5 Best Tower Fans in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Tower Fans in India

Are you looking forward to having a little bit of relaxing time while at the kitchen, home or office? Well! Affording an air cooler or air conditioner is always not possible for everyone. But to get cool air distributed to the entire area you are at, you can always opt for a tower fan.

A tower fan always comes with a sleek, compact and portable design which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. Thus, opting for a good tower fan to cool down your room is a great choice.

However, if you are confused between the options, here I have made a buying guide along with a list of product reviews.

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These are the Top 5 Best Tower Fans in India 2024:

1. USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fan

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower FanThe USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fan is the best tower fan in India.


1. It is made up of premium quality plastic material.

2. This has a compact and space-saving design.

3. The oscillation angles are pretty decent.

4. It consumes a power of 35 watts.


1. If you are looking for a reliable brand that comes with fantastic tower fans, then you must look out for the brand Usha. It is known for manufacturing great quality tower fans. The USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fan is one such fantastic product to look at.

2. The product falls under an affordable category and can be an ideal option for all the basic Indian homes. It has a compact size. This is amazing for any room having a size of 12 x 14. It has low maintenance and comes with less electricity consumption.

3. The product has a thin, slim, and classy design which takes very less space in your room. It is made up of plastic material and thus, very much light in weight. It is easily portable and can be a travel-friendly one. This will further suit any modern interiors.

4. While checking the noise production, I found it produces less noise when compared to others. However, with continuous use, it may produce a little more noise. The maintenance is low but is needed to maintain the sound balance.


1. This isn’t powerful for a larger room.

2. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen FanThe Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is the number 2 product on the list.


1. It has a power consumption of 38 Watts.

2. This has an air delivery of 2600m3/hr.

3. It has three control speed.

4. This is made up of ABS plastic.


1. If you are looking for a small size tower fan which suits your kitchen pretty well, then you can’t miss out the Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan. This comes from a reliable brand called Crompton, and thus, you can rely on this product without giving a second thought. 

2. With this product, you will get decent cooling performance. It consumes a power of 38 Watts and has an air delivery rate of 700MCH with a motor speed of 2600 RPM. This gives a pleasant cooling sensation while you work in the kitchen.

3. The tower fan further comes along with a personalised airflow, which is soft. You can adjust and control the speed level. Furthermore, I found the maintenance is very easy, and you need to clean the tower fan every alternative week to enhance the durability.

4. You can keep this fan horizontally or vertically as per your needs. Thus, you get the full opportunity to use the tower fan to its maximum level.


1. It is not suitable for bigger rooms.

3. Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan

Castor Cool Breeze Tower FanThe Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan is the number 3 product on the list.


1. The fan delivers a speed of 2250m3 per hour.

2. This has a 3-speed control.

3. It has an anti-rust body.

4. It comes along with a four-way swing mode.

5. This has a high air throw at about 25 feet.


1. Are you looking forward to purchasing a new tower fan? Well! Then you can surely look for the Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan. The brand Castor is known for making some fantastic tower fans. Thus, you can rely on this device for having a cooled room.

2. The product comes along with a high-speed motor. It consumes a power of 140 Watts. The fan delivers a speed of 2250m3 per hour. This is amazing for all the big size rooms. It is efficient enough to cool down the rooms.

3. The product comes along with three-speed setting control options. It is amazing for you to control and adjust the speed as per your needs. The power consumption is quite low, and thus, electricity consumption is low.

4. What I like more about this tower fan is that it comes along with a rust-proof body. It is great to enhance the durability of the product. You need to maintain the device, and you can use this for a longer time.


1. It may produce noise at times.

4. CRANE Digital LED Display Tower Fan

CRANE Digital LED Display Tower FanThe CRANE Digital LED Display Tower Fan is the number 4 product on the list.


