10 Best Deodorants for Men in India 2021- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Deodorant for Men in India

Deodorants are no less than a necessity! The wonder fragrant sprays maintain the level of hygiene and control odour from the body.

Many believe it is just a beauty item that will make you smell beautiful for some time, well it isn’t only a cosmetic item, but it’s a health care item as well.

Deodorants are mostly antibacterial and alcoholic, which bans the production of bacteria on underarms and other parts of the body that create odour due to sweating.  Not to forget it gives a specific fragrance to the person that last long for a certain amount of time.

But there are times when the deodorants don’t work their best. Sometimes the scent diminishes way too soon, or it fails to stop the production of bacteria and sweat.

We have curated the best deodorants for men that are available in the market that will work best in every way possible, especially in the hot and humid weathers.

These are the Top 10 Best Deodorants for Men in India 2021:

1. Axe Recharge Marine Splash Deodorant

Axe Recharge Marine Splash DeodorantThe refreshing, long-lasting spray is every guy’s favourite in terms of its scent and longevity. What makes it unique is the cooling ingredient that lowers the temperature of the body by at least 6 degrees that is a plus point in scorching heat and humid climate.

It’s safe on skin as it doesn’t itch or gives out any tingling sensation. Blessed with antibacterial properties, it will keep the odour and sweat at bay for an extended period.

Last but not the least the fragrance of the deodorant isn’t too strong neither too light. it has a soothing mild fragrance that energizes the senses to the core, making you nonstop and breezy light.

2. NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Fresh Active Original

NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Fresh Active OriginalNivea Fresh Active Deodorant is the best companion for your body in scorching, humid weather. The formulation contains ocean extracts that help to maintain sweat proof underarms for at least 5 to 8 hours. Hence, it’s great for people who work night shifts.

It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t prefer strong wild fragrances! As Fresh Active original deodorant comes in a gentle light scent.

Despite an antibacterial deodorant, it is highly soft onto the skin. So buying this is win-win as it perfectly serves the purpose of a good deodorant, i.e., a long-lasting fragrance for up to 8 hours, antibacterial properties which will ban the production of bacteria and odour.

Dermatologist claims it’s gentle on to the skin, and thus it won’t damage and darken the skin.

3. Park Avenue Signature Voyage Deodorant

Park Avenue Signature Voyage DeodorantThis Signature Voyage deodorant by Park Avenue instils the essence of vintage and class to the senses. With a perfect blend of woody and musky notes enhances the range of scent.

Enriched with citrus, it gives a sense of sweet and sour aroma. Ditch your expensive perfumes as this affordable Signature collection is a go-to perfume deodorant spray in this summer.

Apart from its luxurious fragrance that stays for up to 8 hours, it is blessed with antibacterial properties that would keep bacteria at bay. It is enriched with essential oils that make this product gentle onto the skin.

For best results, spray it 15 cm away from the body or cloth.

4. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

AXE Dark Temptation DeodorantAxe has a great impact on customers all around the world, and it never fails to satisfy its customers with its fantastic collection of deodorant sprays. And so is this AXE Dark Temptation that is winning hearts with its irresistible fragrance and quality.

It instils a sense of sensual aroma that anybody would swoon in the mischievous aroma. Its ultimate chocolate essence will keep you playful and energized all day long as the fragrance diminishes after a day or so.

Dark Temptation Deodorant is safe on the skin, so use it daily to bring out that hardy boy in you.

5. Nike Up Or Down Silver Deo For Men

Nike Up Or Down Silver Deo For MenBring out that sportsman spirit in you with Nike’s Up or Down Silver Deodorant that is filled with energizing fruity fragrance that will you fresh all day long. Their active ingredients are soft on the skin and kill bacteria making your body fresh and odour free all day long.

The best way to use this deodorant is to shake it well and place it at least 10 cm away from the body and then spray.

6. Beverly Hills Polo Club Deodorant For Men

Beverly Hills Polo Club Deodorant For MenThe first impression is the last impression. Ban the body odour and smell fantastic with Beverly Hills Polo Club Deodorant that has a spiced up fragrance which will lift the mood whoever is near you.

Its antibacterial properties are stunning as its quick action formula immediately kills the bacteria and eradicate odour in no time. The fragrance is long lasting until the next day.

This fantastic spray will keep you fresh all day long. The best part about this deodorant spray is that it is affordable and better than those expensive perfumes that don’t kill any bacteria.

7. Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deodorant Body Spray For Men

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deodorant Body Spray For MenWake that beast in you and grind for the better with this fantastic Dynamic Pulse deodorant spray by Adidas. The vibrant fragrance in it will give the feeling of energy and confidence to grind more as this will mask away even the strongest of body odour in no time.

The formula of this deodorant spray is long lasting in terms of fragrance and sweat control. Also, its antibacterial properties will keep any infection away.

The vitalizing spray is not at all harsh on the skin so fret not while using in hard gym sessions.

8. Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo for Men

Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo for MenSwoon in the vintage senses with Yardley London Gentleman Classic deodorant spray. It’s enchanted homeland kind of fragrance is way too soothing and mild.

