How to Download Fall Guys for Free on PC

Download Fall Guys for Free on PCFall Guys is a fun battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. It was released on 4 August for PC and PS4.

It has become a rage in the gaming world. It has even surpassed Fortnite in viewership on Twitch.

Within 24 hours of release, the game had drawn over 1.5 million players. Fall Guys has sold over 7 million copies on Steam for PC.

In this article, I am going to tell you the only genuine way to get Fall Guys for free on PC.

Steps to Download Fall Guys for Free on PC

1. First of all, subscribe to Fall Guys Youtube channel. The Youtube Subscription is must for your request to be considered.

2. Then go to this link: Request for Free Fall Guys PC Copy.

3. Now fill your details.

How to Get Fall Guys for Free on PC

4. First fill your country and email.

5. After that, enter the Twitter URL of your account and your name.

6. Now, enter the purpose of your request whether you would make a Youtube video on the game or do a live stream of the game.

7. System preference can only be PC.

8. Then you have to choose your main platform on which you post videos or do livestreams- Twitch, Youtube or other platform and enter your account URL on that platform.

9. Finally click on ‘I agree’ and ‘Submit’ button.

10. Now you will get the following message: “Thanks for your interest! Your request has been successfully submitted. We’ll be in touch if your request is approved.”

Fall Guys PC Free Download Final

11. If you have subscribed to the Fall Guys Youtube channel and filled the form correctly, then you would get the Fall Guys PC copy for free.

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