5 Best Monitors Under 10000 in India 2024- Buying Guide and Reviews

Best Monitors Under 10000Are you looking forward to buying a new monitor under 10K? Do you need a second screen for your laptop? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Due to the popularity and demand, several manufacturers have come up with their monitors. So, getting confused is a natural thing to happen if you are buying it for the first time. There are several vital factors that you must consider before you purchase a monitor.

In this article, I have listed the top 5 best monitors under 10000. You will find detailed reviews on all the products along with a buying guide.

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Best Monitors Under 10000:

1. BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer MonitorIf you are looking forward to buying a monitor within 10000 that comes from a reputed brand, the first choice should be BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor. This monitor has a slim bezel design to give a classy, neat, and functional look. It has flicker-free technology and low BlueLight technology to offer you exceptional performance.


1. The product is designed in a beautiful way keeping in mind the simplicity. It has ultra-slim bezels that hide the cable management.

2. This has a premium texture and sculpted base that can easily resist the fine scratches and can eliminate the extraneous edges for a clean appearance.

3. The product comes with Brightness Intelligence Technology that monitors the ambient light. It actively controls and adjusts the brightness of the screen. Thus, you get the most amazing visual experience.

4. With this product, you get multimedia enjoyment. This has 2 HDMI ports where one can switch between two media sources easily.

5. This has a low blue light technology. It helps in filtering out the harmful blue light. It makes sure you have no or less eye fatigue as well as irritation.

6. This product can render 16.7 million colour shades. It comes with IPS wide viewing that is great for multiple people in the room.


1. It comes with full HD display 1920 X 1080 resolution with a screen size of 21.5 inches, which is pretty decent.

2. The product comes along with brightness intelligence technology, which works pretty amazingly.

3. It has a nice cable management system. I like how it works fantastically to hide cables inside the monitor stand.

4. The IPS wide viewing angle technology is excellent for wide viewing experience.

5. This has an amazing slim bezel design to give a classy look to the product. And the 8-bit colour display is magnificent to work with.

6. This has multiple connecting options that I feel are impressive for a monitor to have at this price point.


1. There is some backlight bleeding.

2. Inbuilt speakers could be improvised.

2. LG 22MP68VQ 22 inch Full-HD IPS Monitor

LG 22MP68VQ 22 inch Full-HD IPS MonitorThe next product is from the brand LG that is known for manufacturing great quality appliances. And the LG 22MP68VQ 22 inch Full-HD IPS Monitor is one such fantastic product.


1. The monitor comes with a screen size of 22 inches, which is pretty good at the price point. What I like more about this product is the full HD 1920 X 1080 Borderless IPS Panel.

2. The product comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is pretty good, along with the brightness of around 250 cd/m².

3. This monitor consumes around 13.7 watts. It has a refresh rate of around 60 Hz and has a response time of 5 ms.

4. The monitor comes along with wall mounting featuring which make sit easy for you to keep the monitor out of the children’s reach.

5. I like the black stabilizer that gives you full visibility even in the deep and darkest scenes. Moreover, it has the AMD FreeSync feature for playing heavy-duty gaming.


1. The product comes with minimal bezels at the edges that look classy.

2. What I like about this monitor is that it has a decent HDMI male to male connector. Cable quality does a great job of transferring the video data.

3. This monitor is great for taking care of our eyes. It is not good to have prolonged exposure to vibrant colours while playing games, watching movies, programming, reading, etc. The reader mode of this monitor helps in preventing that.

4. This monitor supports FreeSync, so you could easily use an AMD graphics card.

5. The four-screen split helps to adjust the screen size and display as per the needs.


1. It has no horizontal swivel, and it could be an excellent addition.

2. I feel the main monitor control button could be a little easier to handle.

3. Dell E2218HN 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor 

Dell E2218HN 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor The Dell E2218HN 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor is from the brand Dell, and we all know how great it is as a brand. Well! This monitor is common in many Indian houses. It offers 21.5 inches of screen size, and the resolution is fantastic as well. You can enjoy stunning visuals and have easy functionality. Let me tell you about some of the salient features of this Dell monitor.


1. The product comes with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 Full HD.

2. The monitor has a screen size of 21.5 inches or 54.6 cm. It is pretty decent for a monitor at this price point.

3. The product has an aspect ratio of 16:9 along with that it has a brightness of around 250cd/m².

4. This monitor comes along with a 60 Hz refresh rate and a response time of 5 ms.

5. It has viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical.

6. This monitor comes with 1 VGA port along with 1 HDMI port.


1. The product comes with a decent screen size.

2. I like the display quality of the product, and the resolution is quite high.

3. This has an excellent viewing angle, so there won’t be any problem for anyone to view the display. Experience amazing visual experience with this monitor.

