The Story of Ram and Leela !

Ram and Leela knew each other for two years. They were best friends from college. Now they both were working as software engineers in different companies.

They always were in contact through Facebook and WhatsApp. They even met on weekends and talked about each other’s life.  But what remained unclear between them was whether the understanding between the two was just friendship or something more. 

There were many gorgeous girls in Ram’s company but he never gave a look to them. Same was true with Leela too as many of her co-workers tried to impress her.

was one day while watching the movie :

Ram : Leela, do you have a boyfriend ?

Leela : Nope !

Leela : Ram and what about you ! Do you have a girlfriend ?

Ram : Yes !

Leela : But you never told me.

Ram : You never asked.

Leela : How can you have a girlfriend while having a stubble ?

Ram : Huh,what’s the big deal ?

Leela : Girls don’t like that even I hate that unclean stubble !

Ram : I lied about having a girlfriend. I love you.

Leela : I love you too.

Ram : I will clean that stubble for you only.

From then, they lived happily after and married after six months past that incident.
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