How to Apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card Online

SBI Unnati Credit Card Apply Online
SBI Unnati Credit Card is a secured card which means it needs a fixed deposit which becomes its credit line. I needed a credit card recently due to two reasons- one was to use on international transactions and the second reason was to create and maintain my credit score to get better credit cards.

Since an unsecured credit card requires too much formalities like credit score, ITR, previous loans, etc, I thought of getting a secured credit card. Since I had a savings account with State Bank of India, getting a credit card from SBI seemed a great option.

If you are a student, unemployed or housewife, SBI Unnati credit card is best option for you. It comes free for first four years.

If you visit SBI web page for Unnati Credit Card, they mention: “To apply, contact your nearest State Bank branch”. However, I did not visit the branch even a single time and I got the Unnati card delivered to my home.

The minimum amount needed for fixed deposit is Rs. 25000. You would get credit limit of 80% on fixed deposit i.e. Rs. 20000. I have a fixed deposit of Rs. 50000. That’s why I got a credit limit of Rs. 40000. This limit will keep increasing with increasing transactions and credit history.

Steps to Apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card Online:

1. First of all, you must have a fixed deposit of Rs. 25000 or more. If you already have a FD, then you are already set. Otherwise you can create a FD online using SBI Online net banking facility.

2. Now go to this link: Apply for SBI Unnati Card.

3. Enter all the details and select Card Type as ‘SBI Card Unnati’.

4. Click Submit and you will get a call in 1-2 days from SBI Card representative. She will ask basic details and send agent to collect documents and get form filled.

5. You will need to enter FD account number on the form against which you want to get credit card.

6. You will receive your SBI Unnati credit card in a few days at your home via courier.

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