10 Best L-Arginine Supplements in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In recent days, one of the most popular supplements that people are talking about is L-Arginine. In case, you are a gym-goer, fitness freak, runner, athletes, or any other person wants to have overall health benefits, then you must have heard of L-Arginine.

L-Arginine has the power to boost your immunity and energy level to let you stay active throughout the day. It will enhance workout performance and will provide your body with amino acids. However, the most significant benefit of consuming Arginine is that it is used as the precursor to nitric oxide or NO.

There are so many different brands available in the market that manufactures L-Arginine. Not all are good as you may encounter fake and ineffective products. So to help you out, I have made this buying guide along with a list of top products. Going through this will surely help you in finding the Best L-Arginine Supplement in India.

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These are the Top 10 Best L-Arginine Supplement in India 2024:

1. Carbamide Forte L Arginine

Carbamide Forte L ArginineThe Carbamide Forte L Arginine is the best L-Arginine supplement in India.


1. The Carbamide Forte L Arginine is by far the best supplement to consume in case you want effective results. This comes from a very reputed brand called Carbamide Forte that manufactures some fantastic health and wellness supplements in India. Thus, I think this to be the best option to buy without a second thought.

2. This L Arginine supplement is quite affordable, and the packaging at this price point is of top-notch quality. It comes in a good quality plastic bottle packaging and has 120 capsules in it. And not only that each capsule will give you 1000g of L Arginine. I feel it is pretty worthy of opting for this product as it shows effective results within a minimum number of days.

3. This product is further known for nitric oxide boosting that increases the blood flow level in your system. The balanced blood circulation will help you enhance the body immunity system. This further provides you with fantastic energy-boosting throughout the day to keep you active.


1. No cons found.

2. GAT L-Arginine

GAT L-ArginineThe GAT L-Arginine is the second best L-Arginine supplement in India.


1. The GAT L-Arginine is a fantastic health supplement that will give you a sufficient amount of amino acids. It comes from a good brand known in the market for manufacturing great health supplements.

2. This product supports a healthy immune function, and with the consumption of this product, you will get that. It further helps in increasing your energy levels so that you can perform well throughout the day.

3. The product comes in a bottle packaging and has 180 tablets. Each serving will allow you to consume 1g of L Arginine. This product is perfect for all the gym-goers, athletes, runners, etc. The product is personally formulated for active men.


1. Some packaging issues.

3. MuscleTech Essential Series 100% L-Arginine

MuscleTech Essential Series 100% L-ArginineThe MuscleTech Essential Series, 100% L-Arginine, is the third best L-Arginine supplement in India.


1. With the MuscleTech Essential Series 100% L-Arginine, you will get 100% original L Arginine that you require to intake. This is a trustworthy brand and is known in the market for manufacturing high-quality health supplements.

2. This product has no added preservatives, fillers, sugar, etc. Thus, it is perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, runners, etc. This helps to pump up the muscles and helps you perform better workouts.

3. The product comes in a bottle packaging and has 100 capsules in it. It will give you 50 servings in case you take two capsules each day.


1. No cons found.

4. NOW Foods L-Arginine

NOW Foods L-ArginineThe NOW Foods L-Arginine is the fourth best L-Arginine supplement in India,


1. The NOW Foods L-Arginine comes in a bottle packaging and is from a reputed brand. Thus, you will not face or have less chance of facing issues or side effects. Moreover, the L Arginine used in the supplement is Pharmaceutical Grade USP.

2. This product has the power to increase the amino acids in your body. As a result, you will stay energized throughout the day. This product contains 100 capsules, and with each serving, you will get 500mg L Arginine.

3. The L Arginine supplement will boost your energy level so that you can perform the intense workout. Furthermore, the product has no added sugar, salt, other ingredients, additives as well as preservatives. Thus, this is a safe product to consume.


1. It works slowly.

5. Naturyz L-Arginine

Naturyz L-ArginineThe Naturyz L-Arginine is the fifth best L-Arginine supplement in India.


1. The Naturyz L-Arginine is one of the well-known arginine supplement that is great for fitness. This comes in plastic bottle packaging and consists of 60 tablets. Each of them will give you a 2000mg L-arginine dosage.

2. This product is great to double your strength so that you can perform well while having an intense workout session. It gives you the essential amino acid that is required to produce energy. Consuming this will allow you to get the desired amount of energy to stay active throughout the day.

