His Clean Shaven Look Bowled Neeta Over !

Neeta was new in the girl’s college. Her parents believed in old traditions and wanted their daughter to obey and follow them too. That’s why they always admitted her in girl-only school,coaching and now college too. Even all her friends in neighbourhood studied in co-ed institutions. She wanted to study with them but she was faithful to her parents and never wanted to hurt them but at last,she was a girl and she too had ambitions and dreams of dream prince.

             She made new friends in the college.She enjoyed their company. They had many teachers in the college. All the subject teachers were female except one teacher of economics who was male. The economics teacher was young and handsome but while teaching the girls,he looked shy and watched at the wall behind students. Neeta fell in love with her at first sight. From that day,she thought he was the dream prince whom she always dreamt of. When she told her friends that she was in love with their economics teacher,they were shocked due to her desire because they were too a part of the same mentality which Neeta’s parents had. Her friends asked her why was she crazy over him and reminded her of what people would say. She told,”His clean shaven look bowled me over“. Neeta was one of the women who think unshaven look is a no-no.

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