GOSF 2013 – Get Ready for Great Online Shopping Festival by Google India from 11 Dec to 13 Dec

GOSF 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) by Google India is back again at gosf.in and will be live on 11th,12th and 13th December 2013 for a duration of 72 hours.

Last year,it was live for only 24 hours.

Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) was started first by Google India on 12/12/12. In GOSF, online shopping sites give heavy discounts to promote their sales. GOSF is a platform that benefits consumers as they can purchase products at cheap rates, online shopping sites as sales increases by leaps and bounds and merchants as they can clear inventory due to mass purchase.
Last time,people were not satisfied by the discounts and said it was scam on Twitter. Being a online shopper, I am too expecting discounted price especially electronics this time because I want to buy a tablet.
According to a report by Google, there was 128% increase in interest in online shopping among customers in 2012. Google wants to leverage the potential of Indian buyers and Indian e-commerce sites want to get high traffic resulting in sales but it will be possible only if their so-called deals are actually deals.and not just for creating hype. This time,number of online shopping sites taking part in GOSF has increased from a mere 50 in 2012 to around 250.
The preferred partners of Google in GOSF 2013 are Airtel, Intel and PayTM.
I am waiting for discounts from my favourite sites which are taking part in GOSF 2013 and they also made their special GOSF landing pages given below.
1) Amazon
2) Flipkart

Visit GOSF Coupons and Deals for All Best Retailers and Online Shops at One Place ! Happy shopping 🙂


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