Best Headphones for PCs,Laptops and mobiles in India – Philips SHP1900 Headphone Review

For many days, I was looking for a nice headphone to suit my music and movie needs. My search ended recently during Flipkart Diwali Cyber Sale. I bought Philips SHP1900 Headphone after reading all the favorable reviews about these headphones. The reviews by Buyers which led me to buy these awesome headphones are :

Swarnim Mehta
Awesome quality at throw away price

1st things 1st, Hats off to the Flipkart delivery and customer support service… guys keep mesmerizing me more and more with astounding and exceptional customer experience. For all you guys to be informed, I ordered this pair of Headphones on Tuesday and requested the delivery to be made by Friday as i had to leave out of town for the eve of Rakshabandhan, and Flipkart made it happen ensuring high standards of Customer Satisfaction. You guys rock and am bound and addicted to Flipkart now.
And, for the review, I would just throw some light on the Pros and Cons as always :-
1. Extremely lightweight (you wont even feel that you are wearing them)
2. Amazing sound quality (crystal clear sound, you can actually identify each and every instrument used in the songs, with utmost ease)
3. Astonishingly loud to suffice your music boom buds (works well for me, beyond expectation…..Beats the competitors in its section hands down…..dont go around comparing it with the DJ headphones though)
4. Multiple connectivity (Works well not only with your desktop or laptop, but any other music gadget too, be it a mobile phone or an mp3 player)
5. Pure value for money (Available at just a cost of mere 420 bucks, this little beauty is worth every dime…..go for it and you wont regret a bit)
6. Extremely comfortable (The cushions wrap around your ears so comfortably that you wont feel even slightest of fatigue after extensively prolonged usage also)
7. Superb design (Beautifully carved and crafted looks give the impression of a high fidelity expensive headphone)
8. Very convenient wire-line (About roughly 2 meters of wired connection gives enough portability and freedom of movement while using these headphones and the quality of wire is also very good)
9. Uni sided wire loop (Wire protruding out of only one end of the Headphones allow hassle free and tangle free usability)
1. Found only one con, that too negligible. After prolonged usage, you might feel a little warm sensation on the ear cusps as the airflow is stopped due to your ears being constantly covered, but once the phones are removed for even just half a minute, everything rushes back to normal in a ziffy)
Philips has lived up to its expectations and done a great job creating these phones, I would most certainly recommend it to everyone who is looking for good budget headphones…..buying these doesn’t require a second thought at all 🙂

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Jeetendra Tandel
Must buy if you looking for headphones.

Loud and Clear (can be used with any MP3 Players and mobile).
Good bass(don’t expect boom bass).
Very comfortable.
Can be used for long time.
Good Value for money(Its a steal on Flipkart).
Cord length: 2m(enough for computer and tv use but may not . be plus point if used with handheld device).
Ears may get warm a little bit if its hot out there.

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Ridwan Shafi
The Best Buy
  I ordered the product from flipkart and this was my second order from I would like to tell you that this product performed beyond my expectations.This product is true value for money. I used it with my PSP and Netbook, I noticed that to use the full power of these headphones you require a powerful sound-card and also some software enhancements.On the PSP, I noticed that the bass is not produced so well but in my netbook I got pretty decent Bass.

Apply these enhancements on your PC to get the true audio:

>>In the sound option of control panel go to properties of your current playback device.In the enchantments tab select Headphone Virtualization and you will feel the comfort of surround sound.

>>If you are a bass freak, then enable TruBass(in SRS setting of WMP)with full setting

>>Also if you don’t like high volume then enable WOW effect, and set it up according to your needs. You can also enable Loudness Equalization in the enhancements section of the playback device properties.
If you want to keep it simple then forget these settings these are just for audio-maniacs. The headphones will perform well even without these settings.THEY ARE JUST A PERFECT BUY.

If you are looking for a headphone in less than 500 bucks then buy this product without any more thinking…

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Gurjinder Virdi
Best for mp3 players.
These headphones work best with mp3 players, i’ve checked on sony 2GB B-series walkman mp3 player & on a philips go gear mix(2GB),it gave very good sound quality on both of these.The sound was loud enough and very clear.

Although when used with mobile phones or computers,they give below average sound quality.
I checked it on nokia 5235 & nokia 5130. The sound was not that good as in case with mp3 players. Max volume levels are not good enough and overall sound is quite suppressed,
I didn’t enjoy these much with cell phones.

With computer, these are only good for watching movies, if u are a true music lover and expect to hear high quality sound, these will dissappoint u.

Very light to wear & beautiful in looks.
Comfortable & Can be used for prolonged periods.
cable length is also good(2m),enough for indoor use with computers & notebooks.

I bought these from flipkart at a price of 399 rs.Now it is 306 rs.Got the delivery in 8 days(although it seldom happens,other products i ordered,got delivered on time)

The overall Package keeping in mind the price is very good and worth it.

Anweshan Roy
One of the better headphone of contemporary times for moderate and tight budget users
Flipkart’s service is great . I got it delivered within 2 days, that too in excellent packing and condition.

Coming to the product :
If you are looking for heavy bass with loudness, then this probably will not be the best one for you.

However it is worth mentioning that the bass is rich and due to the frequency range , you can enjoy a wide variety of sounds.
The loudness is on the lower side (1 of my biggest grudge) but for a moderate user with a tight budget , maybe this is one of the best. And yes since the whole ear gets covered by the earpads , ear will get heated up frequently.
One more of my personal grudge is the size and looks of the headphone . Trust me the headphone looks enormously huge when worn and design also does not help.

But at the end we should not forget what we are getting in 400 bucks and so complaints aside this product gets okay recommendation ….

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