3. This product is fantastic for bodybuilders as well as athletes. It further promotes a healthy blood circulation which keeps the overall health good. This also increases nitric oxide production and supplies oxygen to the muscles. It is a complete value for money.


1. May cause headache.

6. AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Arginine

AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-ArginineThe AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Arginine is the sixth best L-Arginine supplement in India.


1. The AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Arginine is yet another great health supplement that is affordable and comes from a reputed brand. It is a good brand and known for manufacturing excellent quality supplements for fitness. Thus, you can opt for this health supplement within budget.

2. The product comes in powder form and has 250 grams inside the packet. Each serving will give you 2500mg L-arginine. If you want a healthy lifestyle, then you must consume this L arginine powder supplement. It promotes the production of amino acids and ensures more oxygen reaches your heart, muscles, brain, muscles, and lungs.

3. In case you want to boost your energy level, then this supplement is just an ideal thing to consume. It increases the whole energy level to let you stay active throughout the day. This is great for runners, weight lifters, gym-goers, and athletes.


1. The taste is not good.

7. Zenith Nutrition L-Arginine

Zenith Nutrition L-ArginineThe Zenith Nutrition L-Arginine is the number 7 product on the list.


1. If you are looking for an L arginine option within budget, then the Zenith Nutrition L-Arginine is your option to buy. This comes from the brand Zenith Nutrition that has a sound reputation in the market for producing good quality health supplements. Thus, you can opt for this in case you want something on a budget.

2. It comes with 240 veg capsules in a plastic bottle packaging. Each serving will provide you with 1000mg of L arginine that is great at this price point. This product is excellent for opening your blood vessel and hence, allows nice blood circulation. As a result, more nutrition can flow within your body.

3. Another benefit of consuming the Zenith Nutrition L-Arginine is that it helps in giving your heart some extra power by making the blood circulation rapidly. It further helps in men’s sexual wellness. Thus, this health supplement is a must-buy for the person looking to improve the overall health condition.


1. May cause some sleeping disorders.

8. WOW L-Arginine

WOW L-ArginineThe WOW L-Arginine is the number 8 product on the list.


1. The next product is from the brand WOW that is known for manufacturing some excellent health supplements in India. One such perfect example of an excellent health supplement is the WOW L-Arginine.

2. The product comes with 60 vegetarian capsules, and each capsule will give you 1000 mg L arginine. What I like about this product is that it will provide you with the energy boost require to do your daily workout. You should consume it as per the direction to get the best result.

3. This health supplement fulfils your daily requirement for amino acid and improves your cardiovascular health. It further has no added fillers, flavourings, binders, preservatives or additives. It detoxifies your body and helps in protein synthesis.


1. Some packaging issues reported by customers.

9. Muscleblaze L-Arginine

Muscleblaze L-ArginineThe Muscleblaze L-Arginine is the number 9 product on the list.


1. The Muscleblaze L-Arginine comes in a bottle packaging and has 90 capsules that serve 500mg of L arginine per serving. Further, it comes from a reputed brand of Muscleblaze. Thus, you can opt for this health supplement without a second thought.

2.  This product is great for controlling your blood sugar level and increases the blood flow that is caused by the dilation of blood vessels. It supports faster muscle growth and helps in muscle recovery as well as healing. This product has no added sugar and preservatives. Thus, it is suitable for diabetic patients to buy.

3. The best part about this health supplement is that it helps to improvise your performance while working out. Just include it in your daily diet and see the vast difference in your daily activity. It enhances the energy level of your body so that you stay active throughout the day.


1. Might not work for some.

10. Healthvit Fitness L-Arginine

Healthvit Fitness L-ArginineThe Healthvit Fitness L-Arginine is the number 10 product on the list.


1. If you are looking for an L-arginine supplement in powder form, then the Healthvit Fitness L-Arginine is your ideal choice. This comes from a reputed brand Healthvit Fitness which is known for manufacturing good quality health supplements in India.

2. The product is excellent to improve your blood flow level by converting the L arginine into nitric oxide. It helps in opening the blood vessels wider and helps you in muscles gain. This product will help you do a better workout. It helps in muscle growth and boosts your metabolism, as a result, does fat burning.

3. What I like about this product is that it helps to control the blood sugar levels and increases your energy level as well. It is perfect for athletes, weight lifters, runners, and all those who want to stay active in life. This will reduce muscle fatigue by increasing amino acid production.


