Cricket World Cup Lost due to Stubble !

The women’s cricket world cup was going on. It was the final match being played between India and Australia’s women teams. India was in a critical position with only 1 wicket left in hand and 2 runs to win with just 1 ball remaining for inning’s end. Naina and Reema were on the pitch. Naina and Reema both were tail-enders as one of the best batswoman, Neha just got run-out. After Neha got out, Reema came for batting.  People from whole India were sitting in front of their TVs. Audience in the stadium were even more excited with their hearts beating excessively.

Now Reema was on the striker’s end and she was very nervous as the whole team and country had expectations from her. As the Australian bowler bowled, Reema just took a sweep shot and ran for completing 1 run. As soon as Reema reached half pitch, she saw stubble of Umpire and she bowed down her eyes. But this resulted in her collision with the Australian bowler who was waiting for the bowl to come and run out the Reema. The fielder threw a direct hit and the umpire took no time in giving her run-out.

This was the end of the match and the expectations of whole country too. When Reema reached pavilion, she was asked that why did she not complete the run looking in front instead of down. She said,”The umpire had a stubble. I hate that unclean stubble. That’s why I looked down.”Unfortunately that proved to be the last match of the Reema’s career.
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