GOSF Effect : Flipkart beats Amazon in Nexus Tablet Pricing War; Available for Rs 7999 on Flipkart


As currently at the moment of writing, GOSF is going on and there are many deals,offers and exciting coupons. I waited for GOSF to buy Google Nexus 7 tablet and yes,my wait brought results as the Nexus 7 tablet is available for just Rs 7999. Initially I was thinking of buy only one for me but the price invoked to buy two tablets.

         As I was watching the price on Flipkart,I thought if Flipkart is sellling at this price,Amazon would definitely have cheap prices as the two online giants have usually same price for electronics. This came to me when I checked.compared and bought external hard drives for my notebook .
           Flipkart is selling 16 GB Nexus tablet for Rs 7999 and 32 GB Nexus for Rs 10999.But when I checked Amazon for Nexus, I was surprised to see a price tag of Rs 12199 for 16 GB Nexus and Rs 14125 for 32 GB Nexus. So as you can see,the 16 GB Nexus on Amazon is costlier than even 32 GB Nexus on Flipkart.
         Google Nexus 7,in the talk,is 2012 version but it is better than any other tablet from Indian retailers in the current price as at 8K,brands like Micromax can give you voice-calling but a cheap hardware and an outdated software.At the other end,Google Nexus 7 is coming with 4.2 but as soon as you connect to Wi-fi,it gets updated to Android Kitkat 4.4 and its hardware consists of Nvidia Tegra Quad-Core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz which can be overclocked to 1.6 Ghz by rooting 😉
It consists of 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution;better than the cheap tablets.It has a 4325mAH battery,enough for playing games,reading eBooks and listening songs for daily use. It does not have 3G and it should not be a bottleneck at this price. I saw a review saying that it has no FM;if you are buying a tablet for FM,then buy a Micromax X103i .

Enough said,I think it is currently the best deal of GOSF at least for me and other tech-savvy people.Link : Google Nexus 7 tablet at Rs 7999

If you any doubts or questions, you can ask below. I reply within 24 hours.