5 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2024- Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Guitar for Beginners in IndiaTeenagers and youngsters are so much into music nowadays, and the guitar is one of the favourite instruments to play. And of all the guitars, acoustic guitars are the most demanding.

They are the best for beginners as well as music lovers. It produces soothing sound without using any sort of amplified devices.

The main part of a guitar is the string. It vibrates at different frequencies and creates several harmonics at different frequencies.

However, choosing a guitar can be a big hurdle, and you need to be very careful about certain factors that I have mentioned below. Keep in mind the budget and the purpose mainly before buying an acoustic guitar.

Below in this article, I have mentioned about the top 5 best guitars for beginners in India. There is a buying guide for you all to get the knowledge, and then you can make an informed decision.

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Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2024:

1. JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic GuitarThe JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar is great Acoustic guitar for beginners. It comes with a nice quality shoulder strap that works perfectly fine.

This product provides you with extra strings for emergency purposes. If you are looking for a 38-inch guitar being a music lover, this guitar from Juarez’s house is a perfect choice.

I love the classic look of this guitar, and it has an innovative design that produces impressive sound. The fingerboard is made up of Linden wood. You will further have a bag along with those two picks as well.


1. It is made up of solid wood topped to give you the rich and smooth sound you require for fold, country, rock, and every genre.

2. This one has a cutaway for easy handling and holding while you play the guitar.

3. The product has a comfortable string height, so there will be less hand fatigue. It is easy on your finger and is great for building hand strength and ideal for beginners.

4. The product comes with smooth tuning pegs, and it plays a pivotal to the guitar’s quality. These pegs are easy and smooth to adjust to keep the guitar in tune.


1. It has fantastic packaging.

2. The sound of the guitar is good.

3. It is a value for money.

4. The string height is perfect.

5. The quality of the accessories is great as well.

6. The product is highly durable.


1. Strings could have been better.

2. Wood quality could be improved.

2. Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C

Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038CThe Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C, is another acoustic guitar from the brand Juarez. It is again great for beginners who have just started with guitar playing. The black glossy finish is impressive and gives a luxurious look and feel as well. Let me tell you about some of the salient features 


1. The product has a classy design with a 38-inch size, and a must buy from Juarez. It has a neck material from Linden Wood.

2. The strings are of nylon, and side material is from Linden along with that the bridge is made up of plastic. Overall the quality of the product is good.

3. I found the pegs are smooth and easy to use. You can adjust it as per the requirements and tune your guitar.

4. It comes with a nylon gig bag, which is of high quality and quite sturdy. It would last you for a longer period.

5. You can find extra strings with this guitar to help you out in case of an emergency. The should strap that comes along with this guitar can be an added benefit to you.

6. The product comes with a comfortable string height. So, there will be no or less hand fatigue. It is easy on your finger and great for beginners to build hand strength.


1. It looks good and has a classic black glossy finish.

2. The fingerboard is of good quality.

3. This is good for beginners to play the guitar.

4. It is a value for money product.


1. The action is too high and double than what is expected.

3. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar KitThe Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit is a great guitar from the brand Intern. It comes with a classic design and looks very elegant with a pure black coloured body. Since a leading brand manufactures it, you can rely on this guitar. It is beginner-friendly and gives you a great sound to play around with. Let’s talk about some of the salient features of this acoustic guitar.


1. This is a 38 inches Acoustic that has the cutaway design to give easy access to higher frets. To provide the great sound as well as tone, there is a spruce top and apathies back.

2. The fretboard is made up of ebony wood, and I found it crisp, well-defined and gives bright sound. These woods are strong and dense.

3. This guitar is an all-in-one product with six strings, three picks, and one strap bag. I found the belt, and the case allows easy portability. Moreover, the picks help in getting sharp and accurate sound.

4. This product comes along with 18 rest, which I think is amazing for beginners. I like the strings as they are quite comfortable to use and great for building hand strength.

5. This guitar has a plastic bridge material, which is great in terms of functionality and sound. I feel this guitar sports a very trendy plastic bridge.


1. It comes with great packaging, and the product is overall sturdy.

2. This has a decent size to work comfortably.

3. The quality of the accessories is even better.

4. The guitar sound is high in bass nites and gives very bold sound.


1. Durability could have been better.

4. Photron Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, PH38C/BK

Photron Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, PH38C/BKThe Photron Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, PH38C/BK, a great acoustic guitar with an average size of 38 inches. This guitar comes with a classy wooden and glossy black finish. Let me talk about some of the salient features of this product.


1. This acoustic guitar has a great stylish look. It has a wooden and glossy finish that gives the product an innovative and classy design.

2. If you are a beginner, this guitar is just perfect for you. It has a wooden body but still quite light in weight, and thus, you won’t require much effort to play with it.

3. It comes with 18 frets and has a glossy black finish, which I guess is pretty good. Moreover, the fingerboard made up of linden wood makes it durable enough to go in the long run.

