#SniffSniff : Ban Body Odour !

When BlogAdda announced #SniffSniff activity for male bloggers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, I was very excited since most of the gender-based campaigns are mainly for female bloggers. We men always felt left out. But this activity broke this tradition.

Basically the idea of #SniffSniff activity was that we would receive 3 mystery items at our doorstep for 3 days and we would have to use our guessing skills to guess what the product could be. The word sniff was a clue that the activity related to odour and nose.
When the first parcel arrived, I was not at home therefore my brother received it. When I came home, I opened the parcel and found a card with an image of male on it and a cloth lip on the nose of male in the image. I was confused at what sort of clue it was. Then I removed the cloth clip and opened the card and my eyes fell on the writing on card. It read: “Clothes clips are for the clothes line, not your nose.” From my olfactory sense, I guessed a deodorant was going to be launched. I tweeted the same.

Some day later, the second parcel came and the parcel guy clicked my photo with parcel in my hands. I opened the parcel and found a small jute bag in it. It smelt weird. Anyway I opened the bag and it had coffee beans in it. The clue was: “An easy way to neutralise odour is coffee beans, but body odour? You need all sorts of ways and means!” From my guess, it could be a coffee-scented deodorant that was going to be launched.

 The third parcel was the last clue and I opened it in a hurry to get confirmed that my guess of deodorant was correct. Inside the package was a face mask with a card as always. The card read: “A mask should be used to protect you from pollution and disease, not when someone’s terrible body odour put ill at ease!” The clue was just a formality and I was pretty confident about my guess.
 Finally I received the fourth and final parcel which was going to be the product itself. I opened the parcel and it was indeed a deodorant. It is a Nivea Men Boy Deodorizer introduced to #BanBodyOdour . It has a revolutionary concentrated, yet skin friendly and gas-free deodorizing formula that works on the skin and prevents the formation of odour at its source for up to 48 hours. It is available in two cool masculine variants – IceCool & Energy. I have received the ‘Energy’ variant. I used it the next day after it came and liked the fragrance.
I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff at BlogAdda .

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