Protest Against Unclean Stubble – Part 1

Neeta recently moved to Delhi University . She lived in Chandigarh but for pursuing her higher studies, she chose Delhi University since her city college were not so high class . So she had to move to Delhi.She had good percentage in Board exams of 12th so getting a seat in hostel too was not difficult for her .

She made a best friend named Shefali in her class who was her roommate too in the hostel . She felt good at her college and hostel . At weekends , she hanged out with her friends and came back to hostel late night . The hostel gate was the same gate from which students took entry to the college campus.

The guard on the gate was a man in his 50’s with a dark moustache and a big stubble too . Every time Neeta saw her , she was irritated and said to herself,”Oh God , I hate that unclean stubble !”  . She never liked man with stubble . For her , man with stubble are just like man who have not bathed since they last shaved their stubble . At night , when Neeta used to come back late , the guard’s stubble scared her and she used to think if a day would come when the guard would get his stubble shaved .
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