Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

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After deciding Allu Arjun as dancer and Anushka Manchanda as singer, we were relieved that we were able to find fresh faces for the farewell party. Now, it was time to call both. While we were successful in finalising Anushka Manchanda as singer, there occurred a problem in finalising Allu Arjun as dancer. Since Allu Arjun lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, calling him to Delhi was a difficult job. Moreover, being an actor, he would have given his dates for movies. In the end, we were able to convince him to come to our college. However, he told us that he would be able to give at most 3 hours to the farewell party.

Now was the time to print pamphlets for the farewell party and the students got pretty excited after getting the news that Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda were coming to our college. With full vigour, we started preparations for the farewell party. Being in the 3rd year of my college, it was a management lesson for me in real life. I was very excited and nervous too since that was my first responsibility as the head of the organising group. Previously I had only been in the organising group as member.

Finally the day had come. We welcomed both the great dancer and singer. As soon as both came on stage, the crowd cheered with their full voice. The crowd was charged with energy when Allu Arjun’s sensational dancing moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice came together. They were both superb and rocked the stage. It was very refreshing to see the perfect combination of Allu Arjun’s moves and Anushka Manchanda’s beats. The music was joyful and appealing. The crowd started copying the dancing moves of Allu Arjun and dancing to the beats of truly exhilarating music of Anushka Manchanda.  Being an introvert and shy person, even I was not able to control my body to move with the rhythm of song.

In the end, they both took selfies with crowd. Being from organising group, I was able to take selfie with them separately. When they were leaving, we thanked them both for accepting to come to our college and giving such a mesmerising experience to us. It proved to be an energising experience to all the students who were busy preparing for upcoming exams. My experience with freshness brought real freshness to our life and rejuvenated our mind which was burdened with routine life.

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Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 1

Recently I and my friends were very tensed because we had to organise a farewell party for our seniors. But the problem was that everyone wanted his/her favourite singer and dancer to perform in the party. Being the leader for the group, it was my responsibility to organise the farewell party successfully. Everyone in the organising group had suggested so many names that I was burdened by the plethora of choices. Seeing that the matter was getting out of hand, I made the announcement that this time, we would do something fresh that had never been done in the past in the college farewell party. So it was decided that the singer and dancer would have to be someone who had never been to our college.
That day, when I was going home, I started listening to songs on Youtube. In recommendations to what to listen next, Youtube was showing me “Cinema Choopistha Mava” song. It has 8 Million views but the song was in Telugu. Anyways, I watched the song and was energised by the sensational moves of Allu Arjun. I had already seen that movie, Race Gurram but in Hindi, where its name was Main Hoon Lucky, The Racer. Then I watched some more video songs of Allu Arjun and I found another dancing gem in form of “Top Lechipoddi” song. Next day, I showed those dancing videos of Allu Arjun to my friends in the organising group of farewell party and suggested that he should be the dancer for farewell party. They instantly agreed and the problem for dancer was solved. However, we were still in search of a singer.

The farewell party was near and we still had not found the singer. On one day, I was going to home via DTC bus and I met one of my school friends. She instantly found out the tension behind my smile and asked me the reason and I told her the problem how there were only 10 days left and we were still searching for a singer for the farewell party. She suggested me to go with Anushka Manchanda and showed her video songs. I really loved her songs like The Little Things You Do and her Bollywood songs.
Next day, I showed video songs of Anushka Manchanda to the organising group of farewell party. Finally Anushka Manchanda was selected as the singer. At last, we felt relieved as we had found both the dancer and singer.

To Be Continued: Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

Optimism : Always Hope for the Best !

In 9th class, I came to know about prestigious engineering institutes like and IITs and NITs and their prestigious entrance examination IIT-JEE and AIEEE. If you are an Indian, you cannot escape from the buzz of engineers and doctors. There is a famous meme : “ In India, you first become an engineer and then think what you want to do in life.”
After 10th result came out, I enrolled in science stream in class 11th. Although I did not completely know what it meant but I always said that I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. Maybe the reason was the influence of former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on me. Anyway as the time went on, I started to hate Physics and Chemistry but love Computer Science. Now I wanted to become a Computer Engineer.

But fate has something else in box for me. As soon as 11thclass started, I got ill with jaundice. It took 3 months for me to get completely well. Due to leaving out on basics, I was unable to understand Chemistry and Physics later on. In 12th class, our Maths teacher died and I was unable to complete Maths syllabus on my own. The biggest mistake I did was not enrolling in any tuitions and coaching centres since I thought I could clear 12th and IIT-JEE  by being dependent on my school teachers.
As expected, I was not able to clear IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Moreover being a General student in India leaves no possibility of second chance for you. Hoping to clear state entrance examination CET of Delhi by GGISPU, I was devastated on that front too. Now I was left with no choice but enrolling in private engineering institutes which demanded for hefty donations and capitation fees. I was completely exhausted and felt like a loser. I reminded of good olden days up to 10th class when I used to be in the top 3 students in class. But life is the name of moving on. Sticking to the past made my present more difficult for me. That was the time when I was most pessimistic about life and felt that no good could come out of my life.
But my passion for computer science was same so I gave entrance exam for diploma in Computer Engineering in Delhi Polytechnics. While preparing for the exam, I completely forgot about the whole mess and focused totally on exam preparation. Due to determination, I secured 544 rank in the Polytechnics entrance exam and this was the moment that filled with optimism and hope for the future. This was the year of 2012.
In December 2012, I started blogging to let out my frustration for pursuing diploma while all my classmates were pursuing degrees. In June 2013, I started this blog and since then, it’s been a ride of ups and downs but I never stopped or looked back. Now I think whether it would have been the same if I had got admission in B.Tech.  I think had it been the case, I would not be doing what I love and would have been satisfied with the thought of having secured a seat in B.Tech.
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Lost Election in School Due to Stubble

During the school days, I was an all-rounder student always ready for academic as well as extra-curricular activities. In 11thclass, I was automatically selected as a candidate for Cultural Captain for my house. There were 4 houses in my school and I was in Tagore House. It was a dream post for me since it would give me the responsibility to lead my house in various cultural activities.

It was the time when I was going from the state of adolescence to adulthood. Facial hair like moustache and stubble gave a sense of pride in becoming a man.

There was one more candidate for the role of Cultural Captain. The other candidate was my classmate. He was good in cultural activities but not in academics. I knew that I I would easily beat the other candidate since I was the favourite of my Chemistry mam and she was the House Leader of Tagore House. But the problem was that the Selection Panel consisted of total 4 teachers. The other 3 ladies teachers never taught me since they were from Commerce section.

On the judgement day, I looked at mirror and felt confident of my stubble. I have never shaved it since its inception.

When I reached school, I met the other candidate. I found something unusual about his appearance that day. He was clean-shaven. I smiled inside and thought why would he do that.

In the house meeting, the House Leaders asked some usual questions to both of us like if you become Cultural Captain of the House, what would you do for its betterment in cultural activities? Both of us answered confidently .It was pretty tough judging us since both of us were in high morale. House Leaders asked us to sit for 5 minutes and wait for the result.

When the result came, I was devastated since the other candidate won the position. I instantly knew the reason of my loss and it was my stubble. The House Leaders must have thought me of being casual about the position since I did not take time to shave which would have given them a sense of me being caring and responsible for the position.

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