5 Best Gamepads for PC in India 2021

Gamepad is a form of controller to play games. Gaming experience gets quite amazing with the help of gamepads as they deliver more enjoyable and enhanced gaming experience as compared to keyboards and mouse setup.

They have several buttons to be operated by the right thumb. The left thumb is used to control the direction controller. There is a four-way or eight-way digital movable cross joypad on the direction controller and has two analog sticks.

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Yippee, Amazon Launches in India Today!

The moment has finally come when Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, launches in India as many Indian shopaholics were waiting for it. Amazon has finally launched its marketplace in India today, Amazon.in, where third-party sellers can list their products and sell directly to customers. Currently, they are selling in two categories only-Books and Movies … Read more