The Elegant World Wide Web

The Internet or WWW(World Wide Web) is very useful and helpful in today’s world.Nearly everything is possible with the internet.From shopping online to ticket booking even online degree courses are possible with internet.
                      If someone ask me describe what you look for in a website on the internet and what makes it stand out in the millions out there,I will tell him that I look how that website can be useful for me.I look how can it provide helpful knowledge and add value to my life.

                       Being a blogger,I use email very frequently and being in the blog-o-sphere,I subscribe to various newsletters of blogs by fellow and friendly bloggers.To help my blog readers to contact me,I have to list my email in the blog.Being a blogger and shoppers,many bloggers,blog readers and also shopping companies keep mailing me to ask foe help,contact me and keep me abreast of various offers going on. But there are high chances of getting spam by spammers and also marketing emails by various marketing companies.This makes my email account a collection of junk and the important emails get lost in this garbage. Even some useful websites send so emails that I think that it would have been better if they sent all updates in one email instead of sending individual email for each update. Unsubscribing from each email and marking it spam is a very painstaking process as it can take hours and still not end.

At last,I got to know about .After visiting the website,you have to just click on “Get Started” and a popup will appear where you have to enter your that email which you want to clean from unwanted subscriptions. Then it accesses your email inbox and allows you to easily clean it up with just a few clicks. It’s an optimal tool for people who have racked up a lot of email list subscriptions over the past few years or so.When I checked my Gmail account with it,it had 220 email subscriptions and 90% of them were junk.Some of its features which made it my favourite website are :

1) Mass Unsubscribing : will list all of your subscriptions for you so you can simply click the minus ( – ) sign beside the lists you want to unsubscribe from forever. does all the unsubscribing for you.It frees you from going on unwanted emails and you don’t have to click the unsubscribe button and then another confirmation button in a webpage when you want to unsubscribe for an email list.

2) Personalized Recommendations : After removing all unwanted email subscriptions with, you should notice a tab at the bottom labeled “Recommended for You,” which gives you about three lists you may wish to subscribe to, determined by your current list of subscriptions. Click the plus ( + ) sign to add it.

3) Daily Rollup : The daily rollup is just like a digest letter that combines all the email list subscriptions you want to keep and sends them to you at a predetermined time of day. This is great for keeping your inbox organized, since all your subscriptions are delivered to you in one single email instead of many different emails. Clicking the plus ( + ) sign beside any email list subscription adds it to your daily rollup.
              The best part is that this service is free of cost.Sometimes they may ask you to like and share it on facebook and twitter. But it is worth for the awesome service.That’s why if someone ask me Which is your favorite website and why,I instantly answer that is my favourite website.

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