Best Wireless Keyboard In India – Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard Review


After purchasing the Dell Wireless Mouse (Click to Read Review) , I have been in love with the wireless technology.So recently in Diwali Cyber Sale by Flipkart, I could not resist myself from buying Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard when I see this great keyboard in an affordable price. As I directly bought laptop without using PC, I didn’t know how PC keyboard feels. So this keyboard has felt great to me in daily typing need. At the time of writing this review, this keyboard is the most popular in keyboard category followed by wired Dell 104 Quiet Key USB 2.0 Keyboard .

If you are a wired technology fan, then Dell 104 Quiet Key USB 2.0 Keyboard is the best for you.  Some reviews by certified buyers which led me to buy the Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard are given below :

Bragaadeesh Je…
Wonderful product

This is one of the best keyboards available out there that is cheap and wireless as well

1) Compact form design, hardly takes any space
2) Keys are good, they make very less sound
3) Three colored side attachment
4) Unified receiver – the best part. If you have a logitech mouse or any other logitech wireless device, you can hook it by just a single receiver which means you need to use only one usb port. Crucial when you are using a laptop
5) Volume keys are useful

1) Adapting time is there. But then this can’t be considered a disadvantage as you will adapt within few hours.

Verdict: Simply go for it.

Krishna Kumar
This is THE keyboard I wanted!

First of all, awesome service by flipkart, delivered the product before the day of delivery destined.

Now lets talk about the product.

1. Not too big, not too small, just the right size.
2. Keys are easy to be pressed, not like those of the hard ones in the traditional keyboard.
3. Small size doesn’t trouble you with the accommodation of your hands for your fingers will feel the most comfortable to reach each and every key with your palms resting just before the keyboard, on the desk or a table or anywhere you put it.
4. Almost all the keys are there that you generally need, except those for controlling brightness of the screen (doesn’t trouble me because i very rarely do this..)
5. It comes with 3 battery covers in three different colours. I got a pink, a white and a blue coloured covers. ((in the pic of this keyboard, the white part is the battery cover i am talking about))

Nothing much, at this price you get all your asking. However, it would have been better if they also equipped the keyboard with an auto-standby feature to save battery. Yet it is awesome!!

 shivansh saxena
Value for money

I ordered the keyboard almost a month back and am fully satisfied with the quality. Logitech is a reliable brand when it comes to computer peripherals and so i decided to go for them.

The keyboard is bit smaller in size as compared to conventional laptop keyboards, so it might take time adapting.
The keys are well spaced and I didnt have any problems adjusting.
The noise produced is minimal.
Battery backup should be good as I do a lot of typing and my battery is still going.
2 side panels are given free with the keyboard – blue and pink. Good gift for trendy users.
The weight is minimal and the range of the device is good
Overall the product is great. Recommended if you are looking for a wireless keyboard.

 I have already a Logitech Mouse.That’s great coz Same unified receiver will work for both ! Buy Now.

 arun francis
 Worth the money
I think its a great product for the money you pay. But I feel the keys are a little jammed. Traditional users of the standard layout keyboard might find it a little tricky to use at first. But not to worry, after all you’re a human…you get used to it eventually 🙂
Another drawback I saw in the keyboard was that it lacked led indicators for CAPSLOCK, NUMBERLOCK. On the whole I think its a good buy if you’re looking for a keyboard that goes easy on your pocket.

I like Logitech since my first PC. Buy Now Then !

Abhijeet Gogawale
Best value for money
I purchased this to use as a “remote” for my home theatre (it’s laptop based).
Compact size along with on-off switch solves my purpose perfectly.
High quality build. Silent keys.
Came with 2 AAA Duracell batteries (battery inclusion is rare nowadays :p).
Comes with a Unified receiver; which means it can be used with other Logitech wireless keyboards/mice models as well.

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