4. It feels quite light in weight. And the product is thus highly portable.


1. The base looks flimsy, and it can be improvised.

2. The height isn’t adjustable.

4. Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL 23.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL 23.5 inch LED Backlit Computer MonitorThe Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL 23.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor is an excellent product from the brand Samsung. Samsung manufactures excellent quality home and kitchen appliances. This monitor is one such example with a power-packed performance. It has a widescreen and comes in an affordable price range. Now let us go through some of the best features of the product.


1. The product comes from a very reputed brand of Samsung. Thus, it is highly reliable and trustworthy to opt for.

2. This has a widescreen size of around 23.5 inches or 59.8 cm. It gives a fantastic viewing experience with the perfect Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

3. It has a super slim AH-IPS panel that is around 10mm. This has a horizontal pattern on the rear panel that makes it look elegant and stylish.

4. With this monitor, you can now opt for the game mode that works superbly for those who play many games. It helps in optimising the screen contrast and colours for gaming. Thus, it ensures you can have the best gaming visual experience.

5. The product comes with a flicker-free feature that gives utmost comfort while you play movies or play games for a longer period.

6. This monitor comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate and the 250 cd/m2 typical brightness. The aspect ratio is 16:9, and the response time is 4 ms.

7. Coming to the connectivity point, it has 1 HDMI port and 1 VGA port.


1. This product offers flawlessly smooth gameplay with the help of AMD FreeSync.

2. The monitor has a super slim design that makes it compact and easy to store. This looks super space-saving and creates no space issues.

3. It gives a super fine optimisation for viewing comfort. I like the eye saver mode as well as the flicker-free feature. They work superbly to prevent any kind of eye tiredness and fatigue.

4. The next thing that I like about this monitor is the extra-wide viewing angles that it provides us to have a view from anywhere we want.

5. The product has a screen size that is quite decent, and the resolution does a fantastic job. As per the reviews, it gives a very vibrant and bright display.


1. The product quality could be a little more improvised.

5. Acer EB192Q 18.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

Acer EB192Q 18.5 inch LED Backlit Computer MonitorThe Acer EB192Q 18.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor is a product from the brand Acer. Acer is known for manufacturing great quality laptops, monitors, etc. This is one such example of their quality products. If you want something very affordable and don’t want to compromise with the quality, this is your ideal product.


1. It comes with a screen size of around 18.5 inches. This, I think, is quite enough for viewing videos. This has a full HD resolution of 1366 X 768, with a superior contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1.

2. The product comes with a rapid response time of 5 ms that offers advanced technology. This monitor has Blue Light Filter, and along with that, it has Flicker Less Technology.

3. This product consumes only 3.30 Watts and has a refresh rate if 60 Hz. It is light in weight and weighs only 3.13 kgs. This is easily portable.


1. The product comes along with a super high resolution that gives a great visual experience. It allows you to enjoy superior resolution and HD entertainment in the comfort of your home.

2. I love the quality of the image as it is exceptional. The rapid 5ms response time delivers superior quality moving images. It offers immersive graphics to your games and movies.

3. The product has a nice Flicker-less technology that gives a better viewing experience. It supplies stable power and, with the blue light filter, also, reduces the eyes fatigue.

4. The design of the product is super fine and looks very classy.


1. The colour rendering could be improved.

2. There are some flexibility issues.

Buying Guide- Monitors

1. Screen Size

The most common factor that usually any buyer tends to look at while buying displays is the screen size. Isn’t it quite obvious? I feel there is a lot to do with the status symbol that is often associated with a bigger flat screen monitor in your living room. However, it won’t be the same with a monitor as the purpose of both a Tv and a monitor is different.

Here come the roles of room size, range of vision, display type, viewing angles, and pixel resolution. If you are a gamer, then it is obvious that you will prefer the quality of the display and the close screen view over the screen size. Thus, you must look for gaming monitors that will offer you with the best contrast and resolution.

The screen size hence becomes less critical and expensive as well. So, the manufacturers now sell their gaming monitors with high resolution with average screen size. They try to keep the pixel density as high as possible and reduces image degradation. Let say for resolution of 1080p; you get a monitor of size around 24 inches or for a resolution of 2160p. You can get a monitor with around 34 inches size.

