How My Clean Shaved Look Bowled My Classmate in College !

I saw her on the first day of the engineering college. As soon as I saw her, I had a crush on her ! Fortunate me, she was my classmate.

But whenever I saw in her eyes, her eyes moved from me to another direction. I knew she liked me too but no matter how much I tried to talk to her, she ignored me.

I wanted to ask her but not having the courage to do so, I completely left the idea and completely dropped the idea of impressing her. Even being in the same class, I completely ignored her.

One day, when I was in canteen having lunch, I heard her saying to her friend :” He is so arrogant now-a-days . I like Tarun but don’t know how to talk to him. His stubble is always there that stops me from talking to him.”

I was like : “Oh man! I thought woman like those stubble.That was my stubble that made her eyes move to another direction from me.” That day as soon as I reached home, I used razor and shaved my stubble.

Next day, I found her sitting beneath Banyan tree in college premises and as soon as she saw me, she asked me to accompany her to the photocopy shop for Xerox.

In the way, we were talking about here and there. Eventually I asked for a movie on Sunday and to my excitement, she said “Yes, why not ?” . I think “ My clean shaven look bowled her over “.

Now I think “Had I shaved that stubble earlier, she would have been bowled earlier instead of hitting fours and sixes on my bowls.”

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