Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

Continued From: Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

After deciding Allu Arjun as dancer and Anushka Manchanda as singer, we were relieved that we were able to find fresh faces for the farewell party. Now, it was time to call both. While we were successful in finalising Anushka Manchanda as singer, there occurred a problem in finalising Allu Arjun as dancer. Since Allu Arjun lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, calling him to Delhi was a difficult job. Moreover, being an actor, he would have given his dates for movies. In the end, we were able to convince him to come to our college. However, he told us that he would be able to give at most 3 hours to the farewell party.

Now was the time to print pamphlets for the farewell party and the students got pretty excited after getting the news that Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda were coming to our college. With full vigour, we started preparations for the farewell party. Being in the 3rd year of my college, it was a management lesson for me in real life. I was very excited and nervous too since that was my first responsibility as the head of the organising group. Previously I had only been in the organising group as member.

Finally the day had come. We welcomed both the great dancer and singer. As soon as both came on stage, the crowd cheered with their full voice. The crowd was charged with energy when Allu Arjun’s sensational dancing moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice came together. They were both superb and rocked the stage. It was very refreshing to see the perfect combination of Allu Arjun’s moves and Anushka Manchanda’s beats. The music was joyful and appealing. The crowd started copying the dancing moves of Allu Arjun and dancing to the beats of truly exhilarating music of Anushka Manchanda.  Being an introvert and shy person, even I was not able to control my body to move with the rhythm of song.

In the end, they both took selfies with crowd. Being from organising group, I was able to take selfie with them separately. When they were leaving, we thanked them both for accepting to come to our college and giving such a mesmerising experience to us. It proved to be an energising experience to all the students who were busy preparing for upcoming exams. My experience with freshness brought real freshness to our life and rejuvenated our mind which was burdened with routine life.

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