Now, these are just examples, and nothing is fixed. The combination may differ from brand to brand and models to models. Displays such as IPS will cost you more per inches when compared to the TN types.

Moreover, the types of games also play a vital role in choosing the screen size. Larger screen size will be ideal for fast-paced and dynamic games as they tend to shift your focus more.

2. Resolution

The most important factor that one should consider before buying a monitor is the resolution. It is highly recommended that you check the resolution of the monitor before you buy it. This is because this one aspect can determine the maximum potentiality of the GPU. In the market, you will find several manufacturers are selling display monitors with different resolutions.

Just remember one thing that the higher the resolution is, the better will be the graphics. It is as simple as that. However, with every upgrade, the costing tends to become higher. Thus, I would suggest you choose the resolution depending on the GPU.

This is because having a monitor that can do justice to GPU is highly preferable, and the GPU, on the other hand, must supply enough frames to maintain a minimum of 30 stable frames per second.

Thus, the higher the resolution is, the supremely powerful the GPU you would require to maintain smoother gameplay.

Here, let me tell you about the resolutions that include:

a) HD = 720p

b) Full HD = 1080p

c) QHD (2K) = 1440p

d) UHD (4K) = 2160p

Thus, only the most recent and popular graphics cards available on the market can handle the UHD displays that have 60 fps. They are still considered new technology. In terms of picture quality, the resolution is entirely unmatched, and it doesn’t enter the mainstream gaming monitors community.

Mostly, the Quad HD or QHD is found in all kinds of high-end gaming monitors. And there, you can find the decent graphics cards that can maintain respectable fps between 30 to 60 frames per second. Well! I find that these kinds of resolutions are located in the mid-range GPUs.

While 720p gaming monitors are considered as obsolete for gaming, this can run on anything pretty much, and having 1080p offers you with the highest frame rates on decent GPUs. It can even go up to 3 digit fps. I hope you are aware that 1080p is a lot cheaper than successors. While choosing, you must check what category the GPU falls in, and then you can choose accordingly.

3. Refresh Rate

Well! Don’t get confused between the frame rate and the refresh rate. It is the number of times that display refreshes and then updates as per image per second. Whereas, the frame rate has nothing to do with the monitor. GPU sents the number of frames to the monitor per second.

You will not be able to view and experience the effects of refresh rate on the image quality. However, you will be able to see it on the input-output interval and the monitor’s motion resolution. Just keep in mind that the higher the refresh rate, the better updates each consecutive frame will be. The sharper and the smoother the motion imagery is, the blur amount will be decreased.

Now each monitor comes with a different refresh rate that ranges from 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, and even 240 Hz. Do you know what the difference between the 60 Hz and the 120 Hz or more monitors is? Well! The motion quality is highly improved and goes subtle if it increases.

4. Pixel Response Time

Are you a tech-savvy or a gaming enthusiast? If yes, then you must have heard about the pixel response time while buying a gaming monitor. It holds some real importance as a pixel response time is when a single pixel on the screen takes to go from it’s whitest white to its blackest black.

In fact, this will determine how ell the display will react to the changes in the display. So having a better pixel response time will offer you better visuals of moving objects. Thus, it will make it look much more realistic and less blurry.

Now, do you know what the difference between high-end and low-end gaming monitors is? Well! Usually, in the high-end ones, the pixel response time is shortened to 1 ms, whereas the regular ones have 2-4ms. The regular ones aren’t as significant unless you play fast-paced competitive games.

5. Display Panel Type

The displays come in several panel types that range from LCD to the LED panels. They are all available currently on the market; however, all differ in several aspects such as performance, refresh rates, price, resolution, and response times. Let me tell you the three most popular types of display panels:

a) IPS Panels:

The most highly recommended and popular panel types nowadays are the IPS panels. They provide amazing colour gradients, highest possible contrast ratios along with the supreme quality picture. However, the only factor that affects the most is that it is super expensive when compared to the others.

This is because of the amazing pixel response time and the great hardware, so it is worth investing the money. The response time usually ranges from 4 to 5ms.

b) MVA Panels:

It is not a lot cheaper than the IPS panels but comes with both pros and cons. However, I feel that not many gamers would prefer this panel. It somewhat plays a middle role between the TN and the IPS panels. This offers you high contrast ratios, but the response time is quite poor. People who love to play dynamic games aren’t much into the MVA panels.

c) TN Panels (Twisted Nematic):

There are several reasons why the TN panels are quite popular. The first reason is that it costs very less than the other two. It provides you with the lowest response times of 1 to 2ms. If you are low in budget and want to go for something really affordable, then these are recommended. These are usually found in office as office monitors or as security monitors. Hence, I feel they are pretty outdated for gaming.

