Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 1

Recently I and my friends were very tensed because we had to organise a farewell party for our seniors. But the problem was that everyone wanted his/her favourite singer and dancer to perform in the party. Being the leader for the group, it was my responsibility to organise the farewell party successfully. Everyone in the organising group had suggested so many names that I was burdened by the plethora of choices. Seeing that the matter was getting out of hand, I made the announcement that this time, we would do something fresh that had never been done in the past in the college farewell party. So it was decided that the singer and dancer would have to be someone who had never been to our college.
That day, when I was going home, I started listening to songs on Youtube. In recommendations to what to listen next, Youtube was showing me “Cinema Choopistha Mava” song. It has 8 Million views but the song was in Telugu. Anyways, I watched the song and was energised by the sensational moves of Allu Arjun. I had already seen that movie, Race Gurram but in Hindi, where its name was Main Hoon Lucky, The Racer. Then I watched some more video songs of Allu Arjun and I found another dancing gem in form of “Top Lechipoddi” song. Next day, I showed those dancing videos of Allu Arjun to my friends in the organising group of farewell party and suggested that he should be the dancer for farewell party. They instantly agreed and the problem for dancer was solved. However, we were still in search of a singer.

The farewell party was near and we still had not found the singer. On one day, I was going to home via DTC bus and I met one of my school friends. She instantly found out the tension behind my smile and asked me the reason and I told her the problem how there were only 10 days left and we were still searching for a singer for the farewell party. She suggested me to go with Anushka Manchanda and showed her video songs. I really loved her songs like The Little Things You Do and her Bollywood songs.
Next day, I showed video songs of Anushka Manchanda to the organising group of farewell party. Finally Anushka Manchanda was selected as the singer. At last, we felt relieved as we had found both the dancer and singer.

To Be Continued: Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

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