1. This has an LED display.

2. It has a remote control.

3. This comes with 12 hours of timer.

4. It is quite powerful.


1. If you are looking for a fantastic design and elegant looking tower fan, then the CRANE Digital LED Display Tower Fan is your ideal option. This is great for people who have room size bigger than usual.

This has immense power to give you the ideal performance. 2. The product consumes a power of 45 Watts, which is great for any big size room. With this product, you will not need anything else to cool your room. You further don’t need to look at any other brand or product.

3. It comes along with an LED display, which is excellent for seeing the temperature as well as the speed settings. You will also find a remote control device along with the product. It helps control the product from any point of your room.

4. The product further comes along with an auto turn-off feature which allows you to turn off the device automatically once the product feels to turn off at a certain point.

5. This product has a timer which can be set up to 12 hours.  It can be very beneficial for people who stay very busy. Furthermore, I found the product produces lesser noise than the others.


1. This has less wide oscillation angles.

5. Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan

Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower FanThe Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan is the number 5 product on the list.


1. It comes with three modes to adjust as per your choice.

2. This consumes a power of 50 Watts.

3. The product has an LED display.

4. It has 12 hours timer.

5. This has a remote control.


1. The Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan is yet another tower fan which you can opt for. This is the fan that you should opt for in case you feel others aren’t satisfying your requirements. The product is a reliable one and comes with a pretty decent performance.

2. It consumes a power of 50 Watts, which is pretty decent. This model is energy efficient and consumes a voltage of 230V. Moreover, you will have a full LED display screen which shows you the temperature settings. This can be very much beneficial.

3. The product comes along with three modes to adjust as per your needs. These modes are normal, natural and sleep. This has a remote control to adjust speed according to your wish. There is a 12 hours timer as well for making the convenience easier.


1. This is so sleek that if you push a little, it may fall anytime.

Tower Fan Buying Guide

1. Noise

If you are planning to buy a tower fan, the very primary factor to consider is the noise it produces. Using a tower fan in your home or office is to have a relaxing time, but what if it’s disturbs you?

You surely don’t want to invest in something that will disturb you at your work or in your leisure time. Thus, it is very much essential for you to invest in something that produces less or no noise.

There are a few models listed here in the article that produces less noise. A few models are there which are quiet and a few with relatively high noise. However, high noise doesn’t imply the fact of how the old tower fans used to make.

You need to go through our product reviews above to understand your requirements and opt for a product as per your choice.

2. Fan Speeds and Modes

Another essential factor to look for in a tower fan is the fan speed and as well as the modes it comes with. Some specific models come along with air-pushing capacity. They come along with several levels of speeds from which you can choose one as per your needs.

You will find fans that come with 2-3 speeds control whereas, there are a few models which have 9 or more speed control options. Make it a thumb rule to opt for the ones which come with more speed control options.

Furthermore, you will find several modes which will make the usage easier. Having a fan with the engage mode will be a great option. It will allow you to run the fan even at the lowest setting, which will give you a better sleep.

3. Timer

Another factor which should be taken into consideration is the timer. While you opt for a tower fan, you need to see the timer feature and how effective it is. This can be of significant advantages as follows:

a) Turn On Timer:

Having a tower fan that comes along with a turn on-timer is an excellent thing as it will cut down your cost. Say, for example, to cool your living room while at work, you can operate the fan and turn it on.

Then, once you are back home, you can turn it off. It is a very eco-friendly way to operate the tower fan.

b) Turn Off Timer:

This turn off timer can be very beneficial for you during the night. You can turn it off with a programmed function at a specific time. This ensures you are having a sound sleep without any disturbance.

4. Air Blowing Capacity

A tower fan that comes along with a powerful force that pushes air heavily will surely cover a long distance. Thus, you need to keep in mind that the bigger tower fans are better to circulate and distribute more air.

5. Fan Speed

While look for a tower fan, you must consider looking at the speed setting option it offers. This is a great feature to change the airflow as per the room size. You can adjust and control the speed according to your requirements.

