Top 5 Best Home Gym Equipment in India 2024

Top Best Home Equipment in India

Getting fit and healthy is very much essential if you want to lead a happy and sound lifestyle. Exercising is one of the best ways to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle for all of us. Whether you want to build muscles or get into shape, joining a gym is the best solution.

However, due to the shortage of time, many of us can’t afford to visit a gym. So what can be the easiest way to do exercise at home regularly? Well! Having home gym equipment will help you do that. Home gym ensures you get one in all package without wasting more time and money.

There are so many products available in the market that you may get confused. If you want to know more about home gym equipment, skip to our buying guide section.

So, without wasting any more time, just check below to find out the top 5 best home gym equipment in India.

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These are the Top 5 Best Home Gym Equipment in India 2024:

1. Cockatoo Professional Gym Training (10 Kg to 200 Kg) Home Gym Set

Cockatoo Professional Gym Training (10 Kg to 200 Kg) Home Gym SetThe Cockatoo Professional Gym Training Home Gym Set is an ideal choice for those who want to invest in a superior quality home gym equipment. This comes with a compact design, so storing won’t be an issue.

The full machine is made up of premium quality materials; thus, it offers longer durability. By far, this one is the best due to the performance and the durability it offers.

Coming to the design, it comes along with foam grippers that enhance the gripping strength. The foam cushioning gives a very comfortable feeling which I feel is pretty good to work with.

This one is a combo for those who are looking forward to buying a home gym set for both home and professional gym training.

The product has rubber weight plates and that are available in different sizes and numbers. Hence, you can select from any of the weights that suit you. The plates are ideally made for standard weight training sessions so that you can do gym training at the comfort of your home or gym. These have dumbbell rods of 14 inches and gives a convenient workout session.

There are plain and curl straight bars are available in this combo that is essential for several kinds of lifting. It will help you to improve the intense weight training sessions. The kit comes with gel-technology gloves that offer fantastic protection to the wrists from the strain. Further, it will help you to keep the hands cool.


1. Comes with gel technology gloves

2. Has 6 exercise tools in one pack

3. Comes in various sizes

4. Max weight capacity of 200 kgs

5. Has varied weight plates

6. Has 31 mm hole diameter in the rubber weight


1. Suitable for home training and professional gym.

2. Comes with plain and curl rods.

3. Has nice foam gripping support.

4. Comes with dumbbells rods of 14 inches.

5. Built quality is superior.

.6. Comes with PVC skipping rope

7. Has four locks and clippers with the rods


1. Little expensive but worth buying it.

2. Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home Gym

Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home GymIf you are looking forward to buying a stylish exercise machine, then the Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home Gym can be a great choice. This product has a fantastic infrastructure along with the heavy gauge construction.

All of these ensures superior strength and durability. However, this is a little expensive, but the performance and features it offers, I feel it justifies the cost.

This product is a four-station home gym which means at a time; four different users can use the machine. I found the machine has all the proper adjustments to accommodate different size users very well easily. Thus, I think it can be a perfect choice if you are looking at buying one fitness machine for all your family members.

Being a user, with this machine, you can perform several types of workouts, including butterfly, lot pull front, leg extensions, triceps extensions, military press, crunches, bench press, etc.


1. Adjustable weights

2. Fours stations home gym

3. Large comfortable foam leg rolls

4. Comes with a Space-saving design

5. Has a continuous loop cable system

6. Max weight capacity of 110 kg

7. Muscle group

8. Heavy-gauge construction

9. Has easily operable weight stacks

10. Perfect angles for accurate workouts to provide stress on desired


1. Can take heavy-weight loads easily.

2. It has a fancy and stylish design.

3. It comes with excellent stability.

4. Cable tractive movements are also quite nice.

5. Built quality is amazing.

6. All four stations are quite useful.


1. The aftersale service is not up to the mark.

3. EasyHealth Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro Waist Trimmer Home Gym Equipment

EasyHealth Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro Waist Trimmer Home Gym EquipmentThe EasyHealth Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro Waist Trimmer Home Gym Equipment is an all-rounder product. This product is made up of superior quality material and has steel springs to support.

I found that due to the quality, it supports and withstand even an intense workout session. This product is highly durable and provides fantastic performance.

Coming to the handle, the grips are quite strong and feel comfortable while working out. The handles are made up of solid steel with rubber grips to gives you the comfortability. For extra flexibility, it has springs that allow you to do 5 to 6 different types of exercises at the comfort of your home.

The product comes with double safety strings that give you extra protection. You can adjust the springs and minimise the product damage and lessen the injury chances.

If you are looking for home gym equipment for professional as well as home training, then this is an ideal choice. Use the double spring for men and single spring if you are women.

This product is suitable for people with a maximum height of 5ft 9″. It comes with reversible paddles that are made up of excellent quality plastic. You can use this product conveniently from both sides.


1. Comes with workout videos to view several types of exercises

2. The incredible flexibility of the springs

3. You can perform 6 to 6 different exercises

4. Made up of 80% steel and 20% plastic

5. Great for both men and women


1. Have reversible paddles made of quality plastic

2. It comes with double safety strings.

3. It has a solid steel handle.

4. Easy and comfortable to use.

5. Quite light in weight.

6. Built quality is superior and compact.


1. The grip could have been better.

4. Kore PVC 16-20 Kg Home Gym Set

Kore PVC 16-20 Kg Home Gym SetThe Kore PVC 16-20 Kg Home Gym Set is overall a nice product in terms of performance and durability. This product comes with 16 kgs PVC weight that seems to be quite durable.

I like that this product comes with 100 per cent leather gym gloves. The gloves are very much comfortable to wear and workout.

