AGARO BP-801 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

In this post, I am going to review the AGARO BP-801 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. AGARO BP-801 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure measuring device to be used by adults on the upper arm at home or in a doctor’s and nurse’s office.

It enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with pulse rate through the oscillometric technology. It helps you track your heart health vs the WHO standards and detect heart rate irregularities.

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In-Box Contents

AGARO BP-801 BP Monitor In-Box Contents

AGARO BP-801 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


4xAA Batteries

Manual & Warranty Card

Carry Bag

AGARO BP-801 Specifications

AGARO BP-801 Specifications

AGARO BP-801 Design & Features

AGARO BP-801 Design & Features

AGARO BP-801 is a Blood Pressure monitor, so obviously it displays systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, pulse rate along with date & time.

AGARO BP-801 works on the Oscillometric Principle, which involves measuring oscillations of blood flow as compared to traditional measurements which rely on sounds of constricted blood flow. This makes the machine immune to poor technique, observer digit bias and poor hearing.

WHO indicator helps you gauge your Blood Pressure with the standard WHO chart to get a better understanding of your cardiovascular health. If you see the reading in red, you know it’s time to see your doctor.

Arrhythmia is often a symptom of various diseases, so it is essential to detect it as early as possible. This BP Monitor tracks heartbeat failures that might go unnoticed by you, i.e. by measuring the pressure; you can also check your heart rate. If it is not steady, you should immediately consult a doctor.

AGARO BP-801 displays an error symbol if any bodily movement occurs during the measurement process to avoid wrong results. It also comes with a cuff wrapping position indicator.

When the battery needs to be changed, a low battery symbol is displayed on the screen. It has an Average function which shows the last three average measuring values.

AGARO BP-801 has a Dual User option which measures and records up to 120 measurements for each user in the device memory. You would need to select the correct user ID (P1 or P2).

The machine has a “TALK FUNCTION”, which reads aloud the below in English:

• Start-up instructions

• Playback of BP measurement

• Pulse rate along with its classification

• Readings record from user memory

W.H.O. Compliance in Voice Command: To understand your BP reading with respect to WHO guidelines – Low, Normal, High as per WHO classification.

AGARO BP-801 Performance

AGARO BP-801 Performance

After unboxing the product, I put the batteries in the monitor. Then I put the cuff on my left arm at heart level and put the air plug into the air jack.

I pressed the Start button, and it automatically tightened the cuff and started to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate. After the measurement process was over, it displayed the systolic and diastolic pressure along with the pulse rate on the screen.

Along with that, the measurement is also spoken by Speaking function. It also tells whether the measure is Low, Normal or High as per WHO classification.


AGARO BP-801 is a great digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Speaking Function and Multiple User functionality. The irregular heartbeat detection also makes it a great BP monitor.

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