Why Should I Have Waited for The New Lenovo Yoga Tablet ? A #BETTERWAY

As I was planning to buy a tablet from a few days, I recently bought one for myself. I was searching for a decent tablet which will give me comfort, ease-of-use and satisfy all my needs like watching HD videos and movies, web browsing, video chat, reading eBooks, playing games and listening songs.
But I was disheartened when I looked at all the tablets because the tablet category is a “Sea of Sameness”. So, at last, I had to choose one of them because I had no choice.
But now I am thinking that I should have waited for some time for the Lenovo Yoga tablet. Read my story below to know why I think so. Now my everyday life like with a tablet chosen from the “All Look Alike” is listed below :
1) Watching HD Videos and Movies – Yes, I watch HD songs but not movies though I want to. The reason is that my hands start paining if I keep the tablet in my both hands for more than 15 minutes. This prevents me from watching a movie of 90 minutes.
2) Web Browsing – Due to tilting to get comfortable while browsing websites, it gets rather uncomfortable due to less than ideal viewing and typing angles.
3) Video Chat – While video chatting, I can’t do that for more than 10 minutes because it results in an uncomfortable hand-held viewing experience.
4) Reading eBooks – When I read novels, I usually like to complete one novel in one go on a weekend. I thought of doing the same with ebooks on the tablet but I was wrong because it proved impossible due to poor ergonomics & uncomfortable to hold in one hand.
5) Playing games and Listening Songs – I had planned to play high-end games and listen to songs for long in it but I was disappointed due to its less battery power. Not only the tablet I bought, rather all tablets in the market were the same so you cannot say that you should have bought another.
Now I come to the reason why I think of I should have waited for some more time. Actually there were just 15 days passed when Lenovo launched their new Yoga tablet series and I was surprised at its multi-mode capability. Yeah, you heard it right – Multi-Mode that means one can use it in any of 3 modes – Hold, Stand and Tilt.
Now let me tell you what its matters for and how I could come up with better ways to use the new Lenovo Yoga tablet; had I waited for Yoga tablet :
1) Hold Mode – The Yoga Tablet eliminates twisting force and creates comfortable one-handed holding with its unique battery cylinder best suited for reading ebooks, browsing network and shopping on your favourite e-retailer.
2) Stand Mode – With its unique kickstand, one can let go and enjoy the comfort of a hands-free viewing experience. It’s is ideal while watching movies, listening to songs and video-chatting on Skype.
3) Tilt Mode – The Yoga Tablet’s battery cylinder provides the perfect angle for touch interaction which makes web browsing, gaming and typing on it a breeze.
The awesomeness of this Yoga tablet doesn’t end here. While my tablet’s battery dies out in less than 5 hours; the Yoga tablet gives 18 hours of battery life for all-day computing. Last but not the least, its innovative hinge design provides effortless open, easy viewing angle adjustment and dual tilt angle selection. Does one want more than these features in a tablet?
There are two models of Yoga tablet: Lenovo Yoga 8 having an 8-inch screen and Lenovo 10 having a 10-inch screen. Check out Lenovo for the new Yoga tablets.
In my opinion, an ideal tablet should have an enormous battery and ease-of-use anywhere and Lenovo Yoga tablet is an ideal tablet in this category.

If I had bought the Yoga tablet instead of this, I would have been writing the review of Yoga tablet instead of writing “Why Should I Have Waited for The New Lenovo Yoga Tablet ?”


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Check out the official page for Lenovo Yoga Tablet.


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