6. Connectivity And Inputs

A very important factor that you need to keep in mind before go for a monitor is the connectivity options. If you think that having 1 or 2 ports will be fine to work with, you are wrong. You may require more than that as having fewer more connectivity options will help you a lot in the long run.

So I feel it is very important for your monitor to have all the essential input options. This will help you have an alternative option in case of any technical failure. Let’s see what are the must-have connectors in your monitor:


One of the most popular inputs in today’s world in both the monitors and the TVs, for both PC and consoles, is the HDMI. Having an HDMI 2.0 that supports 2K+ resolution is the only connection that helps to transfer the audio. So, I believe there is no surprise why it is the most connection input.

b) Display Port

This is probably the best input that is used more nowadays. It offers you the best resolution as well as refresh ratios available. Most graphics cards and monitors support it so there will be no kind of compatibility issues or even if it there, then also it is very less. And if you are a PC gamer, then you must opt for the Display Port.

c) VGA

The VGA port supports only a resolution of around 1080p and is entirely outdated. It is usually used in case all other ports are not working. I would surely recommend you have other connectivity options in case you are looking for a gaming monitor.

d) DVI

This one is the same as the HDMI, but it lacks the audio transferability and is less versatile. So, users don’t really consider this as their main input.

Other connectivity options that you must-have in your monitors are the 3.5 mm to 5v mm audio outputs. They are great for connecting your speakers or headphones, audio inputs, etc. Check for the USB ports as well.

7. Adaptive Sync

Do you remember about the screen tearing part? Well! This happens in case the GPU is super powerful for the monitor. In that case, an overload happens on the frames supplied by the GPU that causes the tear in the screen with mismatched and overlapping frames.

This is where Adaptive-Sync Technology comes to play the most vital role. It helps in putting a cap on the GPU fps so as to match the refresh rate on the monitor. Thus, it gets coherent and then finishes screen tearing.

Usually, the V-sync was the primary adaptive sync, but with the new dynamic V-sync technologies such as the FreeSync and G-sync, they change the cap as per the needs so as to correspond the fps at every second. They are dynamic adaptive sync technologies and helps in enhancing the overall performance and prevents screen tearing.

But FreeSync is an AMD tech, and this works mainly with any kind of AMD graphics cards. They are free of cost with the monitor. So, having an AMD GPU will let you have a monitor with FreeSync.

8. Warranty Period

When it comes to choosing the monitor, then you must consider looking at the warranty period. I feel you must check the warranty to see the durability of the product in order to save money on the maintenance costs. In fact, remember that the longer the warranty period will be, the better quality you can expect.

9. Brands

Now coming to the brands; honestly, you cannot just omit the factor. I feel it is entirely a good factor to consider as brands play a super important role in determining the quality of the monitors. The products I have mentioned are all from popular brands and will surely provide you with quality as well as durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ideal brightness ratio of a monitor under 10000?

While you think of buying a monitor under 10K, then brightness should be of concern. In case you are in a partially lit room, then the monitor brightness should be around 300 to 350 cd/m2. However, you can choose the brightness level anywhere between the 250 cd/m2 to 270 cd/m2. You should consider your situation and requirements and then choose accordingly.

2. Is the refresh rate an important factor while buying a monitor under 10K? 

Well! I have previously talked about how important the refresh rate when you consider buying the monitor. Refresh rate determines how smooth experience you can have. Having a refresh rate above 60 Hz will offer you with seamless editing.

If you are opting for a monitor with a 30 Hz refresh rate, you will see the mouse isn’t working properly and may feel lagging in between. Whereas, if you are looking forward to buying a gaming monitor, then you must opt for something with a better refresh rate.

3. Which is the best monitor under 10K?

To be very honest, there are several monitors available in the market within 10K. All the products that I have mentioned here are amazing and quite effective in delivering you the required performance. Just consider looking at the factors that I have mentioned above before you opt for one monitor.

Final Talk

These are the top 5 best monitors under 10000 available in India. I hope that the reviews and the buying guide have helped you in making a wise decision. If you still have any confusion, you can comment on it down below. I will be happy to help you.

And if you ask me, my personal choice would be the BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor. It is a 21.5 inches LED screen display monitor considering the budget of Rs.10,000. The rest products mentioned are equally effective and provides fantastic performance. So, you can choose any product that suits your requirements.

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