However, as per my research, I found that almost all the fans come along with at least two to three-speed settings. You can check out all the products we have mentioned above to get your hands on the best one as per your own needs.

Moreover, you can also find out a few models that come along with different modes such as heat mode, night mode, etc. These are auto-programmed features which can help you in certain situations.

For example, if you keep your fan in the night mode, you will see the fan is running at the lowest speed, and the noise level will be low as well. As a result, you will not get disturbed.

6. Oscillation and Angling

What is oscillation? Well! An oscillation in a fan means the airflow of the tower fan at different angles. It further makes sure that the entire room is cooled equally. However, you can find tower fans mostly has 70 to 90 degrees of angles.

I suggest you opt for the fans with the widest angles in case you choose it to place at a larger size room and vice versa.

7. Stability

Stability is yet another parameter to consider in a tower fan. It ensures the safety of the product. If a product comes along with the anti-slip base, it will make sure the device is sturdy enough and will not fall in case of any vibration.

Thus, you must look out for all the tower fans that come along with an anti-slip base.

8. Warranty and Brand

The brand is something that you must consider while buying a tower fan. In case you opt for an unknown brand, you may not get a reliable product. Furthermore, you may also not find a perfect service centre while in need. Thus, it is always the right decision to choose a tower fan from the reputed brands.

On the other hand, the warranty is yet another neglected factor. A reasonable period of warranty is a must to have. This will ensure you a hassle-free use of the device. Usually, a tower fan comes along with 1-2 years of the warranty period.

9. Price

Usually, buyers always skip looking at the price point. However, I feel it is one such important aspect to keep in mind while you opt for any electronic gadget. You will find both cheaper as well as the expensive quality tower fans in the market.

However, it is essential to decide as per your preference. Keep a budget in your mind and then think for all the requirements you need in your tower fan. Thus, you can easily justify your buying needs and have the best as per the same.

10. Ease Of Use

Last but not least is to take care of the ease of use factor. Brands and companies are always looking for developing their models, giving priorities to the customer’s needs. Here are certain factors which enhance the ease of use.

a) Remote Control:

A remote control, along with a tower fan, is a great thing. Well! I feel it is much helpful for us. It allows you to turn on/off the tower fan as per your requirements. You can control your fan from every corner of your room. Thus, it will enhance the whole experience of using a tower fan.

b) LCD Display:

I feel that having an LCD is an excellent option in a tower fan. This will help you to have a clear idea of what all features are in use. You can track down all of them and make changes as per your needs. This makes the whole process and interfaces easier and quicker.

c) Digital Control Panel:

Having a tower fan that comes along with a digital control panel is a great advantage. This will assist you while working with the device. You can see the settings and control them as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the primary difference between a tower fan and an air cooler?

Well! There is a big difference between the working principle of the tower fan and the air cooler. An air cooler will use water to give you the cooling sensation.

On the other hand, the tower fan will distribute the air to the entire room. Now you can opt for one of them as per your own needs.

2. Does a tower fan make noise?

Tower fans are usually meant to be noiseless or less noisy. They are designed in such a way that it will ensure you have a soundproof sleep. Thus, I feel this product is an excellent choice for setting it in your bedroom, study room or for your working area.

3. Is a tower fan portable?

Yes, the tower fans are meant to be portable enough to travel with. They are usually light in weight so that you can carry them from one place to another.

4. Are the tower fans dangerous to use?

Big brands usually mentioned the safety standard, and thus, I told you about brand awareness. Usually, all the brands and companies take care of safety measures while manufacturing a product.

But, you can’t be assured of having the utmost safety, and thus, you need always to take care of the kids while the fan is on.

Final Talk

So these are the top 5 best tower fan in India to look for. These are durable and have premium quality. I assure you will get great usage out of them. You can look for any of the devices and choose one as per your needs.

However, if you are still confused regarding the same, then you can comment it down below in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

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