Top 7 Best Dumbbells in India 2024

Best Dumbbells in India

In today’s busy world, people find it difficult to be regular with their workout sessions. In recent times, all gyms are closed in India since March 2020 due to Coronavirus.

But it is equally important for everyone to stay fit and healthy. Now, what can be the solution for that?

Well! I would suggest in that case; you must keep a good pair of dumbbells at home to do some quality workouts. Yes! A pair of dumbbells can help you strengthen your upper body muscles.

Looking at the current market scenario, lots of brands have come up with their dumbbells. And I feel it can confuse anyone or a beginner who is going to start with the workout at home.

So, here is a list of the top 7 best dumbbells in India that you can choose from. I would recommend you to go through the buying guide for having a better understanding of how to choose a good pair of dumbbells as per your needs.

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These are the Top 7 Best Dumbbells in India 2024:

1. Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells 

Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round DumbbellsThe Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells is an amazing dumbbell that you can opt for. It comes in a pack of two, and each of them is round in shapes.

Look at the features below to understand why I have chosen this dumbbell as the best.


1. Comes with highly durable quality

2. Ideal for professional muscle builders

3. Entirely rubber-coated and are round in shape

4. Great for home use as well

5. They have ridged handlebars and well-balanced

If you are looking forward to buying round-shaped dumbbells, then the Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells is just the perfect deal for you. They are of great quality and offers longer durability.


1. The product comes with full rubber-coated that gives your arms a look you want. I loved the single-mould construction that leads to even distribution of weight and unmatched balance.

2. This has an excellent construction that will help you in achieving the right weight balance. It gives your stress and injury-free workout.

3. The product is highly durable and is made up of superior quality materials. Due to this, there is a low chance of decay and disintegration.

4. I feel this product is excellent for professional as well as home use. The storage is quite simple due to the compact size.

5. Has a fantastic eye-catching logo that offers confidence and makes the product look more exquisite.


1. Not bouncer dumbbell

2. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells 

AmazonBasics Neoprene DumbbellsThe AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells is a product that comes in a set of 2. This product is just perfect for home use and professional use as well.


1. Comes with two sets of dumbbells for resistance and strength training

2. Has an amazing and strong grip

3. Great for both home workout sessions and fitness classes

4. Comes with one year of the warranty period on the manufacturing defects

5. Has hexagonal shape to prevent rolling away which is pretty nice

The AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells comes with one year limited warranty period. The customer care service is great, and I like the colour-coded design. It helps in quick identification.


1. It comes with two sets of dumbbells that is great for weight and strength training.

2. It has an easy and strong neoprene coating grip. So no chance of slipping out as it gives out secure hold while you use.

3. It comes with hexagonal heads instead of basic round ones. This unique design prevents rolling away or get underfoot when setting to a side, so safe to use.

4. Colour coding makes it easier for me to grab the amount of weight required quickly. So working with more than one set of weights is bliss with this product.


1. Colour isn’t good enough and may become dirty sooner.

3. KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells

KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 DumbbellsThe KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells is an effective dumbbell set for home as well as gym workout sessions. This is highly durable in quality and will last you for a longer period.


1. Packaging includes 3kg x2 Hexa dumbbells

2. Durable and great for gym workout

If you are in need to buy a pair of dumbbells, then look for the DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells. They are perfect for muscle builders and great for training sessions.


1. The product comes with a decent pair of dumbbells.

2. This has nice and ridged handles with threaded metal.

3. Comes in a hexagon shape that gives the best support during workouts.

4. Looks elegant and unique. It is very compact, so storage isn’t an issue.


1. The grip is not comfortable for bare hands. Might need gym gloves in the beginning.

2. No manufacturer symbol.

4. Aurion Dumbbells

Aurion DumbbellsAurion Dumbbells is a great product to start your daily exercise at home. This comes with the perfect weight balance. If you want a good pair of dumbbells for your daily home workout, then you can surely go for this one product.


1. It offers you with versatility for arms, back to core, chest, legs, etc.

2. Comes with 2 X 2 kgs dumbbells

3. Perfect for fitness experts and home workouts

4. Ideal for both men and women

The Aurion Dumbbells is an all in one dumbbell that is known for floor protecting and noise reducing. I find it amazing for weight training and strengthening.


1. The product is an all in one dumbbell great for entry-level people.

2. This comes with fitness weights that can be used to strengthen your entire body.

3. Comes with a vinyl coating designed to reduce the damaging impact on the floor by drop pages and avoid potential noise.

4. You can choose your preferred weight to do your exercise at home, gym, etc.

5. It comes with 1kg to 6kgs of weight options. Thus, you can build your muscle strength as per your needs.


1. Quality could have been better.

2. Colour may worn out.

5. Fitkit FKVD09-3 Vinyl Dumbbell

Fitkit FKVD09-3 Vinyl DumbbellThe Fitkit FKVD09-3 Vinyl Dumbbell is yet another amazing set of dumbbells. It comes with extra-long and smooth handles to give you the perfect grip you require.

