10 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2024- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

What do you love about summers? Mangoes, more mangoes, and? The traumatising and scorching heat of Indian summer will make you sweat and cry. If you do not have the right equipment and tools for the summers, you will feel the burn and may fail to bear the summers.

The regular ceiling fan during summers is not enough to keep your home cool. If you are back from the office and do not have an air cooler or AC to support you, then you will feel not only tired but also profoundly disturbed.

AC and coolers all cost a lot of money, so the best way to keep yourself cool within pocket-friendly alternatives is to buy pedestal fans.

A pedestal fan has an effective cooling and works wonderfully to make you feel relaxed and cool. They are comparatively lightweight and easily portable.

Unlike other cooling machines, pedestal fans can be moved from one room to another quickly and freely. Nowadays, many pedestal fans come with a remote.

To help you out in buying the best product, we have curated a list of top 10 pedestal fans available in India.

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These are the Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2024:

1. Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are a lifesaver in any occasion. And I guess there’s no other fan as better as Havells range.

It effortlessly does its work in minimum space and can be easily fit into any area whether it’s a home, garden, banquet, or any space. No matter where it is placed, it will automatically circulate the cooling all across the room.

The best thing about this Havells pedestal fan is that they do not make any loud, harsh sounds. It is also infant friendly due to its no harsh sound technology.

Moreover, it consumes less amount of electricity, and hence it can be used guilt-free all day in the scorching heat. The only thing which isn’t right about this fan is the lack of size adjustability feature.


• No harsh noise
• Easily to place and carry


• Lacks height adjusting feature
• Operated manually

2. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha is one of the most trusted brands in electrical appliances, and this time also it never disappoints with its Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal fan. This compact pedestal fan is blessed with the size adjustability feature and can be used as per the desire.

Usha Maxx air Pedestal fan is an affordable fan that comes in a sleek, classy design with two different colours viz- white and blue.

The exciting feature of this fan is inbuilt oil reservoir that lubricates the parts itself and ensures the proper working of the fan keeping it last long.

The only issue with this fan is that it works best in small rooms. Those who want to use it outdoor in large areas then it’s not the right choice.

But guess what! It comes with a 2-year warranty.


• The oil reservoir for superior lubrication
• Height adjustable feature


• Doesn’t work well in big spaces and outdoors
• Manually operated

3. V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

This brand is well known for its fantastic pedestal fans. The motor size fan comes with a remote which is a plus point as we can operate this fan as per our comfort from a distance without going near it and making the adjustment.

It comes with a 1-year warranty. The feature that makes it more exciting is its height adjustability.

V- Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan comes in classic yellow, black colour to give a more dimension the décor The noise proof technology is what makes it a popular product to buy in humid days.

The only con in this fan is its uniform cooling. Though it’s a good thing those, who look forward to changing and adjust cooling as per their wish it somewhere restricts that. Otherwise, it’s a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


• Operated with remote.
• Noise proof technology


• The cooling rate is slow
• No adjustment in cooling and swing

4. Usha Helix Pro High-Speed 400MM Pedestal Fan

Usha Helix Pro High-Speed 400MM Pedestal Fan

India’s most prominent electrical appliance brand is seen in every home. From its Flat iron to kettles this brand got you covered.

Usha helix Pro High-Speed Pedestal fan is known for its reliability and high performance working. This edgy pedestal fan delivers an optimum amount of cooling in no time. Even in large spaces it effortlessly gives out high-quality chilled air beating the heat away.

This pedestal fan comes with the feature of head tilting and rotation, which is perfect for circulating the cooling in every corner. This wonder device comes in two colour- white and blue.

It works 70% more and effortlessly than any other fan as it works in a high-speed mechanism, but the only disadvantage is its size. It’s not compact and hence, its height cannot be adjusted and cannot be used in small close rooms.

It has a feature which most of the pedestal fans lack, and that is- it protects and avoids the issue of motor overheating.


• Instant cooling
• Works 70% better than ordinary pedestal fans


• Cannot be height adjusted
• Too sturdy to freely place it with ease

5. Crompton Hiflo 400mm Pedestal Fan LG

Crompton Hiflo 400mm Pedestal Fan LG

This lightweight pedestal fan is an excellent option for daily use in small indoor spaces. It’s entirely made with plastic from the body to blades that give a sleek look to it and makes it super easy for users to reallocate it anytime and anywhere.

