10 Best Perfumes for Women in India 2024- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Perfumes for Women in India

Who doesn’t want to smell good? It’s a desire of every man and women to look and smell nice. When you smell good, your personality becomes more attractive and poised. You feel more confident and strong.

Love for fragrances has been around for ages. And, it has just been growing on. Although there are varied ways of smelling good the best way is to use a perfume, which has a brilliant, irresistible, and floral smell.

Not only will it improve your mood but will also impress the passersby. A perfume is a must when you’re going for a party or any other special function. Various perfumes are available at different prices so that everyone can afford something.

There are many perfumes available in the market. To sort out all the clutter, we have curated a list of top 10 best perfumes available for women in India. Carry on!

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These are the Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women in India 2024:

1. Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum for Women

Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum for WomenPerfect for:  Formal parties, office work

Calvin Klien Obsession is the perfect fragrance for women who like to dazzle in every occasion. There is something inherently seductive in the perfume that would make other people take notice.

If you are going to a party, and you want your presence to exude the perfect blend of confidence and elegance, then this is the ideal fragrance for you. This perfume would also work for you in formal settings as well.

All of that makes Obsession one of the most versatile perfumes for women.

2. Engage W3 Perfume Spray For Women

Engage W3 Perfume Spray For WomenPerfect for:  Casual parties in summers, date nights

Engage line of perfumes have earned the reputation of being light, spirited and still subtly confident. The fragrance can be described as fruity and blends notes of apples.

This makes it perfect for summer. So, if you are looking to make an impact without putting an effort for it, then this is what you need.

It is perfect for casual parties, date nights, and even for regular office wear. Make sure you do not use an excessive amount as it will end up making you smell like fruit!

The fresh notes of Cedar and line from South woods on the seashore give you an endless supply of freshness and newness.

3. GUESS Perfume for Women

GUESS Perfume for WomenPerfect for: Casual parties in summer

GUESS Perfume brings you the ideal combination of elegance and boldness. It is perfect for those who know how to carry themselves in almost every situation.

The shape of the bottle is classic Guess as it blends simplicity with elegance. The perfume itself is almost salmon pink in colour, and that indicates that it is a light and fruity one.

When you put it on, you would find it that it is precisely that. If you are looking for something that is light and fruity and goes with casual occasions, then GUESS Perfume for women is the right choice for you.

4. Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women, Paradise

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women, ParadisePerfect for:  Parties, night outs, date nights

The Fogg Fragrant Body Spray for Women perfume brings a strong aromatic fragrance that is bold without being offensive. The spray has a feminine whiff which lasts for hours after bath and makes you feel refresh.

The perfect blend of such rich floral notes makes it a popular choice among the confident and self-assured women of today. This makes it ideal for parties as well as date nights with your special one.

It is best to spray it over the body and clothes from distance of 10-15cms.

5. Yardley London Mist Daily Wear Perfume For Women

Yardley London Mist Daily Wear Perfume For WomenPerfect for: Everyday Use

Yardley London Mist is the perfect daily use Eau de Cologne for women of all ages. Whether you are a confident young lady going to college or a go-getter who is out to shine at the workplace, Yardley London Mist would be the perfect complement for you.

The fragrance is sublime and delicate, yet at the same time, it is bold enough to invoke confidence in the modern woman. You would love the rich, fruity notes and how they have made it all come together without getting over the top. This is something that a modern woman should try.

6. Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette For Women

Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette For WomenPerfect for: Sports, casual day out

The Nike Up or Down Eau de Toilette Perfume is made for the active woman. It is the perfect choice for a woman who has her sensibilities but knows how to carry it with confidence.

The rich floral notes make you feel refreshed for hours at a stretch. This makes it perfect for active women.

So, if you are at work, you are just sweating it out at the tennis court, this is just the right thing that you need. Wear Nike Up or Down and get the all ay freshness that lets you live life to the fullest!

7. Engage Yang Eau de Parfum For Women

Engage Yang Eau de Parfum For WomenPerfect for: Everyday use

Engage Yang is a perfume that is made for the carefree and independent women of today. Although it is primarily targeted towards young women, it fits just as well with women of all ages who are young at heart.

The aroma vanilla and the berries make the fragrance pop out. You can rest assured that once you have it on, people would surely notice you.

The aroma lingers on even if you have left the place. The perfume itself is long-lasting as it would last for a good 4-5 hours. If you are looking for a mild fruity fragrance, then Engage Yang would not be a bad pick.

8. Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume for Women

Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume for WomenPerfect for: Formal parties, date nights

Skinn is the fragrance brand of Titan, and they have come up with some impressive fragrance that is crafted by famous international perfumers. Celeste is one of the premium offerings that is created by Harry Fremont.