You can choose from 4 different weight sizes available as per you needs.


1. Comes with two vinyl dumbbells each of 3 Kg

2. Has a smooth and extra-long handle with plenty of space to hold

3. Available in 4 different weight sizes

Are you looking forward to buying a great pair of dumbbells? If yes, then the Fitkit FKVD09-3 Vinyl Dumbbell can be a great option with the multi-utility option. It helps you to build and strengthen your muscles.


1. Shapes are unique and prevent rolling away. It is easy to stack.

2. These dumbbells are made up of soft, durable vinyl material.

3. Comes with a nice and strong grip, so no chance of falling off.

4. Coated with anti-slip neoprene or the polychloroprene to give excess grip during long workout sessions.

5. Has strong resistance to wear and deformation. Comes with hard-wearing coating adds long life to the weight.


1.  Price could be lesser.

2. Quality could be improvised.

6. Reebok Training RAWT-1115 Dumbbell 

Reebok Training RAWT-1115 DumbbellThe Reebok Training RAWT-1115 Dumbbell, as the name suggests, comes from a very reputed brand, and you can vouch for the quality.


1. Ideal for upper body exercises

2. Has a smooth vinyl coating

3. Available in sizes from 1kg up to 5kgs, however, sold individually and separately

If you are looking forward to buying dumbbells from a very popular brand, then the Reebok Training RAWT-1115 Dumbbell is an ideal choice for you. It meets the standard of any high-level fitness equipment for toning upper body muscles.


1. The product is made up of good quality material with a smooth and high-quality vinyl coating. I like the iron quality that leaves a comfortable impression while working out.

2. The product has a rounded square design. It won’t roll if you place it on the floor. So, I feel it is just perfect for upright plank rows as well as other exercises performed on mats.

3. It comes with a reputed brand tag. There is a beautiful logo of the brand embedded on it for inspiration.


1. Many buyers have faced packaging issues.

7. Kobo Vinyl Coated Cement Integrated Dumbbells

Kobo Vinyl Coated Cement Integrated DumbbellsThe Kobo Vinyl Coated Cement Integrated Dumbbells is an excellent product to opt for in case you are looking for something within budget. This pair feels quite comfortable to hold while working out.


1. Comes with a vinyl coating

2. Has contoured handles

3. Great for intense workouts

If you want a great pair of dumbbells for your intense workout sessions, then you can go for the Kobo Vinyl Coated Cement Integrated Dumbbells. This is great for jogging, cardio, aerobics, etc.


1. This has ergonomically shaped handles to give immense grip and support.

2. Weights are built to an expert level quality and designed for clubs, home use, and gyms.

3. Has contoured handles that make it easy and simple to use.

4. Vinyl coating dumbbells make it easy on floors and help to protect from wear and tear over time.


1. Stains and cracks

Dumbbells Buying Guide

1. Weight

Finding the ideal weight depends upon the training levels. It will assist you in keeping fit and sound.

You should be cautious in choosing the weight, particularly if you’re choosing fixed dumbbells. Simply start with smaller weights, and afterwards, you can increase the weights accordingly.

Moreover, for what you are using the dumbbells (for entire body strength or upper body or curls) will figure out what weight you should consider. This is mainly for individuals who are not advanced at weight lifting.

2. Hand Grip

While buying dumbbells, you should think about this factor. If you get sweaty palms while turning out to then simply prevent yourself from choosing the dumbbells that have smooth rods else, it will be difficult for you to do your workout session. The dumbbells should sit on your hand comfortably without any problem.

The ideal distance across an ordinary dumbbell should be 1 inch, and for higher weight dumbbells, it may rise to 2 inches.

To get a proper hold of the hands, pick the ones that have rough surfaces. It will increase friction and in this way won’t influence your grip.

3. Material of Dumbbells

We can easily differentiate the dumbbells depending on the materials. Here, I have mentioned some of the popular types of dumbbell materials that are widely used.

A) Chrome Coated Dumbbells

A dumbbell with a chrome coated metal body is more durable any day. Moreover, remember that the materials used to make the handles will matter to a great extent.

To give the perfect grip to our sweaty hands, the dumbbells are knurled or cross-hatched. I feel metal dumbbells work amazingly. But, it completely depends on your choice and comfortability as well.

B) Rubber Dumbbells

The rubber dumbbells as the name suggests are made up of rubber coating. They have a rubber coating over the plates or discs to give them a better look.

Apart from this, rubber coating prevents the dumbbells from rust. This is because it can easily cover the metal part fo the product. It won’t let it get exposed to the moisture as well.

These dumbbells are great for your fancy floors as it protects from scratches.