Its noiseless feature is user-friendly as it won’t disturb them you those harsh noises. Its modern design and attractive look make it more preferable to the consumers.

Crompton Hiflo Pedestal fans use less power to work and all in all it’s pocket-friendly.

The bothering part is that it’s a lightweight and plastic body which isn’t that long lasting and easily can be damaged. But as it comes with the 2-year warranty, it’s not really an issue for the consumers, and they can use it fret-free.


• Light in weight, easy to carry and allocate
• No abrasive noise


• Made of plastic and can be damaged easily
• Only for indoor spaces

6. Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

This is the great companion in the blazing heat. Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal fan has a seamless, sleek design that fits into any space hassle free.

Its high portability ensures cooling into any corner of the space. Surprisingly it’s power consumption is 50 W, which will save a lot of money.

The best thing about this pedestal fan is that it has the feature of speed change. It will give the option to users to change the speed of cooling in three different ways in accordance with the outside temperature.

This Havells Swing pedestal fan works in such a way that no matter how hot and humid the temperature is outside, it will circulate optimum cooling evenly to every corner of the room.

Sadly, this pedestal fan is not meant for outdoor cooling, and hence, it is best suited for the indoor small rooms and spaces.

Its powerful motor ensures smooth high performance that will only give out cool and breezy air.


• Saves energy as it consumes only 50W
• Powerful motors for optimum cooling


• Only for outdoor purpose
• No options in cooling speed

7. ANSIO High-Speed Pedestal Fan

ANSIO High-Speed Pedestal Fan

The perfect example of beauty and high performance! ANSIO High-speed pedestal fans are superb and are instilled with the amazing timer feature for up to 2 hours straight.

This fan is everything in itself, and it can be used in both indoors and outdoors spaces. The plastic made pedestal fan is easily shifted due to its classic design and lightweight.

ANSIO High-speed fan gives the vintage feels and hence it can be as an antique décor too. With its two year warranty, it can be a nonstop cooling device for up to years.

It functions in such a way that it evenly circulates the coolness and breezy air to every corner in the room without being abrasively loud.

There’s a bit of unliking on its timer feature that after 2 hours it will shut down automatically. Cause it will create the fuss of switching it on if the user wishes to use the fan for a more extended time.


• Multipurpose, Used in both indoor and outdoor spaces
• Evenly circulate air in no time


• A fan will shut down after 2 hours due to its timer feature
• Head is fixed and hence cools in a single direction

8. American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Pedestal Fan

American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Pedestal Fan

The solid easy to assemble pedestal fan has got an oil reservoir that initially helps in lubrication of the parts for better working. It looks like a premium article with a durable body which ensures optimum cooling and eye-grabbing properties for its look.

This doesn’t have high speed and due to which it doesn’t make abrasive noise. It’s a trustable brand, and hence I give it thumbs up.

There’s no need to spend more on its servicing and damage as American Micronic AMI-PFT Imported Pedestal fan comes with the warranty of 2 years.

Its unique feature is a 3-speed energy saving motor that will save a lot of power and money, making it a pocket-friendly choice for the customers.


• The oil reservoir for superior functioning of blades
• Highly durable


• Not so fast in cooling
• No height adjusting feature

9. Gorilla 3 Blade 400MM Energy Efficient Pedestal Fan

Gorilla 3 Blade 400MM Energy Efficient Pedestal Fan

Summers are absolutely a waste if you don’t own this wonder pedestal fan. It is a perfect blend of all the useful features a good pedestal fan should have.

This fan is excellent in both looks and workings. The air delivery of this fan is way more than a regular one plus it comes with a smart remote with superior LED display in it.

The best part of this fan is it only consumes 30W at the speed of 3. Gorilla 3 Blade is blessed with a unique feature which is timer mode that stops the device for 1-6 hour of time duration,

Not only that, this fan can be height adjusted without any hassle. This sturdy, structured pedestal fan comes with a warranty of 2 years.


• Timer mode automatically shut down in 1-6 hours
• Remote operated


• Bit pricey
• Fixed head, won’t rotate

10. iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf

iBell chrome pedestal is a robust structured fan with the sturdy base that ensures the durability of the product. Coming onto its functioning, it thoroughly circulates the cooling across the spaces in no time.