Harry Fremont is the man responsible for designing perfumes for several reputed brands from around the world. Celeste boasts of rich floral notes which give the bold and confident feeling.

If you are looking for something that makes you create an impression without looking like you are putting an effort for it, then this exactly what you need. At this price point, it is one of the best, if not ‘the’ best among the perfumes out there.

9. Engage W1 Perfume Spray For Women

Engage W1 Perfume Spray For WomenPerfect for: Everyday use

Engage W1 perfume is a perfect example of an everyday perfume for women. One of the best things that make it one of the best options is that it is completely inoffensive.

However, it does manage to have a character, thanks to the unique blend of fragrances. It contains notes of mild Amber, rich musk, sea spray, and narcissus heliotrope.

All of that comes together beautifully and gives you a fragrance that gives you an aromatic and long-lasting fragrance. The price ensures that you get the best value for your money. So, if you are looking for a simple yet confident perfume for everyday use, then this is a good option.

10. Engage W2 Perfume Spray For Women

Engage W2 Perfume Spray For WomenPerfect For: Casual parties, date nights.

The Engage W2 Perfume is perfect for casual parties and date nights. It is a blend of mandarin, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla balsam.

The smell is perfect and not so strong. The subtleness of the perfume makes it perfect to wear it for regular office.

This makes it perfect for the modern carefree woman who is fearless and bold. So, if you want to live life to the fullest and love the ingredients like rose and vanilla, then you would love this perfume as well.

Women’s Perfume Buying Guide

1. Budget

One of the main aspects of buying a perfume is to decide your budget. The market is full of low priced perfumes to higher-end branded perfumes.

Some are pretty affordable and pocket-friendly, while others are much expensive. Deciding on how much amount you’re willing to spend will narrow down your research.

2. Type of Fragrance

Are you a lover of flowers? Do you love fragrances like a lily, sunflower, daisy, or rose? Well, then you’ll love perfumes which have floral smells. Perfume comes with different types of fragrances.

To decide, you need to understand why you are buying perfume for once and all. Do you want to buy one for your office days or for any special occasion you have to attend?

Every moment and time requires a different taste and style. For everyday wear, you can buy a mild scent of flowers. For an event or party, a strong scent works best.

3. Weather

It might come as a surprise, but the weather does play a role in what kind of perfume should you choose. For the rainy season, one can go for rusty and woody scent.

For summers, always buy mild and refreshing scents, as it’s already too hot out there. For winters, there’s no rule of thumb.

You can experiment with whatever you like. But a medium scent works best in the chilly season.

4. Test the Perfume

Always test the perfume before you buy. It will help you gauge the scent of it. Always sniff the bottle of the perfume to get an idea of what it smells like.

Next, spray a little on your wrist to test if you like it or not.  Testing a product helps you buy the best product which you’ll love.

Also, it will help you understand if you any irritation due to any ingredient or not.

5. Ingredients

Different ingredients come with a different price tag. Casual flowers like rose and lily are not expensive. But some international and rare flower might come with a huge price.

It is essential to know what all ingredients are in the perfume. You might be allergic to jasmine, and if you buy a perfume with jasmine extracts in it, you will surely fall ill. So, always read the label to see the ingredients list.

How to Store

Store your perfume in a dry place away from sunlight and water. Keep it away from heat and put it best at room temperature.

Avoid keeping them in the bathroom as the moisture might play around with the chemicals and change the scent. If it’s too hot outside, you can store the perfume in the refrigerator.

Where & How to Apply

Using perfume is a little different than how you use other deodorants and spray.

1. Never use perfume on dry skin alone. Apply it just after you have taken a bath or put some moisturiser before you apply. Wetness will help you to retain the smell of the perfume for long.

2. Spray perfume on parts of your body, which are not covered by clothes. Like wrist, neck, and hand etc. But if the weather is too hot, spray perfume on your hair or clothes.


Perfumes are special. They come in beautiful bottles and smell great. Perfume enhances your overall persona and put the shine on your personality.

Perfume comes in different price tags with varied ingredients and smells. To opt for the best product, first decide your budget, as perfumes generally are pretty expensive.

After deciding the amount, you’re going to spend on buying a perfume, next select the ingredients and brands you like. A plethora of brands is offering perfumes at different rates.

Choose a good quality brand with nice ratings and reviews. Always use mild scent for daily wear, whereas for a special occasion, go for a dark and strong fragrance. Now, hop on and buy a perfume right now to smell like a queen!

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