Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop and Desktop in India – Dell WM112 Wireless Optical Mouse Review

Being a laptop user, I am very much addicted to its touch pad. But sometimes it cannot fulfill need of a mouse like in playing games like GTA series,Call of Duty series. So this reason led me to search for a mouse. At that time, I was not serious and bought a Quantum wired mouse for around Rs 120. But my wrong decision of “Raste Kaa Maal Saste Mein” showed its effect in just 2 months that too with minimal gaming. Its wire got cut itself.The wire was of very cheap quality and the wired mouse is completely based on wire.


Then I got serious about a mouse in my summer vacations which couldn’t pass without playing games.Then began my search for a wireless mouse with  at least 1000 DPI i.e. no lag in playing games.You can understand DPI as Dots Per Inch and the more DPI, the better mouse reaction. At last, I bought Dell WM112 Wireless Optical Mouse for my daily and gaming needs after reading its review.Currently I am using it for more than 4-5 months and I have not a single complaint about it.
The reviews which led me to buy Dell WM112 Wireless Optical Mouse from Certified Buyers of this product are :
Saras Jain

Best among affordable Wireless Mouse

The Dell WM112 mouse is best option for those who are moving from wired to wireless mouse for basic & every day computing.
Here some Pros & Cons.-
1. Sleek & decent looks.
2. Size of mouse is just perfect for everyday computing.
3. Works with only 1 AA battery.
4. Plug & Play. (Start working in just 2-3 Second)
5. Perfectly Works on almost all surfaces. (I tried on Sun mica, Cardboard, Black Granite, Ceramic Floor tile, and on bad sheet.)
6. Nano receiver is awesome.
7. Magnetic top cover design is a nice idea.
8. A mark of Dell brand with affordable prices.
1. The only thing that make me sad is the on-off button. I am not expecting auto on-off at this price range. but it would be better if the switch was provided on top of the mouse for easy access.
Overall Go for this mouse instead of buying Zebronics or other cheap brand.
Zakir Ashraf
Bang on the buck !
I have used Logitech wireless mice earlier and had two major issues, one the cursor speed, 2ndly if you make the cursor speed to fast it lags ! I had these apprehensions and was wary of getting a wireless mouse in the 1st place.

Reason I chose Dell :
1. The price ! No other reputed brand comes close.
2. Dell warranty: by experience I know they readily replace in case of any issue with accessories.

Reasons I love this mouse:
1. Seamless wireless connectivity: I use it at work too, so end up using the mouse 8 hours a day. No connectivity issue at all.
2. Perfect Scrolling: I find it as good as the Logitech wired gamin mouse I use on my personal system. No issues at all.
3. The design: battery gets hidden under the top cover, which is magnetic ! Also there is a small slot to keep the USB dock inside the mouse when not in use.
4. On/off button: Nicely placed under the mouse. Also since this one does not have automatic switch off feature, I have never faced issue of any lag due to the mouse having switched off when not in use !

Overall judgement: True value for money and does the job beautifully ! 

sandeep atluri
Dell WM 112

Hi all,

First things first:

Flipkart: your service is amazing and fast, as usual
Packaging: Was good too and received on time.
thanks Flipkart team for the customer centric work. Keep up the good work 

about the product: this is my first wireless mouse and iw as first hesitant to purchase this one from Dell. But after checking the features and the price and the warranty, I decided to buy this one. And guess what.. I am not feeling happy that I made the correct choice..
the mouse works like a charm. Its fast and accurate.
This will be a recommended product.
Works faster and better than other products I have used earlier.
and above all comes with three things, that are always worth considering while buying a product.
1) Brand name: Dell has made a commendable job with this device
2) Warranty: we get 1 year warranty with this product,
3) Price: best price in the market, without compromising the quality.
which none other offers at this price level,
all these features/advantages gives this product a heft chance and a place it in a very good position.

so this would be my recommendation: buy this product and enjoy your work and your gaming passion.

Want In Just One Day ? Buy From Flipkart.

Sonali Patel
Good Quality Product.
Purchased this wireless mouse from flipkart.

On Flipkart service
– Product shipped within few hours of order placed.
– Received it in 5-6 days. I am not complaining because I live in far small town.
– Securely packed.
– Overall excellent service.

On the Product
– Excellent mouse at this range.
– Previously I used i-ball wireless combo of keyboard and mouse. It has the detector of 2.4 ghz same as this dell mouse.
Due to the scrolling problem in the i-ball mouse, I decided to keep an extra mouse, so purchased this dell mouse that had the same detector of 2.4 ghz.
Thinking that the dell mouse detector would also work for the i-ball keyboard, I chose for this product.
But unfortunately the dell detector didn’t detect my keyboard.
– Apart from that this mouse is superb
– It is super sleek and the best part is it has magnetic upper part where you input the battery.
– Have used the mouse only for month or so, so cant really tell on the battery capacity.
– There is an little switch below the mouse to on/off, which mostly I forget to off.
– Another negative point with this one is, it does not have the universal back and forward buttons. I am not complaining for this price range. But I got the habit as I was using the i-ball mouse which had that feature.
– Overall, I would say, go for it, from the look of it I can say that it won’t cause any problems with either of buttons or scroll in future. It woudl last long. 

You get what you see….
This is a no-nonsense wireless mouse.

1. Small and comfortable (You can even do casual gaming without any issues-have been playing call of duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer – no wrong clicks or issues. I haven’t even felt the lack of resolution for gaming too!). 1000dpi is more than sufficient for all day to day purposes.
2. Solid construction. The top black plastic cover feels very premium and can be easily lifted to reveal battery casing and nano receiver pod.
3. Haven’t tested it beyond 12 feet. At approximately 12 feet the reception is excellent (no lag whatsoever).
4. I have been using this for 2 months now. The battery back up is very good. Still using the same battery given by dell. And I use my laptop for about 4 to 6 hours daily for gaming and other purposes.

1. Automatic switch off feature not present. (I have left it on for a couple of nights continuously without switching it off).
2. The middle click is a bit stiff. You need to press hard for it to register the click.
3. The ON-OFF button is recessed to the bottom of the mouse and accessing it a bit difficult and feels like its quality is not as good as the rest of the mouse.

Overall, extremely satisfied with the product. I would recommend this for anyone who wishes to use it for browsing and casual gaming.

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