1. No cons found.

L-Arginine Buying Guide

1. Types of L-Arginine Supplement

When you look for the best L-arginine supplement, you need to know about the different types available. They all work the same way and have the same effects; however, they are slightly different from each other.

Here I have tried to mention all the different types of L-arginine supplements available in the market.


AAKG or Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is the synthetic type of L-arginine, and it absorbs quickly as well. It is much more effective and gives you better pumps. However, as it is the synthetic one, there are some harmful additives or byproducts added which might be detrimental. Thus, you need to choose the AAKG from a reputed brand.

b) Pure L-Arginine

In case you check the ingredients link and see it says just L-Arginine, then you are buying the pure form. However, keep in mind it tastes awful and has a texture just like salt.

c) L-Arginine HCL

The L-arginine that stays bonded with hydrochloride is the L-arginine HCL. It helps to get rid of the bad taste. The supplement will have 70-83% of Arginine due to the fact it is bonded and not pure. Thus, in a 1000mg dosage of the supplement, you will have at least 830mg of L-arginine.

2. Brand

One of the essential factors that you must consider while purchasing an L-arginine supplement is the brand or the company reputation. You should always buy your health supplements from an established and trusted company to avoid any kind of health issue.

Always try to look for products that are manufactured and certified as well as government tested. Let me tell you the great way to check that is to see whether the company has cGMP certification. It ensures good quality products.

3. Additives and Preservatives

There are some of the brands that come up with L-arginine containing fillers, additives as well as preservatives. These are not always bad for your health, as they often help your body to absorb the supplement quickly. However, it takes up a lot of space, and that is a drawback.

4. Additional Amino Acids and Vitamins

This depends on individual preference. Some L-Arginine supplements contain extra vitamins and amino acids that upgrade the benefits of arginine supplements. It will be a significant benefit in case your chosen health supplement has an extra dose of L-arginine. If you want a pure L-arginine supplement, then make sure you check out the ingredients list.

5. Tested Ingredients

Some of the brands often use Agmatine in place of L-arginine. It is a chemical derivative of L-Arginine and acts just like a neurotransmitter. However, it is always essential to look into the ingredients list and do a little research on them before buying or consuming. It will help you know what results to expect from the ingredients and which are suitable for your overall health.

6. Assimilation

It refers to how well your body can absorb a health supplement introduced new to your system. Usually, any powder health supplement is mixed in water is easy to digest than the ones in pill form. Thus, you should look for an L-arginine supplement in powder form to allow easy digestion. However, if you prefer some other forms of L-arginine, you can opt for that too. It depends totally on the consumer’s choice. I feel that powder forms are easy to digest, and they work faster as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is the supplemental form of Arginine which is an amino acid. It is generally found in foods that are rich in protein such as nuts, meat, fish, soybeans.

2. Are there any side effects of L-arginine?

Generally, there are no severe side effects seen but can cause harm in case you take high dosages. Some of the diseases or side effects caused due to heavy dosages of L-arginine are as follows:

a) Nausea

b) Diarrhea

c) Headaches

However, if you want to avoid all these side effects, try to start slowly with the consumption. Take small dosages at the starting to say 1 gram and then gradually increase the dose.

3. Who Should Take L-Arginine?

Anybody with a deficiency of amino acids in their body should consume L-arginine. Even if it is not lacking, there are a few people who get maximum benefits from it such as:

1. Ageing People

2. Smokers

3. People suffering from digestive issues

4. Vegans and vegetarians

5. Type 2 Diabetics patient

4. What are the natural sources of Arginine?

If you are short of budget and don’t want to spend on a supplement, then you can get a sufficient dose of L-arginine from natural sources. Some of the foods that have Arginine are as follows:

a) Nuts

b) Grass-fed beef

c) Egg whites

d) Wild Salmon

e) Gelatin powder

f) Pasture-raised poultry

g) Raw cheese, Kefir, and Yogurt

Final Talk

L-Arginine is a fantastic health and fitness supplement to include in your daily routine. It works efficiently in giving you the best results by enhancing the energy level and producing the desired amount of amino acids. However, choosing one can be a little difficult with so many options already available in the market.

To help you out, I thought to list down the top 10 best L-Arginine Supplements in India. You can choose any one of them as per your needs, such as budget and dosage. However, if you have any queries regarding L-Arginine supplements, you can write down below in the comment box.

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