The rods are of high quality and adjustable, so you will have no issues in working with them. The product is just perfect for muscle builders.


1. Has 16kgs of PVC weight

2. Comes with skipping rope

3. Has hand gripper one pair

4. Perfect for muscle builders

5. Have different sizes of rods


1. It has pure leather gloves.

2. Quality is good and durable.

3. Light in weight.

4. Comes with bag

5. Curl rods are of good quality


1. Weight isn’t much accurate.

5. Bodyfit Muscle 30 Kg Weight Plates, 5ft Straight and 3ft Curl Rod, 2 D.Rods Home Gym Equipment

Bodyfit Muscle 30 Kg Weight Plates, 5ft Straight and 3ft Curl Rod, 2 D.Rods Home Gym EquipmentThe Bodyfit Muscle 30 Kg Weight Plates, 5ft Straight and 3 Ft Curl Rod, 2 D.Rods Home Gym Equipment is a fantastic product. Overall, this product is built of good quality material. The product performs well and has excellent durability.

It comes with pure leather gym gloves which are pretty comfortable to wear. I like the curl rods as they are of good quality. It comes with one hand towel along with a pair of hand gripper.


1. Comes with 2D rods

2. Has 3ft curl rod

3. Comes with 30kgs weight plates

4. Comes with one hand towel


1. Good quality built-up material.

2. Highly durable

3. Adjustable weights


1. Quality could have been better.

Buying Guide for Home Gym Equipment

1. Budget

When you think of buying any product, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the budget. I feel the budget is that one factor you need to be updated about.

Yes! I mean, I know that buying fitness equipment can cost you a fortune. But, then you need to be sure that your chosen product falls within your budget. Thus, I feel you need to have your research done correctly before checking out the different brands and equipment.

I think you can surely check out the brands available in the market and do some research online. Also, the products I have mentioned here are all from top-rated brands.

I tried to list down products from different price ranges. You can compare them yourself and choose one as per your requirements and budget.

2. Decide the Area

Another essential factor that I feel one should consider before buying home gym equipment is to determine the area or the space available. It is not easy for a person to purchase equipment without knowing the space available in their home.

In case you have enough space at your home gym, then you can surely check out the equipment that takes a lot of space yet suits all your needs. However, I suggest you check out the space available first, and then you go and buy home gym equipment.

There are several tools available in the market that do multi-tasking for you. And you don’t have to provide a huge area to set up your home gym. I have made a list keeping in mind all these, and you can easily choose one as per your needs.

3. Research

Before you go and directly choose or purchase a product, I would always suggest you check out the market and do your part of the research. And now that you have already decided to make a home gym, then you need to know what equipment you need.

I would at first suggest you check out all the gyms and see what types of equipment are available there. Once, you are done with assessing all these, you can decide on what you require.

Let me explain, at the primary stage, all the equipment is divided into cardio fitness along with that strength fitness apparatus. Usually, equipment such as rowing machines, treadmill, stationary bicycles, stair steppers is termed as cardio machinery. On the other hand, leg press, dumbbells, barbells, etc.; falls under the category of strength machinery.

Now, sort out your requirements, think about what all exercises you are going to perform at your home gym. Once, you have accessed everything; then you can sort the products you need to buy.

4. Brand

Having a product from a reputed brand will surely give you the best results along with safety. I feel if you need a home gym, you need to invest in something that comes with higher durability.

I would always suggest you check out the brand’s safety measures as well as the durability before you purchase anything.

5. Fit and Adjustability

Make sure you check for the fit and adjustability of the product. See whether you can reach all the pads and arms comfortably.

Most of the home gyms usually come with adjustable seats, chest press, backrest, pec deck, etc. Thus, you can overcome the fit problems pretty easily.

6. Warranty and Maintenance

While you invest a heavy amount in something, you must see how much warranty period the manufacturers are offering.

Having a good warranty period will sure give you a hassle-free work with it. This will come up with a promise of good term durability.

Moreover, maintenance should be another concern for you. You need to ensure that the product you opt for has some good service centres as well as the availability of replaceable parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is home gym reliable enough?

Obviously yes! Having a home gym and setting it up is a great idea. They are highly safe and secure to use at the comfort of your home.

I feel home gyms are the best alternatives to going to a public gym, especially in the times of COVID19.

2. What things are there in the budget?

Usually, gym equipment is highly expensive. But there are some products available within an affordable range depending on the functions they offer.

Budget depends on what all functions you need and depends on your exercising level. In my article, I have tried to keep all kinds of machines so that anyone can buy them as per their budgets.

3. What is mandatory for all home gyms?

Home gyms are widely available in the market, both offline as well as online. But, certain things are compulsory for a home gym to have.

Things that are a mandate for setting up a home gym are barbell, dumbbells, resistance bands, adjustable bench, etc.

4.  Which home gym equipment is best?

Well! I started my home gym with only me and a little space to do some bodyweight exercises. After that, I started adding equipment such as pull up bar, resistance bands, etc.

However, if you have the budget, then you can go for a power rack bench combo.

5. What gym equipment is best for core?

Doing just sit-ups will not help you much. What I feel is that to build up your core requires dynamic workouts. You can have a pull-up bar to do leg raises and trust me, that is very much effective.

Final Talk

These are our picks for the Best Home Gym Equipment in India that help do multiple exercises at home. If you think you are unable to afford a home gym, you are entirely wrong. Go through the product list, and you will realise that there are affordable home gym kits as well.

I hope this ultimate buying guide will further help you to decide what to buy and what not to. Still, if you feel confused, you can comment it down below, and I will be happy to help you out.

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