C) Vinyl Coated Dumbbells

These type of dumbbells are made up of cast iron and comes with a vinyl coating over them. Usually, they are available in several colour options. It makes it easy to identify the weight of the products in case you have a lot of them.

If you suffer from excessively sweaty hands, then I suggest you not to use the vinyl coating dumbbells. They are challenging to maintain the grip that way. Moreover, try to avoid cheap, painted dumbbells as well.

D) Solid Metal Dumbbells

The most common type of dumbbells that are generally used for fitness training for the longest period is the solid metal dumbbells. They come with silver metal rod along with discs that are usually black.

However, keep in mind that the grip of the product may vary from brand to brand. So I suggest you check that before buying it.

4. Training Routine

Now that you have decided to buy dumbbells, you must consider the training routine. The routine may have weighted squats, bench press, etc., or other forms of exercises that require dumbbell.

However, before you make a final decision, it is suggested that you consult with your fitness trainer. It is because this whole thing depends on your exercise routine, capacity, body frame, and strength.

5. Space

Another vital aspect to consider while buying dumbbells is space. Yes! You should always look for the space availability at your house or your gym area.

The space you allot for your workout will determine what sizes of dumbbells you can buy. If you have a larger space to offer for your workouts, you can go for dumbbells with longer rods. Else, I would suggest you go for the smaller or medium-sized ones.

The best thing that you can go for is the adjustable dumbbells. You can any time dismantle them in case you are not using them.

6. Dumbbells Shape

Usually, the dumbbell discs are either round or hexagonal. I suggest you try to opt for the hexagonal dumbbells to avoid rolling away when putting on the floor.

If you want to invest in a dumbbell rack, then you can go with round dumbbells, so it will remain in place without rolling away.

7. Accessories

While you invest your money in buying the dumbbells, you must check whether you should further invest in buying accessories such as gym gloves, storage rack, mats, dumbbell bench, etc.

All these accessories are equally important and have their respective functions. However, if you want to save a few extra bucks, then you can simply opt for the combo offers.

a) Gloves

Having gloves will save you from the blisters and calluses. Gloves will give you a better hand-grip and will protect your hands as well. So do check out for a pair if you are buying dumbbells.

b) Bench

Usually, having dumbbells will let you do more work on your chest and shoulders, while you lay down and your legs are on the floor.

The whole process of pushing the weights straight up and then maintaining them at a level around your shoulder and then dropping them back to the body level will require a bench.

c) Mats

Dropping weight tools on the floor can be damaging. As a result, you need to get mats that are designed for weight lifting. They are specially made to withstand the effect of a free weight when they are dropped.

The mat should be made of extremely thick and dense rubber and should be half of an inch in thickness. You could get ones with thicker width, to secure your floor and dampen the sound from the drop.

8. Budget

Last but not least is the budget factor. When you think of purchasing a product, the first thing that you must keep in mind is the budget. This is not only for dumbbells but for all products you ever buy.

Keeping the amount you want to invest in mind will help you choose one within your budget and will suit your requirements as well. This way you can prevent overspending but will get the best value of your money.

Best Dumbbell Brand in India

Here I have listed down a few fantastic and reputed brands that offer some great dumbbells that are worth buying.

a) Cockatoo

b) AmazonBasics


d) Aurion

e) Reebok

f) Kobo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can dumbbells help to burn fat?

Most of us think that only cardio exercise helps us in burning body fat effectively. But doing proper exercises using dumbbells can help you burn that unwanted fat from your body.

2. How often should I clean the dumbbells?

According to a few people, the weight may vary if the dust accumulates on the surface of the dumbbell. Thus, you should always deep clean the weight regularly using any solvent cleaning agents.

In other words, a dirty dumbbell will increase the mass of the product. And that may disturb your workout session.

3. Which one is best – Fixed or Adjustable Weight Dumbbells?

Both the adjustable and the fixed weight dumbbells have the same functionality, but when comparing these two, I feel the adjustable one is a little bit on the priority side.

The sole reason behind this is that you can easily adjust the weight of the dumbbells with the weighted plates as per your needs.

4. What are the different dumbbell exercises?

You will find several forms of dumbbell exercises, and each will give you different effects on your body muscles. Here are some of the fantastic dumbbell workouts to do for overall health benefits.

a) Dumbbell lunges

b) Bent over rows

c) Dumbbell bench press

d) Dumbbell curls

e) Dumbbell calf raise

f) Dumbbell shrug

Final Talk

So these are the top 7 best dumbbells in India. I have done a lot of research on dumbbells, had some words with the industry experts. All these have helped in making this list for you all.

I have tried to include all kinds of dumbbells and at a different price point. So that anyone can buy one as per their own needs, if you are still confused, you can check out the buying guide or comment down below. I would be happy to help you out in choosing one.

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