The luxurious scent is perfect for those who love elegance and mild sensations. Immerse in the masculine aroma of this English essence with the hint of citrus, black pepper, and a subtle blend of cardamom.

It’s long lasting for up to 6-7 hours on the body and even more long-lasting on clothes.

9. Set Wet Perfume, 120ml (Spunky and Funky Avatar)

Set Wet Perfume, 120ml (Spunky and Funky Avatar)This deodorant spray is the best companion in every activity whether you’re shopping, grinding in gym, at a party or anything. The playful fruity fragrance is eligible for any day without being too strong or too mild, and it’s antibacterial properties keep bacteria away.

The masking feature of the deodorant effortlessly conceals the odour in absolutely no time. The best way to use this spray is to shake well before use.

10. NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Fresh Active Original, 150ml

NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Fresh Active Original, 150mlNivea men deodorant is a fresh and refreshing deodorant. It is dermatologically approved and clinically tested. Hence, it is safe for your skin and doesn’t cause any irritation.

This deodorant has a mild scent which is not too strong. This makes it ideal for those who want to use it for daily basis.

It provides you with long-lasting freshness. Enriched with ocean extracts, this deodorant keeps body odour at bay. It protects your underarm while saving you from bad odour.

Benefits of Deodorant

The scorching heat of summers is enough to sweat you out completely. The hot and humid weather makes you extraordinarily sweaty and tired.

You crave for refreshment. Smelling bad during the harsh summers will kill your confidence. To save yourself from an embarrassing moment, it is advised that you use a good deodorant.

Some of the other significant benefits of deodorant are:

1. Kills Bacteria

Sweating is an entirely natural process followed by the body to stop you from overheating. When you sweat, you are likely to have an increase in the growth of the bacteria under your armpit.

This bacterium is responsible for making you smell bad. Using a deodorant kills the bacteria and makes you feeling refresh again.

2. Makes you feel refreshed

What is the one thing you want in summers? Mangoes, and…? Well, it’s refreshment. Every one of us wants to feel refresh in summer.

After having a calming bath with clean and cold water, what you all want is now a little deodorant to make you feel refreshed and energised.

3. Used for fragrance

Not only does the deodorant kills the bacteria and makes you feel refresh, but it also provides you with a pleasant smell. Having an excellent pleasing aroma in the scorching summers is a necessity. It boosts your confidence and enriches your overall personality.

4. Fights odour and sweat

The best deodorants fight the odour and sweat even when you engage in physical activities. It doesn’t let you reach an embarrassing position where you’re all hot and sweating.

And, never ask about the odour, it’s always bad. Hence, deodorants are your perfect friend to fight bad odour and safeguard against sweating.

5. Saves from Humidity

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour present in the air. During winters, the moisture declines at an alarming rate.

You feel extremely dry and less moist. One of the wonders of using a deodorant is that it makes your skin wet and save you from extreme dryness in times of less humidity.

How to Buy the Best Deodorant

There is a variety of deodorant available in the market. Some have a powerful fragrance, while others have a mild smell. Some only work on killing the bacteria while others also work on providing you relief from sweating completely. Some of the things you should keep in mind before buying the best deodorant are:

1. Choose aluminium free deodorants

A lot of deodorants comes with aluminium as it helps physically block sweat glands. But it interferes with the body’s cooling system.

If not the armpit, you will sweat from hands, leg, or feet’s. Buying 100% aluminium free deodorant is the best.

2. Look for an active ingredient like aloe vera

Deodorants should do more than blocking the odour and keeping you free from bacteria. They should actively work on nourishing, healing, and soothing your skin.

Hence, choose a deodorant which has active ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, or vitamin E.

3. Budget

A deodorant starts from extremely affordable rate to getting highly expensive. Before proceeding ahead for shopping, decide about your budget.

And, the budget not only for one time but for the near future too. What amount do you want to spend each month in buying a deodorant should be your prime question.

4. Skin Type

Some people have extremely sensitive skin. For them, using a regular deodorant might result in rashes, redness, and burning sensation.

If you are allergic to any ingredient or have sensitive skin, make sure you buy a mild deodorant especially made for your skin type.

5. Long-lasting

Deodorant should be long-lasting. What’s the point of applying it if it’s going to last for just an hour or so? Hence, buy a deodorant that lasts for at least half a day.

This way, you will save yourself from reapplying the deo repeatedly, and the product will last long for about a month.

To help you out in choosing amongst the different deodorants available in the market, we have curated a list of 10 best deodorants for men in India. Have a look and shop!


Deodorants are no more a want but a need in today’s world, especially in hot, humid weathers where it’s normal for people to sweat and smell. To avoid that cringe on others due to the body odour, try to splurge on a good deodorant that will take care of the odour and sweat.

Top listed are the best and affordable deodorant sprays that will keep the odour at bay, and it will boost your confidence. Decide your budget, know your skin type, and then proceed to shop for the best deodorant.

Also, keep in mind what active ingredient does the deodorant has. Look for names like cooling cucumber or refreshing orange.

Remember, the best does not have to be the most expensive. Hence, choose a deodorant which closely resembles your skin type, does not irritate, and last longer.

Now, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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