4. This comes with a nice sound quality, which is soothing to ears. The accessories are of great quality as well.


1. It has a stylish design that gives a classic look.

2. It is great for beginners or new learners.

3. The Linden Wood body is quite good.

4. It comes with decent packaging.


1. The quality could have been improved.

2. Comes with lower durability.

5. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic GuitarThe Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar is a great buy for people looking forward to investing in an expensive product. It is great for beginners, and overall, the sound quality is good. It is great in quality, and for the rest of the features, look below.  


1. The product has a good size of 39 inches. It is pretty great for beginners to work with the guitar.

2. It comes with one pack of strings, picks, and along with that, you will get a bag strap. All the accessories are great in quality and durable.

3. The bridge material is made up of rosewood, which is pretty good. As it is an integral part of a guitar, the quality makes it comfortable to use.


1. It is 39 inches in size, which is better than others.

2. It has a rosewood bridge, which is amazing.

3. This product is great for beginners.

4. The product looks sturdy and classy.

5. It comes in great packaging.


1. It is on the expensive side.

2. The quality should be better at this price point.

Buying Guide- Guitars

1. Budget

If you are a beginner and looking for an affordable product, you must look for a guitar within Rs.10000. Several products will fulfill the basic needs but won’t have extraordinary features due to the price point.

Now, on the other hand, if you are willing to have a good experience and want to upgrade your old guitar, then you can consider investing a little more money.

2. Sound Quality

When you have set your mind to get your hands on an acoustic guitar from online stores, you can’t check out the sound quality directly. Thus, it is always a suggestion for you to check out reviews, pros and cons to find out about this factor.

Suppose you are investing your money into something, then you need to see whether it is giving you decent sound quality or not. So, checking out the product reviews is very much crucial. You can also opt for any of the products mentioned here.

3. Material

Guitars comprised of Maple wood are completely extraordinary in sound quality. However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t pick different ones.

There are several other materials as well, and people are readily picking them. Let me tell you that Maple is one of the expensive woods. And guitars comprised of this material are highly expensive, and they are bad for beginners.

4. Design and Construction

a) Fret

It is a metal strip that is placed on the fingerboard. This is there to define the correct placing of notes. However, the number of frets vary in each guitar. It can be anything between 18, 22, or 24. To reach the higher notes, the count of frets makes it easier.

This is further divided into two types, such as the fat frets and the scalloped frets. The fat frets make the bending easier, whereas the scalloped frets allow fingering in a more precise way.

b) Neck

The neck section of the guitar includes fretboard, truss-rod, frets and the head section. And the neck of the head has a different sort of shape and construction.

The neck shapes include “C shape”, “soft v”, “hard v”, “U shape”. “C” is the most used shape nowadays. Everything depends on the comfort level while holding it. It ought to be sufficiently able to hold the strings at a place.

c) Fingerboard

The front part of the neck is the fingerboard or the fretboard. This is where the strings are placed. The materials used in the fretboard are rosewood, ebony, maple wood etc.

d) Guitar Body

The body of an acoustic guitar is made up of the top known as the soundboard. It is further classified into hollow, solid, and semi-hollow body guitars. Electric guitars come with a solid body and are mainly used to produce popular music genres such as pop, jazz, rock, etc.

And the hollow body of the guitar is made using materials that are used in electric guitars. This helps in producing a resonating tone. On the other hand, semi-hollow bodies will offer you a more resonating sound than solid body ones. This will offer you music genres, such as jazz.

e) Pick Guard

The pick guard is designed on the guitar body. And it must match the colour of the headstock. These are usually made up of materials such as plastic, glass, etc.

f) Pick Ups

Here, you will be able to find a single coil pick guard. It helps in producing very bright sound quality. There is another type of pickguard known as the humbucker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the three types of guitars?

There are three types of guitars: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and classic ( nylon-stringed) guitar. Depending on your experience preference, professionalism, and usage, you can choose one among the three.

2. How should I store my guitar?

It is better to detune your acoustic guitar if you are not using it. If you store it in tune, then it may cause the wood to bend. As a result, this will affect string tension, causing damage to the guitar.

To repair this, you will require certain heat treatment. However, I feel prevention is always better than cure. So, it is your responsibility to store the unturned guitar in a dry and cold area.

3. What is the best guitar for beginners?

The best guitar for beginners is the Acoustic guitars. They are great in quality and preferably meant for beginners due to the comfortability. You can check out the list of the top guitarsabove, as all of them are great for beginners.

4. Where to buy acoustic guitars?

Where you can buy an acoustic guitar depends on your preference. You can check out online e-commerce stores such as Amazon. The products I have mentioned above are great in terms of productivity and quality.

Final Talk

It is always good to remember that you don’t need to opt for an expensive guitar to start with. Rather than that, you should focus more on practicing and making it perfect. So, keep in mind a few factors that I have mentioned in the buying guide above and make a wise decision. This is because making an impulsive decision won’t be great.

If you ask me about my choice, I recommend you go with the JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar. It is the perfect acoustic guitars for beginners and one of the Best Guitar For Beginners in India. With the innovative and lightweight design, solid wood-topped, comfortable string, this guitar is a great choice.

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