The motor power is 55W, which saves the energy without burning a hole in the pocket. With its height adjusting feature which enables to use the pedestal fan even in limited space portions.

This sleek structured pedestal fan comes with the warranty of one year and here’s a deal everyone must steal, and that is you will get an additional 1-year warranty on this beauty on absolutely free registration.


• Motor power of 55W
• Height adjusting feature


• Bit noisy
• Manually operated

What are Pedestal Fans?

Pedestal fans are stand up fans acting as the best and most reliable option to beat the heat of the summers. The sturdy pedestal fan base is attached to a long fan rod.

Pedestal fans, unlike others, offer more mobility and can be easily moved easily from one place to another. They cover a far larger area as compared to regular ceiling fans and provide cooling air around each corner of the room.

It is the best option for those who do not like to use air cooler in summers and are looking for another pocket-friendly alternative.

Benefits of Pedestal Fans

Are you tired of using AC, cooler, and still not feeling at ease? If you are looking for an affordable option that is easy to maintain and use, then pedestal fan is for you.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a pedestal fan:

1. Affordability

As compared to other cooling options available in the market, pedestal fans are the most affordable. They are priced differently so that everyone can buy something as per their needs and requirements. If you want to buy a top-notch pedestal fan or are looking for a rather affordable option, you can have it all.

2. Portability

Pedestal fans are very mobile and portable. These fans are not fixed and attached to any wire or structure; hence, they can be easily shifted from one place to another. They offer maximum mobility that a ceiling fan, AC, or cooler cannot.

3. Environment-Friendly

A pedestal fan uses less energy to operate. Although they uniformly distribute the air throughout the room, they use far less energy than other cooling options. Henceforth, they also cause less environmental damage. Apart from this, a pedestal fan does not release any harmful substance or contribute to harmful CO2 emission. They are gentle on natural resources and still provide one of the best cooling.

4. Easy Maintenance

Unlike other cooling options, pedestal fans are straightforward to maintain. You do not need to maintain them or clean them regularly. Without any demand for proper care, these fans last very long. You need to clean them once in a while to free them from dust and dirt that they accumulate over time.

5. Easy Use

When it comes to ease of using, pedestal fans top the game. They do not require special installation or software to run. You need to keep them at a sturdy place and attach the wire with an electric socket, and you are good to go. They are uncomplicated and can be easily used as and when required.

Buying Guide for Pedestal Fans

There are many pedestal fans available in the market. The competition is tough with so many options to choose from.

Hence, we have curated a list of buying guide wherein we talk about things to look for before buying a pedestal fan:

1. Noise

While operating, most of the pedestal fans usually do not make any noise. They work quietly and do not cause much disturbance.

Before buying any pedestal fans, make sure you check for noise level. If it makes much noise, you will feel disturbed throughout the day.

2. Blade Sweep

One of the other important thing to consider before buying a pedestal fan is to check its blade sweep. Blade sweep is the fan’s circular zone covered by the blades while it is rotating.

The higher the area of blade sweep, the higher the cooling effect. On average, 400mm-450mm should be the total value of the blade sweep.

3. Removable Grill

A removable grill helps you to clean the fan easily. Always choose a pedestal fan which has a removable grill.

With regular usage and passing time, the fan will get dirty and accumulate dirt. You need to clean it from time to time to keep it intact and efficient.

4. Speed Options

It is best to choose a pedestal fan, which provides you with different modes of speed. A fan with varying levels of speed will help you to regulate the cooling according to the outer and inner environment and temperature.

Most of the times, there are three-speed modes:
• Low
• Medium
• High

5. Budget

Of course, one of the other most important features is to decide preliminary what amount of money are you willing to spend. It is recommended that you fix a budget before going ahead with the purchase.

Pedestal fans are available in many budgets. Some very high, some affordable – select what you are willing to and can spend, and move ahead with purchasing one.


Pedestal fans are highly reliable and environment-friendly. They are easy to install and operate.

They are not fixed with any structure and can be moved around easily. They provide top-notch air by using less energy consumption.

To select the best pedestal fan, firstly set your budget, write down your needs, and the go-ahead to purchase.

Pedestal fans do not require much cleaning, but it is highly recommended that you clean them occasionally from inside out.

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