WowBox Review + Coupon: Subscription Box from Japan to India

Wowbox Japan Review and Coupon
WowBox is a subscription and gift box platform distributing amazing products born from the rich culture of Japan. They curate the best sweets, snacks and candies in Japan and send them right to your door. The best things is that the items are different every month.

They have several boxes available:
1) Fun & Tasty It contains a good balance of all the fun, tasty, and weird treats Japan is known for. Regular box starts at $ 24.99 per month while large box starts at $ 34.99 per month.

2) Kawaii & Beauty Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and this box is specially curated for cuteness. It also includes beauty-themed products, like low-calorie snacks and health-conscious treats. Regular box starts at $ 24.99 per month while large box starts at $ 34.99 per month.

3) New & Limited As the name suggests, this box contains the new and limited snacks of Japan. These are super exclusive items and sent as soon as they hit the shelves. Regular box starts at $ 24.99 per month while large box starts at $ 34.99 per month.

4) Dagashi Dagashi means candies and snack foods that can generally be bought for between 5 and 10 Yen. Every box includes over 12 items, with an assortment of the newest dagashi, and a sensible balance of hard candies, gummies, chocolates, and savory snacks. It has only small box which is priced at $ 14.99 per month.

5) Trial Tasting They have recently started Trial Tasting box as well. This box is perfect for those who want to try before subscribing to Wowbox. They send large box of Fun & Tasty and Kawaii & Beauty and small box of Dagashi. This box starts from just $ 11.49.

Wowbox Air Packaging
I was sent the large Fun & Tasty Wowbox for review purpose. It contained a total of 17 items. The packaging was perfect with air pillows to protect the inside items.

WowBox Review Coupon Subscription Box from Japan to India

The above picture was taken after I already ate some candies and snacks.

Here is the list of items which are present in the above picture:

1) Saku Pan Choco Monaka

2) Shimi Choco Corn Stick

3) Choco Tappuri Choco Chip Cake

4) Harvest Choco Sand (Vanilla Choco)

5) Chewing Straw (Cola)

6) Aoringo Mochi

7) Tsubu Gummy

8) Awawawawa Puccho Ball (Amakusan Ponkan)

9) Double Ice Lollipop (Chocolate & Vanilla)

Here is the list of items which were in the box but are not present in the above picture:

1) Umai Wa (Cheese)

2) Caramel Corn

3) Blueberry Ramune

4) Happy Turn Joy Pack

5) Ika Fry Piri Kara Spicy

6) Kata Age Potato (Black Pepper)

7) LOOK A La Mode

8) Ichigo An Dora Yaki Milk Flavor

My favourite items among these were Caramel Corn, Saku Pan Choco Monaka, Double Ice Lollipop (Chocolate & Vanilla), Chewing Straw (Cola) and Harvest Choco Sand (Vanilla Choco).

You can read in detail about these items at What’s Inside Wowbox.

How to Order Wowbox for You?

Trial Tasting Wowbox
You can subscribe for Wowbox here. The box will come in 2- 3 weeks through Japan post. If you need quick shipping, you will have to pay extra money.

The cheapest Wowbox starts from $ 11.49. To pay even less, use this link for 15% off coupon code.

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