Stubble or Girlfriend : Decision is Yours !!

Neeta and Prakash were lovers for 2 years. They met through Facebook and now were made for each other lovers. They wanted to marry each other but their parents were not ready for the marriage as they both belonged to different castes.Neeta was from Brahmin(Priest) family while Prakash was from Thakur family.
That day they made their minds to run away and get married.So they started chat on Facebook.Neeta : Prakash,I want to marry you and now some boy is coming this Sunday to see me.
Prakash : Neeta,I wanted some more time but I think we should run away and then get married.
Neeta : Run away ? Are you sure ? I am afraid.
Prakash : Yeah,I am sure. That’s is the only way for us to be happy.
Neeta : OK. When will we run away ?
Prakash : Tonight itself.Come to the place where we first met.
Neeta(giggling) : Ok done.But make sure that you shave your stubble because I hate that unclean stubble.
Prakash : Oh Neeta,you are still behind my stubble.It suits me and I will not cut it(teasing).
Neeta : Prakash,I am serious.Cut your stubble or I will not run away with you.The decision is yours.Me or Stubble(smiling).

This post is a part of the Protest against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with Blogadda, India’s favorite Blogging Community .

I am accepting Priyanka’s tag and writing this post in response to the same.

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