling the smell with that smelly person.

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Watch this funny, yet realistic video to know which pain I suffered from.


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