#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet in Delhi- A Fun Experience

On February 13, I got an email from IndiBlogger announcing the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet in Delhi. The email mentioned that the event would be invite only and invites would be sent only after fulfilling the mentioned criteria.

I applied and got the invite on 17th February. Eventually my other blogger friends got the invite.

The #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet had already happened in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai before coming to Delhi. The Delhi meet was scheduled for 25th February, 2017 at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi.

I left the home at 11:00 and reached the venue at 12:35 pm by Metro. I met Tushar Mangl in the lobby.

Then we checked in at the registration counter by showing the barcode on our smartphone. We were given a badge where we had to write our Twitter handle.

After that, we moved on to get our pic clicked with prop. I chose the ‘I Love Delhi’ prop.

We then moved on to the lunch section and ate delicious food. After having lunch, we got to the main place for the event inside the hall.

We sat on the seats left to the stage. The event started with Anoop of IndiBlogger announcing an ice-breaker session in which we were given an envelope.

Inside the envelope, there were 5 paper chits with 1 chit having a blog URL and 4 chits having some sentences from the blogs of attendee bloggers. We had to find all the five bloggers and take their signatures on the chits.

I restricted to my half and did not go to all the bloggers. As a result, I couldn’t find a single blogger.

However Manjulika, who was sitting besides me, won the contest and she had the chit having my blog URL. Great coincidence!

Then Vinod Das, Chief Manager at Berger Paints (Express Painting) took over to explain house painting hassles and the ideal solution. He told that Express Painting can be called as the Uberification of painting.

Just like Uber has created a standard for drivers, Berger Paints has trained more than 25,000 painters in the last year. According to him, automation, training and supervision is the key to progress. They have training academies for painters in 26 cities in India.

He also mentioned that Berger Paints launched the 1st ever home painting service in India in 1990. Then their competitors followed them.

The best thing I found about Express Painting is that the tools and benefits are offered at no extra cost. So you will pay the same as you will pay the local painter guy.

Then Q & A session started and bloggers kept asking questions to Vinod Das. He answered the questions clearly.

After that, the sanding activity started where we had to make the surface smooth. We were given the team number 1. We decided the team name as Surgical Strike.

This proved to be the worst activity of the day for me where my fingers got bruised and clothes got covered in dust. However we completed this activity in record time.

After this, it was time for some tea and refreshments. Here we were given the topic- Delhi Diaries for next activity- painting contest.

Before the contest, the guys from Berger Paints explained the art of mixing colours to everyone.

Then we started the drawing and painting of Delhi Diaries. We were given 30 minutes to complete the painting. The following was the result of our team efforts.

Then every team had to present their paintings. Gaurab explained our painting and did an awesome job.

Based on the results of sanding activity and painting contest, the winner team had to be chosen. Unfortunately we came second and got no prize.

Then the second last part of the day was Express Painting tool demonstration.

Express Painting tool demonstration
You can read about all these tools at Berger Paints website.

The last part of the day was Hurr-Hurr groupie.

In the end, we were given an IndiBlogger T-shirt, a coffee mug and some wonderful catalogs, detailing all one needs to know about interior/exterior painting, color, texture schemes and more.

Thanks to IndiBlogger and Berger Paints for an awesome and fun-filled experience. Before leaving, do watch this awesome advert by Berger Paints.

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