Best Cooling Pad for a 15.6 Inch Laptop : Cooler Master L1 Review

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I purchased my laptop in October 2012.When I bought it,it was winter season and then my laptop was all cool. But as summer approached, my laptop started becoming hot. I was very concerned about it so I started researching about a cooling pad for my laptop. As my laptop size was 15.6 Inches,so I stared searching for a cooling pad from a company like Cooler Master and price in my budget.
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Then I went to Flipkart to search for a decent cooling pad and I only got one result : Cooler Master Notepal L1 Cooling Pad . I started searching its reviews and all reviews were good for it. So I just made my mind that I will buy this cooling pad.I searchrd for this cooling pad in market but all prices were high in market.So I went to Flipkart and placed the order. Guess what? I got it in 2nd of placing the order.Currently I am trying it and I am satisfied with it.
Here are some of the reviews from some buyers of Cooler Master Notepal L1 Cooling Pad :

 Karan Kumar :

How to chose a perfect laptop cooler for yourself

I’ve bought 2 laptop coolers this past month and have been doing a lot of research on how(and if at all) these things really work and which one would be best for your needs. The cooler master L1 is a great product and it will reduce the operating temperature of your laptop by a couple of degrees but i’d just like to make a small checklist about how to buy a laptop cooler which is perfect for your needs.

1. Identify the “hot-spots”: Look on the underside of your laptop. Where all do you see vents. Where are the areas you feel the laptop burning up. Do you know where the fan is? Figure out where exactly the hot-spots are and find a cooler that has fans at/near those locations. If you have a laptop that has vents on the top-right and your cooler has fans on the bottom-left it’s really not going to be as useful as you’d like. If there’s no cooler that has fans where your hot-spots are, buy one that has movable fans (Cooler Master U2/U3)

2. Where do you most use your laptop: On your lap/on the desk/on a bed. You need a cooler that’s comfortable. Wherever you’re going to be using your machine. If you’re a lap user, look for ones that have cushioning on the bottom or who’s fans blades don’t protrude. If you need a cooler with more adjustable angles and inclining options, or with a stand, those are available too.

3. Size: Obviously dont go buy a cooler for a 14″ laptop if the one you’re using is 17″ or even vice versa

4. Frills: Do you want a cooler that doubles up as a portable set of speakers. Look at models from logitech if you do. Do you like shiny blue lights coming out from the bottom, then you can look at models that sport those. This would be a very low priority though.

Tally all the above 4 options and there’s surely going to be a cooler that fits your needs. For me it was the Cooler Master X-Slim. Whats yours?!

Tej :
A Good Product Overall
This is the second cooling pad I got from flipkart.. I used to have Notepal X Lite, but it barely fit my lenovo Y570. So I gave it to my friend who has a Dell XPS 15 and it was fine for him.
So coming to the product:
1. Good size – fits my Y570 perfectly which is actually a bit wide than normal 15.6″ laptops
2. Huge fan – the cooling is very efficient though not better than X Lite
3. Light weight – Hardly adds extra weight to your travel luggage
4. Sleek design – I was in love with its looks as soon as I unwrapped the package

1. The fan is not as silent as the one in X Lite but you will hardly hear this anyway
2. I felt the cord could have been a bit longer
3. I dunno if this problem is with all the pieces or just the one I have, but an internal wire is situated very close to the fan, so I am scared that if it moves a bit then it might block the fan, or worse my get cut
4. The build is not very rugged, but hey, it is lots cheaper than most cooling pads around!

Bottomline – I would certainly recommend this to anyone who owns a bigger laptop than XPS 15 

Virrindra Argekar:
Amazing product
This is one amazing product. I had ordered this product along with the Ergo stand.

1. Flipkart service.
– Delivered within 2 days of order.
– Packaged excellently and I loved how it was packed and I felt good about no damage in trasit.

2. Product
– Good product and it does what it promises

I would say go for it. Its value for money.

The temperature on the lappy drops immediately when you raise and if you think you need the extra cooling, just plug in the USB and voila!

Good work FlipKart. I tried looking for this product in the local market but i didnt find and the one I found (same product) was overpriced by the vendor.  

Rakesh Yadav:

Something very imp about this cooling pad…which will make u buy this product.

The main thing about the flipkart is that the delivery is on time as accepted and the product are also cheap as per the market.

Product Detail:
*I order this cooling pad last month and that time it was 777 rs and the demand for the same has gone up and so the price to.

*The product is very very good as per keeping your laptop cool it seriously works the main thing about this product is that the fan is in the middle and also big which make sure that the air flows properly through your laptop.

*Actually i was looking for other cooling pad with 2 to 3 fans but ended buying this product, all the reviews from others help me to buy this product.

*The ventilation in this cooling pad is just perfect the fan which rotates can be felt but it is super quite and doesn’t make noise at all.

*This cooling pad also have a little bit upright position which gives your laptop good position to work an there are no adjustment to make but it will no ware hurt u.

*If u are are looking to buy cooling pad please don’t do more research before it price goes up and in the end u pay more then the normal. 


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