Cred Referral Offer – Get ₹ 250 Cashback on First Credit Card Bill Payment

Cred Referral Offer

Cred is an app that gives rewards for paying credit card bills. They provide direct cashback to credit cards and also Cred coins which can be used for exclusive offers and access to premium experiences.

I have earned cashback and use Cred coins for many offers frequently. Cred is a first of its kind service which gives cashback on paying credit card bills.

If you have never used the Cred app before, then you can use the Cred referral offer for new users using which you would get ₹ 250 cashback just by paying a credit card bill of ₹ 100.

Steps to Get ₹ 250 Cashback from Cred

1. Signup using the Cred referral link.

2. Do your first credit card bill payment of at least ₹ 100.

3. You will get a scratch card of ₹ 250 cashback.

How to Get Maximum Cashback from Cred?

To get the maximum cashback benefit from Cred, never pay the whole credit card bill in a single go. Pay it in part payments.

First, do 5 payments of ₹ 1000. After every payment, get the mystery cashback.

Then do 5 payments of ₹ 5000. After that, do 5 payments of ₹ 20000. Finally do 5 payments of ₹ 50000.

If you follow the above method, then you will get the cash back directly to your credit card account and not Cred coins which are low in value.

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