How to Close SBI FD Online

If you had opened an FD with SBI and want to close it online, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will tell you how to close FD in SBI Online.

Closing an FD is an easy process. You can do it online as well as in the branch.

These are the Steps to Close Fixed Deposit Account in SBI Online:

1. Log in to your Online SBI account.

2. Click on ‘e-Fixed Deposit’ tab after logging in as shown in the image.

close sbi fd online

3. Now select a type of deposit account to proceed. For normal FD account, select the first type as shown in the image. Then click on proceed.

close sbi fd online 2

4. Now click on ‘Close A/c Prematurely’ and select the fixed deposit account which you want to close. If you only have 1 fixed deposit, then it would be already selected.

close sbi fd online 3

5. Click on ‘Proceed’. Now enter the ‘Remarks’ for closing the account and then click ‘Confirm’.

6. You will receive a high-security password on your registered mobile number.

7. Enter the password and click on ‘Confirm’.

8. Now your request will be successful and the FD amount after some penalty amount will be credited to your savings account.

Hope this article helps you in closing a fixed deposit account online using SBI Internet Banking!

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